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  1. Zombo

    i hope they reduce weapon prices for some good weapons, especially the saron and fury
  2. Being@RT

    Shield or sprint. Which gets you close?

    And you can still receive damage from other directions and, if the videos I've seen are up to date, also from the front (legs/view hole/straight through the shield, not sure).
    See NC MAX with Aegis shield walking slowly towards you? Drop C4 at next corner, wait a few moments, laugh louder than the explosion. Also enjoy the fact that it has switching time as if it were a weapon during which it doesn't protect all that well.

    That said, ZOE doesn't seem particularly impressive to me either.
  3. jiggu

    Nah out of 6 shots you should easily be able to hit with one or two.

    Also I'd say the old Sauron seems cooler, but I haven't heard it in full auto yet so we'll see about that.
  4. DoubleTake

    Didn't read all of the pages so I don't know if someone answered you. It means you can 'reload cancel.' At some point, the magazine in your weapon will refill during the reload animation but the animation will keep playing and preventing your from firing. If you interrupt the reload - usually through a knife stab or a fast weapon switch - you can reload faster. It's been in Call of Duty games for a long while, it's a common mechanic in FPS games these days. I'm neutral towards it, we'll see how it plays out.
  5. Badname0192

    I am worried the update will look somewhat like this though ..

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  6. Torok

    Zerg works in this game, as long as it's facing another zerg, and this is what will happen :D
    i miss the good old hate in chat between armies of angry players claiming their supremacy over the other factions, so roleplay.
    compared to zerg vs empty bases as we've had until now, i'd say it's a big improvement! (Indar only)
  7. Being@RT

    Weapon switching will definitely not speed up the process, and I doubt knife swings will either (on most weapons). The knife is pretty fast to swing initially but has a lengthy recovery period.

    If it's actually possible to reload faster in some way abusing this, I hate this feature. If it's not, I love it.
  8. Grumpy24thMAU

    This 'Lattice Work' is crap. Now they want to limit our ability to go where we can,raise some hell,and get the enemy to have to divide it's forces? The zergers will love it though.
  9. Zcuron

    The CoF does not apply to the first shot, obviously, so let's assume that one hits.

    You now need to get another 3.2 within 0.5m of the target to kill it. (assuming flak armour)
    So, now you only need five shots to kill the infantry.

    Let's say you get lucky, or wait 0.5 seconds for the second shot and aim well;
    Then you need to get just one more shot within 0.5m to kill, or 3 shots total.

    So in effect, you need to hit two shots, then you can relax and just hit within 0.5m of the target's feet.

    There are of course people who don't use flak armour, those will die from 3 direct hits or "splashes".
    4 "splashes" if they have nano-weave.
  10. Justicia

    MBT Lumifiber new? I've had it for about a week already.
  11. Scientiarum


    ...and This.
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  12. Algernon

    I must confess this update worries me, mainly the max changes. They were on test for a long while and during that time got a lot of complaints. Poor NC get the uninspiring shield (which could be great for reloading) which on test seemed to make it a splash damage magnet. Both the ZOE and Lockdown for VS and TR are going to be incrediably tough to balance (is ZOE going live as a toggle still?) inb4 vs and tr weapons get balanced around the assumption lockdown or zoe is active. I'm sorry SOE i just don't think on test you found the correct balance for these abilities and I fear it may prove too tough to do it.
  13. Primarkka

    NC MAX shield lets the NC MAX to reload behind a shield that takes all incoming damage. In essence it means that the only drawback about the "MASSIVE OMG NERF" about Hackmax is gone.
  14. Zakuak

    I'm excited to check it all out should be some interesting game sessions over the next week or so.

    I'm curious to know how long it will be before Esamir and Amerish receive the lattice update? I suppose SOE will want to see how Indar pans out but like I have mentioned before I hope it is not 3 months down the road... Hell I don't even know if I'll like lettuce but screw it Ima play it up and play it deep and see how it goes.
  15. Torok

    Patch deployed and Servers Running!

  16. Meeka

    You gotta be kidding... skill!??

    It was a fast firing, pin point accurate weapon... it takes zero skill to line up an infantry under the (+) and hit the shoot button. In its former state it was more accurate, powerful, and easier to use than ANY bolt action sniper rifle.

    And I am saying this as a Saron user as much as infantry who has been killed by the Saron, lol.
  17. Tersky

    2 GB update !!! :eek::eek::eek:
  18. Sparks

    So use charge instead of shield.......................

    Also lockdown is a really offensive ability :rolleyes:.
  19. PS2Freak

  20. Vortok

    Direct hits on infantry apply splash damage on top of the direct hit damage. Saron should generally be 2 shotting infantry now.