GU08 Weapon and Attachment Changes

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  1. Kardes

    Longer hold breath times!!!!


    So Here is a question SOE?!! Does that mean if I am using a sniper rifle with a reflex (Ghost TSAR for example)

    Does this mean I will have no scope shake?
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  2. Ownasaurusrex

    I wouldn't call it the best carbine in the game, but it probably doesn't need a buff. I run it with the suppressor/ 2x RD/foregrip/HV ammo. It works great in mid-range combat like on amp stations.
  3. Ownasaurusrex

    Please elaborate upon the nuances. They're interesting to me.

    edit: sorry for double post.
  4. QuakerOatsMan

    Well, how does it make sense to have sway on sniper rifles with 6x zoom but not on 6x scope BRs? They have also increased the breath-holding time. No one wants BRs to outclass semiauto sniper rifles. They are practically a midway between assault rifles and semiauto sniper rifles—BRs are still going to be comparatively more viable in many more situations and ranges. You also haven't taken into account that the attachment changes may give BRs an additional buff.
  5. Bhudda V1

    while you guys are at tweaking the infantry weapons can you guys take 5 and look over the burst variants of the weapons please, because the burst get's hit harder than other weapons with the first shot recoil modifier, Why im asking is i don't see the burst weapons being very competitive compared to it's full auto brethren, the burst is great in theory but in actual combat i have found the Gauss compact burst to be a liability in most situations compared to the other weapons because of having to fight more recoil than others as full auto weapons has less recoil than the compact bursting.
    I'm asking because if you guys are effectively tweaking the majority of weapons in the game another tweak won't be much of a change of pace for you.

    Edit: also can you guys either update the ammo's effect on the weapons or put the info in the tool tip for the ammo on that weapon? or any other way you guys can think of to say "soft point on this weapon slow the bullet's velocity by this much" would be very much appreciated
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  6. HadesR

    Should give x4 scopes sway as well
  7. Derek Icelord

    Wait? What? Below 750 RPM is close range? Please tell me that's a typo and is supposed to say above 750 RPM.

    Sorry, just saw the reply on page 5. Whew, that had me worried for a moment. :oops:
  8. X3Killjaeden

    Because sniper rifles have high velocity, fairly low drop, and require about 2-3 hits to kill. BR take at least 5. Landing 5 shots on a person in the distance with a velocity that low requires them to be AFK.
    It's basically impossible to kill at 6x scope range with a BR already, you get assists at best if you are lucky. More likely you get countersniped by a proper sniperrifle. Even without Scopesway...
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  9. Netsurfer733

    Thumbs up, thanks.

    Do you think you could also include a fix to the ever-present bug where if you start aiming down sights in the middle of hip-firing, you'll be aiming down sights with hip-fire accuracy?
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  10. Valena

    I don't disagree with this change, but I find it odd that you can still purchase forward grips for bolt action sniper rifles. I don't use one anymore, but when I was a noob I actually thought it did something for me even though it did literally nothing.
    Now that it's going to impose a weapon swap penalty, the devs should look into disabling it for weapons that make no use of the recoil reduction to prevent people from accidentally gimping themselves.

    Oh, and a cert refund for those of us who -did- buy the attachment and can't use it would be nice, too.
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  11. Dingus148

    I dunno man. I have high hopes for the future of TR LMGs. I think SAW users will be a little upset though
  12. Odin

    Currently laughing my butt off at the tr I this thread asking for weapon buffs when they are dominating nc in score per hour, kills per hour and certs earned. They win every class category except max and ask for weapon buffs unreal. You guys realize the only thing different about classes from different empires is the weapons right? And if you are outperforming the other empires in every single class category but one the. Your weapons are in general better not worse. Ugg u guys give me a brain ache.
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  13. Ripshaft

    Some very interesting ideas and changes... also the reveal about the foregrip definately stacking vertical recoil with the compensator for lmgs... is interesting to say the least. I have an idea on who's going to be complaining about this patch =p
  14. Netsurfer733

    Definitely agree.
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  15. Babaganoush

    Maybe my SABR wont be such a worthless piece of nanites post-patch

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  16. QuakerOatsMan

    I'd say that BRs are still much better/viable for closer ranges ie: midrange or sometimes even short range, so more versatility. Of course snipers with actual sniper rifles are going to be better at sniping. BRs have the option to "snipe" simply because they have the 6x scope option, but in most cases you're probably better off going infil instead if you actually want to snipe (irony is that the SAW as a LMG is better at sniping than BRs).
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  17. vulkkan

    SABR-13, T1S Cycler. All the other TR rifles (T1, T1B, TAR, TRV) are all 750+.
  18. Mambakiller

    nc wins every alert, who dominates whom?
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  19. Singed

    Nah, asymmetrical balance. SOE gives the TR the best AR, but we get mediocre LMGs.
    Got to say, lookin' forward to it.
  20. WalrusJones

    I say the same thing.

    I must say, my enemies already spew foul language into /yell when I pull up to a base with a radar flash, and a suppressed ALS TAR.

    -People ain't gonna be happy.

    Edit: Also, It appears TR LMG are getting unnerfed, if the test server is to be trusted....

    They may stop being MEH.