GU08 Weapon and Attachment Changes

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  1. joshua

    Attachment Changes
    • Compensator
      • Right now this attachment gives a flat 10% reduction to the weapon’s vertical recoil, which is either a big reduction or a hardly noticeable change depending on the base recoil of the weapon.
      • Post-patch: This attachment is being modified so that it gives different recoil bonuses to different weapons, which will result in a greater recoil bonus across the board.
      • The hip-fire penalty currently on live will remain the same.
    • Suppressor
      • The projectile speed penalty on carbines will be reduced, to match the slower starting projectile velocity of the weapon class. Suppressors on all other weapon types will be unchanged.
    • Forward Grip
      • Post patch forward grips will gain two additional benefits. They will reduce the horizontal pull of weapons with an angled recoil pattern, and they will slightly reduce the max horizontal recoil that any weapon can do.
      • Forward grips on live currently reduce the vertical recoil of LMGs and sniper rifles in addition to a horizontal recoil reduction. This is being removed from LMGs, as it is possible to stack the forward grip and compensator on some weapons and have recoil that is lower than carbines and assault rifles.
      • Right now the forward grip is the only non-optics attachment without a negative to offset its bonus. Post-patch the forward grip will be gaining a small weapon swap time penalty, which only applies when swapping to the weapon with the forward grip attached.
    • Velocity Ammo
      • Currently, velocity ammunition gives a flat 5% increase to all weapons. Like the compensator, this is either a great or poor attachment based on the base weapon’s stats.
      • Post-patch this attachment will give unique projectile speed bonuses on a per weapon basis. This will result in a buff to velocity ammunition on most weapons.
    • Grenade and smoke underbarrel launchers
      • Post-patch: These weapons will collect ammunition from engineer ammo packs at a slower rate.
      • The above change does not apply to the underbarrel shotgun.
    • 6x scopes
      • All 6x scopes will be getting weapon sway, similar to sniper rifles.
      • All 6x and higher scopes, including sniper rifles, will be getting a longer hold breath duration.
      • Any attachment not listed will be unchanged.
    Weapon changes
    GU08 will be the largest weapon tuning patch yet, with the majority of infantry weapons tweaked in small ways based on data collected from the server and player feedback.

    Noticeable changes:
    • All assault rifles, carbines, and SMGs will equip faster.
    • The majority of assault rifles and carbines will gain reload speed buffs to make these weapon classes more competitive with LMGs.
    • Lower capacity LMGs (50-60 rounds) will also be gaining swap speed and reload buffs to make them more competitive.
    • Underperforming ranged weapons will be brought up in effectiveness, mainly through recoil changes and the above attachment tweaks.
    Edit: One more weapon change. Close range weapons (above 750 RPM) are performing a little too well at long range. These will will become a little more range limited post-GU08.
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  2. LonelyTerran

    O noes an Lmg Nerf
  3. Jaes

    So LMGs will act like LMGs? Sounds like a great fix!
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  4. Van Dax

    Interesting but I will reserve judgement.
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  5. Badname82

    NC LMGs will get a bit more kick possible, depending on how much the compensator gets improved. Still will have awesomely low side-to-side recoil.

    Looking forward to the carbine changes myself. Should help that ridiculously long reload on the GD-7F and make the suppressor more useful on the Merc.

    Also looking forward to a bit more differentiation between Heavy and other classes now. Swapping between rockets and guns should now get you killed a little bit more often.
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  6. vaxx

    I was hoping for:

    Assault Rifles can be equipped by Light Assaults.

    Oh well, good changes so far. I like.

    Does this:
    Underperforming ranged weapons will be brought up in effectiveness, mainly through recoil changes and the above attachment tweaks.

    Mean that the T5-AMC will be worth using now? Hmm...
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  7. LordMondando

    As a medic I approve.
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  8. Basti


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  9. Xind

    While I can appreciate LMGs may need nerfs (that's a lie) why increase the vertical recoil on weapons that only have access to the foregrip and not the compensator? If the problem is the stacking effect only allow one bonus to become active (typically the greater of the two) instead of nerfing all LMGs that don't have access to both.
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  10. LonelyTerran

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  11. McToast


    This is a good change. I would suggest to go even further and add weapon sway to ALL scopes and weapon sights, but with reduced impact the lower the magnification. It would barely be noticeable with the stock iron sights, but one had to hold breath on long ranges with a 3,4x scope or higher. Would put a stop to the LMG sniping as well.

    the Toast
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  12. LordMondando

    You allready have to burst fire it or not even bother. It won't be affected by this to as great a degree as others, its already well ahead of the pack in actually behaving in a LMG fashion.

    What will be effected is firing 10-20 bullets a time on LMG's which is currently possible on a lot of them, one of my old faves the EM6 - included.

    So if a heavy wants to run around room clearing, he'll have to use one of the 50 round 'assault rifles' not the 75-100 round light machine guns.
  13. Gary

    Perhaps this means the TR will get some changes to carbines to allow more variety!
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  14. Ruar

    I don't like the way it seems LMGs are going to be performing subpar compared to other weapons. As it stands I regularly get outgunned by SMGs, Carbines and Assault rifles. This patch improves their performance while making LMGs harder to hold on target and swap out slower.

    While the change might be needed for LMGs considering the ability to suppress an area I think a good compromise would be to allow HA access to AR and Carbines

    I play HA for access to the rocket launchers, but I don't really want to run around with an LMG. I like AR style weapons and used to use the Cycler exclusively in PS1. As HA it would only make sense that I would be trained on all weapons of the lesser classes since I am capable of wielding the most advanced weapons on the battlefield.
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  15. VanuSovereignty

    It was also a buff, assuming you use a forward grip.
  16. Jaes

    Thank you, that made my day. :D
  17. AnotherNoob

    All in all it seems to me as if this is in order to bring heavy assault in line with the other classes, which is something that I approve of :) Can't say any one thing that I think sound unreasonable, looks good!
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  18. TriumphOfMan

    Brilliant, now my Carv variants will take 2 years instead of 1 to equip.

    Thanks, SOE.
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  19. m44v

    And there I was hoping that forward grips would add some benefit to bolt actions.
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  20. InMedeasRage

    So when are we expecting GU08 to drop?
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