Gu09 long range sniping nerf.

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by insane2170, May 23, 2013.

  1. insane2170

    You are not welcome here.
  2. Ztiller

    And why is that exactly? Are the only people who agree with you allowed?

    I'm sad to inform you that that is not how a public forum works.
  3. insane2170

    You are off topic and not bringing anything positive to this thread. Cease and desist or be reported for harassment.
  4. Wampa

    You really are insane bro.
  5. insane2170

    reported, quit trolling my thread. Also I am not your bro guy.
  6. Scan

    Having abit of difficulty trying to understand what it is you are saying.

    Is your question wether we think it is now viable to use a medium range scope on a bolt-action rifle? (like the SAS-R)

    Oh, and I'm not your guy, friend. :p
  7. Scan

    never mind, I got your question.

    Wouldn't call this a "nerf", but a bug fix. There's no way in hell we should be not showing up on the minimap for firing a unsuppressed sniperrifle, since it's almost hitscan. (in other words, no drop, instant hit.)

    The bulletdrop is something you'll have to get used to. This takes practice.

    Even with a 12x scope, I'm perfectly able to OHK targets, at any range, up to 400ish meters.

    If you aren't prepared to learn coping with this, then yeah, the low magnification scope might be an idea.

    I'd advise you to stick with the 12x though, and keep at it, until you figure out what range, has which ammount of bulletdrop.

    You'll be having just as much fun as before, and you can tap yourself on the shoulder for using an attachment that requires skill to use.

    If you get these killstreaks then, atleast you'll have something to gloat about, since it's really not that hard to do without using a suppressor.
  8. Ztiller

    Not sure if serious right now...:confused:

    What exactly is off topic about me responding directly to your OP and talking about specifically the topic?

    Harrassment? As i told you, that's not how Official forums work. You can't just make a post and then report everyone who disagree with you for Harrassment.