GU08 Weapon and Attachment Changes

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  1. Messaiga

    It already was the best all-purpose AR in the game because it can equip both advanced attachments, compensator (unlike a lot of assault rifles), has the 0.75 movement modifier, 750 RPM (Great for CQC), and negligible recoil.
  2. Kociboss

    It will be even better if this goes through.
  3. Plompkin

    The new forward grip equip time penalty is not even close to 'small'. You're dead about 4x over in the time it takes you to swap weapons.
  4. Sempars

    Very Very Long!!!

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  5. Kociboss


    They dropped the ball, didn't they?

    It's literally like: "Damn...Where the hell is my gun...Wait a second...Not in the right pocket, no...In the backpack?...Hm...Perhaps I left it at home?...Aaaa, there it is, ducktaped to my waist. Theeereee we goooo!"
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  6. Babaganoush

    There is a bug on the test server so you can't test out the new attachments when firing.

    ALL guns do NOT have recoil on the Test Server at the moment.
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  7. Nichivo

    I could not agree more with this. The only draw back they need is a fore grip is not a laser etc etc. It's the same as the dumb bullet drop and dmg loss with suppressors, the only drawback it needs, it is not a compensator.
  8. Stew360

    THE ENCLAVE are going to be MAD after this patch lol LMG w...
  9. Syphers

    Suppressed carbines needed it good tweak
  10. Makwa

    Has anyone looked at the GD7F? Has it's reload time changed? I am at work and very curious on how this has affected NC carbines in general.
  11. Get2dachoppa

    Why not just remove the forward grip option from sniper rifles all together and give us some attachments, other than scopes, that are actually useful for that type of weapon?
  12. Costanza33

    Concerning foregrips this is complete nonsense. DEVs, have you lost your mind? So now we'll be penalized if we use a foregrip to manage our weapons (I mean ALL: Carabines, ARs, LMGs...); ridiculous tiny piece of metal costing 100 certs each one... And I know this is the test server, but come on guys it's not even credible. Who the HELL ask you, dear PS2 DEVs, to touch this attachment??! Mind about real ******** to fix, instead of losing your time with such weird ideas. And this one is not the only one...
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  13. Zagz

    Hopefully that's not all of GU8
  14. Avlaen

    Why are assault rifles and carbines being brought up to lmg standards when atleast for tr theres carbines and assault rifles with same or better dmg/rof with better accuracy?
  15. DrazahNede

    Because HA not supposed to be best at everything?
  16. Crazytrain

    The negative is already in place and is that you can't use other rail attachments and that you spent 100 certs on every gun that needed foregrip to operate properly. If you want to make choice of rail attachment more significant, add more rail attachments... like deployable bipods (no I'm not suggesting adding prone). A foregrip weighs almost nothing. It is not a 25lb weight dangling off the end of the barrel.

    At least undo one of the two (or is it three) previous nerfs to these if your going to do this. Can you fix the trajectory you broke?
  17. Avlaen

    B Ut LMGS arent so why are assault rifles being brought up to LMG's when there allready better?
  18. HadesR

  19. joe smo

    i like the Trac5-S too, but because the grenade launcher is getting another nerf along with smoke, a buff in any form would be welcomed, in my eyes at lest.
  20. Andy79

    wish it was easier to compare weapons that lack useful attachments or can have only 1 with those that can use special ammunition, advanced laser / grip etc

    what appears as superior on first glance is a way worse choice once an alternative is upgraded with a few certs

    all weapons of a category should have the same attachment options