GU08 Weapon and Attachment Changes

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  1. EViLMinD

    Anyone know if these changes will benefit bolt-action Sniper Rifles? Atm, there is no point to equipping a Forward Grip because you have to unscope to re-chamber a round. Grips are intended to lower the recoil from repeat firing. Seems silly to have them as an unlock if they don't improve anything that actually matters. Waste of certs.
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  2. Flying Mug

    What I'd be interested in knowing is if the unique per weapon attributes will be visible or not?

    As it is, people didn't know how much compensators reduced vertical recoil until you said 10%. They had the ball park but I think the last number I saw was 8%.

    Forward grips' effect on LMG vertical recoil was completely undocumented.
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  3. Astealoth

    most these changes sound for the better

    just hope they don't make the carv too much weaker, the functional ADS cone of fire is already pretty much a senseless physical impossibility. it looks like the bullets are traveling 20 degrees off from the barrel alignment in random directions half the time as it is. it's not uncommon to shoot a person shaped pattern around someone at 30 yards and never hit them once with the carv holding dead center of mass.

    and i'll kind of miss my extremely low velocity on my lynx, it's really quite a fun challenge to use at range but very rewarding to learn. almost felt like lobbing little mortars at 100+ yards xD
  4. Slyguy65

    Lol nah, any buff to range is a buff to TR.

    I know some skilled people can adapt but compared to NC and VS i can't shoot any more than 20 feet or so accurately with my TR.

    As long as we can at least match the NC at range (their damn sniper LMG...) then i will be happy.

    Actually, im just happy we are getting buffed for once...crossing fingers we don't get auto nerfed the next day.
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  5. Singed

    I'm excited what the reload speed buffs will do to TR ARs and Carbines. Yes, I'm looking at you TAR and TRV.
  6. WalrusJones

    The TAR is already absurdly superpowered in CQC.

    This is going to put it over the gojira threshold: Nerf in 5 weeks.
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  7. LonelyTerran

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  8. buff as hell irl

    I just looked on gunchart, the TAR just seems essentially identical to the H-V45 and GR-22, and the TRV is... the TRV. I really doubt any of these guns are going to receive special attention, as they're all widely used and beloved close quarters rifles.
  9. WalrusJones

    Its a bullet hose, with high mobility, and capacity.

    For any weapon of lower rof... 33% ammo is almost irrelevant, but for a bullet hose, its life or death (Or me just not pulling out the underboss.)
  10. Ranik

    Bitter old Vet approved :D
  11. joshua

    Edited the original post. This GU will also see the below-800 RPM weapons getting a slight reduction to effectiveness at long range.
  12. Ganelon

    Oh fantastic, now I definitely won't be using the Carv or Carv S ever again.
  13. Fenrys

    Glad I didn't buy that Polaris LMG just yet. The accuracy was really good. That's probably the one getting nerfed.
  14. Roland0077

    Which sub-750 RPM weapons are we talking about o_O. I can only think of long range slow firing weapons.
  15. Ranik

    Wait. The BELOW 800 RPM weapons will get reduced ranged effectiveness?
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  16. ReconMarauder

    You mean the ABOVE 750 RPM weapons, right? Below would be referring to refire time, not RPM?
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  17. Fenrisk

    The TMG-50 Is currently considered the only option for long range combat for TR heavys but it only has a ROF of 577. Are they reducing the TMG-50's effectiveness at range?

    If you are reducing the TMG-50's long range effectiveness why would anyone use it as its not good for CQC and it currently under-performs at range compared to the other faction LMG's in terms of weapon stats?

    Some low ROF weapons are only built for long range engagements. The TMG-50 being a prime example. What will be its new role?
  18. joshua

    Yes, I mean above 750 RPM. Sorry about that.
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  19. Ranik

    Yeah no worries.

    But I like how because of one typo three people all instantly went "Wait WTF?!" :D

    Also Test just got a new patch. Are those changes already in?
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  20. Fenrisk


    Thank the Empire!