GU08 InB4...

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Sunderer, May 1, 2013.

  1. Sunderer

    the warpgates are not rotated and more TR quit until the next GU.
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  2. SpcFarlen

    Or we could just stop playing on Indar... :eek:
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  3. Babaganoush

    gl telling that to the VS
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  4. Revel

    I'm sure you're right, and I'm going to be annoyed when they don't.
  5. vilehydra

    Inb4 nigh unkillable tank spam :(
  6. Bape

    Um im pretty sure the TR pop will rise due to the fracture being released that thing is monster against infantry and vehicles you can spam that **** at long range and you will be killing infantry and getting cert.
  7. Laraso

    How can you not like the canyons? When I started playing, the NC were in the canyon warpgate. I had so much fun fighting in those canyons. They are, in my opinion, the most interesting place to fight in the entire game. Tactically disadvantageous, yes, but fun.
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    The canyons are definitely the most interesting place to fight.
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  9. WalrusJones

    They have only 66% of their original firepower.
    I certainly like mobile fortification tanks over glass cannons.
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    I think the SE warpgate is one of the most fun to fly in. Atleast when the cliffs aren't filled with AA maxes, but they aren't so hard to avoid even then. The Northern warpgate looks ******, so bland and flat with very little cover.
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  11. SpcFarlen

    Ya that buff to MBTs... i dont think any infantryman is going to like.
  12. EliteEskimo

    While the northern warpgate is much easier to defend and fun to push out from, I greatly enjoy constantly fighting over Tawrich Tech Plant and the Stronghold. The Stronghold is one of the funnest bases in the game, and I've had countless epic battles around it leading all the way up to Feldspar. :cool:
  13. WalrusJones

    I personally like Quartz Ridge, and Tawrich the best.

    Unfortunately, we don't get to base up down there for a LOOONNG time.
  14. Xind

    I still prefer my corner in Indar than any part of Amerish.
  15. gudman591

    Yeah, infantry is got sooo used to crossing large open fields in tight groups because they could easily sit there shooting their blowpipes at any time MBTs come around.

    Didn't last long. My Prowler's tracks and gears are oiled and ready for war, looking forward to massive tank fights not being utterly ruined by infantry and flyboys anymore.
  16. vilehydra

    I still hate that it allows for completely skill-less players to survive much more easily. I was fighting a 2/2 tank today, they were a completely incompetent duo. The gunner was missing all of his cl85 hits on me as was the HEAT gun. I finally found a tree to use as cover (not the nice thick ones, but desert ones that are all bulby). Instead of playing ring around the rosie and hitting me with splash damage the gunner decides to hop out. I kill him easily. The problem is the vanguard is still active and I only have three rockets left. A friendly random infil comes out to distract the tank AND THE TANK FOLLOWS him. Completely disregarding the actual threat. I get a rear armor shot which I take, and it connects, I take a second rear armor shot, it also hits. However the third shot just barely hit the side armor vector, making it so the tank was currently unkillable in my situation. The driver then proceeded to ram his tank into a ditch that he couldn't get it out of.

    This changes make it so that even the dumbest and least experienced tank drivers can survive in smaller engagements when they otherwise wouldn't (and shouldn't) have.

    Also where did this 66% come from, I wasn't aware of those changes.

    Also why did the changes only affect RL's but leave AV turrets unscathed.
  17. Cougarbrit

    I don't care quite as much about the Indar WGs as I do about the Esamir WGs. The NW WG on Esamir is hands down the worst in the game. It's position basically forces fights to gravitate towards it, as NC and VS have a much easier trip going to the TR WG than they do fighting down near the empty corner of the map.

    Freyr is basically Esamir's crown, it's that hot a battlezone. And it's only a coupla hexes from our WG.
  18. WalrusJones

    Because, Honestly, Penalizing AV turrets in their intended role, when they are already lamented as doing far too little for their intended role, is kinda.................................................................. Silly.

    Their only goal is to kill tanks, thus, making them an AP weapon makes sense.
  19. XRIST0

    So how is it they rotated them the 2 previous game updates but not this one ?
  20. MiZrY

    The warpgates will be rotated with the hotfix in 62 minutes......
  21. Cougarbrit

    They haven't rotated them the previous 2 GUs. That's kinda why TR has been so bitter, at least why I have.

    I was under the impression they were supposed to be rotated every GU, nope, every month, nope, every 2 GUs, nope, and finally they say WG rotations, nope. They say they forgot, WG rotations for hotfix, not mentioned in hotfix notes. Hopefully they just forgot to put them in the notes.

    We'll find out soon enough if they're just ******* with us or what.
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