GU08 - What to expect and when.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Higby, May 1, 2013.

  1. FuriousSquirrel

    The range of the Raven on the test server currently is limited, it detonates around 300-350m =/
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  2. Danvers

    Exactly. But it's a boring and terrible mechanic.
    It puts people off playing VS.
    Now compare it with what the other factions are "supposed" to get
    Quad barreled prowlers and railgun vanguards....
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  3. eldarfalcongravtank

    even though i dont like the new helmets at all i still think i speak for everyone here when i say that i am AMAZED, outright AMAZED by the incredible work you guys did so far just to please us and to fulfill all our needs and hopes for this great game

    really looking forward to this update! take your time with this one
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  4. MaxDamage

    Wow. This update is huge.
    Buckle up Dorothy!
  5. llPendragon

    It's funny that you list them as damage per minute. The reason that the VS charge-up ability will be so good is that you can do a lot more damage per second. The TR, and especially the NC, MAXs will have to sit out in the open for several seconds to do the same damage as the VS weapon, while the VS MAX retires comfortably behind cover, reloads, recharges, and gets ready to line up another mega-burst. Don't knock it till you've tried it... ;)
  6. EvilAdolf

    This is an amazing update... I can't wait till tomorrow! Gonna get EVERYTHING!
  7. Phazaar

    Higby, for GU09, if you make the patch time NOT daylight/prime-time for EU, I will personally fly to CA bringing with me every piece of vintage audio gear my grandfather left to me (even more valuable than it is sentimental!) as gifts for your benevolent spirit.

    There are almost as many EU players as there are US, and a much larger potential market here too; please break the SOE trend and show us some love. We know why you can't make it fair and alternate, but just give us one patch so we know you love us too? Please...
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  8. llPendragon

    Isn't the Falcon a much better long range AV weapon, with worse DPS? It accelerates over distance, doesn't disappear at ~400m, and has to reload after every shot?

    Just to be clear:
    I really like the "industrial" look to the Raven, will probably buy stupid amounts of stuff from this update tomorrow, and am very happy to see all the work that's been done. :) Thumbs up!
  9. TheTrueVanu

    Why are VS getting an AV Beamer? Shouldn't Max weapons conform with all the past weapons and encircle the forearm. Very odd art choice there. o_O
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  10. Conform

    since your talking about balances. SOE should look into the population difference on Helios nc are way over populated
  11. The_Shruberer

    Admittedly, I haven't tried out the test server, but if I were to do an analysis on these numbers alone....

    VS: 180 RPM or ~ 3 rounds per second
    85 dmg per round at close range = 255 damage per second
    With a magazine size of 12 it can fire for 4 seconds
    TR: 80 RPM or ~1.3 rounds per second
    315 dmg per round = 420 damage per second
    With a mag size of 10 it can fire for 7.7 seconds

    So let's compare: 255 DPS for 4 seconds, or 420 DPS for 7.7 seconds.

    Which do you prefer?
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  12. ValorousBob

    Don't be silly. If they actually made the VS stuff cool/fun/useful I'd be tempted to buy it.

    Dear SOE, please keep up the good work and make sure all the VS aesthetics like children's toys and biker helmets. There are many poor VS who play for free and we don't want to be tempted to spend money.
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    Why do we VS always get the wimpiest looking weapons...

    Our MAX is half the size of NC and TR, and looks like a half-eagle half-man wearing a latex S&M suit. Was pumped to see the new weapons being revealed, thinking it would somehow compensate - AND LO! THE SIZE OF AN ERIDANI. Real intimidating...

    Was hoping we could finally incite some fear unto our enemies, instead of envy - please don't nerf our voluptuous butts next. It's the only leverage we have
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  14. Bape

    ok now take 15,300 and times it by 2 or 3 that what gonna happen when they put Zoe in there.

    Starefire 6 rounds/ 100 damage/ slow reload
    Vortex 12 rounds / 80 damage / fast reload
  15. Babaganoush

    Almighty Vanu,

    Please include a SABR improvement this update. If done so I shall sacrifice my finest stolen Spandex to you.

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  16. llPendragon

    I prefer to get better numbers and have more play time. ;)
    Specifically, I'd be more interested in seeing how AV VS MAXs fair against armor. I'm guessing the tanks are going to have a $hit-fit trying to hit them when they can just pop out and nail them with massive damage and disappear again.
    As I said, my impression is that the VS gun is really geared towards a large charged burst, with the sustained fire mode only there in case you're caught flat footed. It's a backup mode.
  17. LanceHavenbay

    Please revert the Harasser back to not taking damage from small arms fire... >.> It is not like they fit under cover like an ATV can. They are a huge target. Even if they move fast, it is not nearly fast enough to juke lock-ons that could kill it in a few hits.
  18. Moukassin

    can't wait to so see harasserside!!
  19. llPendragon

    I think this is my favorite part about the Harasser. (As long as the health is high enough! ;))
    In any case, it's like an ESF. Maneuverability and speed over armor.

    And have you seen these things move? What launcher do you have that locks on that quick!?!? I want one!
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  20. The_Shruberer

    Well if the VS weapon is best for 'shock and awe' tactics, it should do more damage in the first 3 seconds than any other weapon, correct?

    Let's see:
    after 1 second:
    VS: 255 dmg
    TR: 315 dmg

    after 2 seconds:
    VS: 510 dmg
    TR: 630 dmg

    after 3 seconds:
    VS: 765 dmg
    TR: 945 dmg

    after 4 seconds:
    VS: 1020 dmg
    TR: 1575 dmg

    Oh and let's pretend there are 3 VS AV Maxes and 3 TR AV Maxes. Let's see which set does better now:
    after 1 second:
    VS: 765 dmg
    TR: 945 dmg

    after 2 seconds:
    VS: 1530 dmg
    TR: 1890 dmg

    after 3 seconds:
    VS: 2295 dmg
    TR: 2835 dmg

    after 4 seconds:
    VS: 3060 dmg
    TR: 4725 dmg

    Nope, 3 TR maxes are better than 3 VS maxes (not including accuracy. But then again, this is considering close range, where CoF is negligible. If we did a long-range test, the VS weapons would be 2x worse according to damage per round and rounds per second)
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