GU08 Weapon and Attachment Changes

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  1. vaxx

    I agree not the best, but very good at what it is intended for. The only 200dmg carbine in the game is nothing to scoff at.

    And no, not everyone gets to use a Battle Rifle.....
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  2. Papaver

    Wouldn't it be better to make them not stack, thus weakening that particular combination, rather than nerf weapons that DON'T get compensators?

    Uh... what about Extended Magazine? Will it be getting a reload time penalty?
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  3. Aspartux

    I wish they made T5 AMC a 167 dmg per bullet carbine, since TR is the only faction that doesn't have a 167 dmg option in the carbine department.
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  4. xen3000

    LA can't use them, true, kinda forgot about that. Personal oversight as I don't use that class. Still, this just amounts to a whine about NC faction trait. For ranged combat AC-X11 is okay, battle-rifle is better. If you are LA, why not try slug-shottys.

    This seems to be a reasonable request. Or better specialize it to be good at range, unique damage drop-off or something?
  5. vaxx

    I would love to see the T5 AMC get some love. Its one of the most odd carbines I have seen on any faction. Not enough RoF to be used as a skirmisher, not accurate enough to be longer ranged, definitely wont be real competitive in CQC, and too low damage to offset those negatives. The only thing going for it is velocity. But that is it, and its still not a huge plus.

    Why do you think the Trac5-S needs a buff? I think its very nice, especially compared to the Solstice SF.
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  6. DeltaGun

    What? An LMG nerf when LMGs are practically being phased out of combat due to overperforming SMGs and Shotguns? LMG are already only optimal for medium to long range fights in the majority of situations. Without forward grip additional recoil, they will be even worse at the long ranges at which they are useful.

    Also, I think advanced laser sights should be considered for the lower capacity LMGs. Currently they have what feels like double the hip-CoF of weapons with Advanced Laser sights. Even the large-capacity SMG which is just a super-accurate, fast reloading, fast switch time, lower to equal DPS version of any of the low-capacity LMGs.

    That said, it's hard to tell if any of my points are valid because you did not list specific changes to the various weapons.
  7. WalrusJones

    IT is, but the Trac series, and Cycler series are dedicated long range guns, which makes me think that they will be seeing a buff, just not a T5 AMC level buff.

    Ohh right, probably every B class gun will get buffed.
  8. FnkyTwn

    It is cute that they nerf LMGs right after they put the HA bundle and the Flare/TMG-50/EM6 on sale.

    Good job Higby. Milk those dimes just before you nerf the product. Really building up consumer confidence.
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  9. Fenrisk

    Are you saying that your removing forward grips? and advanced forward grips from LMG's?
    Your removing the horizontal recoil reduction from forward grips?
    Your removing the vertical recoil reduction from forward grips?

    Will you be addressing the fact that TR has little to no assault rifles, LMG's and carbines that perform well at ranges past 50m due to their extreme first shot recoil and horizontal recoil?

    ^^^^^^^Many TR weapons have 2x recoil with 0.225 horizontal recoil while other factions enjoy far less recoil despite having the same stats or better. This is in part due to our weapons being nerfed due to flinch. Flinch has been removed. Can we have them nerfs removed and our weapon recoil lowered for balance sake?

    Will you be addressing the issue that no TR LMG's and TR weapons in general have access to a advanced forward grip while certain DEFAULT weapons in other factions (Guass SAW) have access to this attachment?

    TR has almost no assault rifles, LMG's and carbines that are good at long range. For the most part our weapon variety is extremely limited in terms of picking weapons for medium to long range combat in comparison to the other factions. Will this be addressed?

    Many TR would be interested to hear answers about these long standing balance issues.
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  10. WalrusJones

    Its mostly the attachments. The TMG definitely feels pretty nice without attachments.

    They explicitly state that they are buffing every long range gun that is under-performing at long range.

    Hold your butt.
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  11. DeltaGun

    He is saying that the Forward Grip will no longer alter Vertical recoil on LMGs.
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  12. anaverageguy

    I honestly don't care as much about the rest as I do about the forward grip change.

    You guys have shown that you listen after all. Thank you very much. I think I might be using my weapons with leaning recoil again.
  13. RocketKhruschev


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  14. DeltaGun

    If what they say is true, the Flare will be getting buffed because it is currently the worst "best" 167dmg LMGs. The TMG-50 is better followed by the EM6 which practically outclasses the other two.
  15. Eclipson

    Hmmmm. Gonna be interesting seeing how much this update changes. I am scared, and excited at the same time. :eek:
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  16. Xind

    I kind of feel like they shouldn't have released this information without at least a list of the guns that are going to be buffed. It's just going to lead to fear mongering and people talking about canceling subscriptions.

    We need more information prease! This isn't the government and even if it was, we need to know.
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  17. NikkoJT

    I like how they buffed BRs because they weren't doing great, then everyone said BRs needed more buffs, so they nerfed the long-range scope for BRs.

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  18. ItZMuRdA

    Love it! Especially the weapon swap/reload speed tuning and hold-breath increase (huge quality of life improvement there).

    Hoping to see collision on the feet of corpses being addressed ASAP if it isn't already as well -- kind of a gamebreaker in a lot of situations when you get stuck on a dead guy's feet or your bullets get absorbed by them!
  19. ItZMuRdA

    Might I suggest making the benefits of these attachments for a given weapon easily visible to us in the future as well? With how they will impact so many different weapons in various ways, it's no longer easy to know that a given attachment affects a weapon by 5% or 10%. If you could somehow incorporate a tooltip or even some knowledge base somewhere (I don't mind resorting to spreadsheets out-of-game) with the per-weapon values that would be extremely helpful for the serious theorycrafter like myself.
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  20. ItZMuRdA

    I think Scope Sway for 3.4x or 4x would be fine, but putting it in for 1x or 2x would be a bit much.
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