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  1. Zeragrin

    I was wondering if at any point in time more custom class slots will be available either via subscription or the depot? 3 per class is rather limiting with the amount of gear and weapons. It would be nice to be able to setup more distinct situational kit layouts.
  2. ScrapyardBob

    The old rule of thumb was 4k/hr for a completely baseline player, and 6k/hr would be that player having a good night. With my 50% membership boost and a 50% boost equipped, I could easily get 8-9k/hr just doing my normal stuff without farming.

    Now it's probably up around your 7-8k/hr number with the vehicle XP changes.

    As a skyguard, over double-XP weekend, with my +50% membership bonus and my +50% boost running, I was getting 25-30k XP/hr depending on how available targets were. Divide that by four and we're right around 7.5k/hr baseline.
  3. bobzebrick

    Completely unrelated to this thread and there are already plenty of QQ threads you could have posted this in. The snipers still do OHK head shot infantry even with level 5 nanoweave you just have to be closer, that video shows you that too. If someone heavily certs to counter you, you should not expect to OHK them across the map. It's the same for everything, you can be countered.
  4. Phlopsi

    i think this should clarify it:
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  5. Clutchstep

    I don't know what people are complaining about, this is all bonus xp. People keep whining about cert gain being too low, and this will really just be extra certs for very little extra effort. Plus the events will help focus the fighting for people who play in the off hours; they're basically like the monolith events in PS1. It gathers everyone in one place to make sure there's a good fight to be found, which is why these are going to be in off-hours.

    For the ribbons, I really hope there will be a variety of support ribbons. I mainly play engineer and don't focus on shooting as much, so if there's only one ribbon for repair that would kind of suck. So it'd be great if there were separate "repair X amount of MAX damage," "repair X amount of vehicle damage," etc.
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  6. SokarGoldberg

    Higby said that those Alerts will be activated on low server population... For Cobalt that only means that the night zerg of the VS (OWND + TRID) will get constantly bonuses. They are the only freaks that play during low population times.

    Pls don't activate such events during night because that will only give "special" groups advantages and will not be a real action event for all. Even your attempts to get people to defend places.. that XP bonus is not enough motive for most players. Especially those players that play during low population hours.
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  7. TintaBux

    Then whats the point of having alerts? :S
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  8. Cowboyhomer

    It really would be alot more than that once you capped all the bases needed to complete it. This is also only going to be implemented for off peak hours and times of low pop. It wont be as hard at those times.
  9. ARCStormtrooper

    3000 XP for capping continents is very low. Especially peak hours. I think 3k for late night; 6k off-peak, 10k peak. Half that if you haven't been playing an hour within the winning faction.

    Great job nonetheless SOE. Thanks for the update Higby!
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  10. siiix

    its cool , but not much.. also i agree that 3000XP is very low for such high target.. its not easy to archive that

    nice editions , but not exciting enough to lose sleep over

    as a sarcastic note : "can we have some more ridiculous nerfts with our patch please" ;)
  11. RobotNinja

    Ribbons and extra character slots for subscribers are all good and well but I'm still holding out hope for fixes of bugs that still haven't been fixed since they were introduced in that abomination known as GU2 and that the devs have acknowledged and have been "working on" since GU2.
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  12. SgtMeatwad

    When our sub ends are you going to delete my three highest ranking characters? The idea scares me, and i pray to god you don't just implement this without clarification on the matter first, so we can decide whether or not to cancel our sub before we are, well, trapped.

    With the bug that lasted FOREVER where you delete one character and the game decides to permanently delete a DIFFERENT character than the one you typed in. Do you guys trust our boys here that we wont "accidentally" get completely screwed over or "trapped" into a membership?
    Wouldn't 3 more load-outs be easier and SAFER? you could take whatever load-outs you want away and i wouldn't effect anyone. Plus there is actually a need for that, what the hell do we need 6 characters for?
    Am i just paranoid?
  13. MasterD

    That's what I thought... Thats only 3 tank kills. Should be something like 10k-30k make it worth my time to actually fight for indar.
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  14. Kevin12

    I haven't seen Indar capped om my server in like the last month or so. Would need to be at least 50k to be viable...
  15. CitizenSoldier

    An "alarm" system and bonus XP???!

    Are you flipping kidding us? Where the heck is that meta-game? Are AT Mines at least getting fixed? Where is that re-cert option? Crap GU if you ask me.
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  16. Tenebrae Aeterna

    Upon initially reading this, I was disappointed as I feared it would restrict the open world feeling of battle within Planetside 2. Then, I caught the bit about how this system will only activate during off-hours when the server population wasn't high...and am very pleased. This was an excellent ides to implement for those off-hours.
  17. rickampf

    Very nice!
  18. Fenrisk

    This ^^^^^

    Events should activate when faction populations are close to even across the entire server. Not when 1 side has 60% population and everyone else has gone to bed.

    How is rewarding unbalanced high population factions on off peak hours going to help that servers population balance? it's only going to encourage the exact opposite. All this system rewards is rerolling the high population faction on servers outside your own time zone.

    Events and their rewards should happen 24 hours a day but with bigger rewards given to factions with a low population. This would give incentives for players to play low population factions on servers rather then join the 60% population faction zerging all the rewards for themselves.
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  19. queue

    Yay, ribbons. Yet we still have no reason to defend a base!
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  20. pucwyczes

    When will nc get their tmg-50 ?