GU011: Weapon and Vehicle Changes

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  1. PieBringer

    I have to be honest, when I saw
    I was really hoping it would include an ammunition type or some other option to allow damage to vehicle armor.

    Edit: While on the subject, does the decrease to "all" shotgun damage per pellet include the Jackhammer?
  2. theholeyone

    Wait, you rely solely on the passive resource gain? Just go an fight in a territory to give you the resources you need, it feels like a much faster gain that way.

    I'd like to see continent traveling for vehicles. But, the increased costs of things to stop spamming of them is a good idea. And who knows, maybe it will actually affect what territories are contested and bring a bit more tactics into the game.
  3. St0mpy

    LOL!! You think after needing lattice gameplay forced on us so joe-the-hat can find a battle that suddenly people will learn about a subtle influence called resources and fight for them?

    It seems you are thinking too deeply about the game, thats now forbidden, didnt you hear? :D
  4. Phazaar

    Just a pre-bed QFE.
  5. lolitank

    spam will not stop platoons will pull all at once all it will hurt is the ones that use it the most cause they love it
  6. Lividicus!

    WHAT THE **** SOE?

    Resource cost is going to completely RUIN Air/Vehicles.

    I'm pretty sure that you implemented TIMERS on vehicles/air for a reason. Why did I spend THOUSANDS of certs to get my ESF down to a decent respawn time when now I'm going to have to wait an hour for the damn resources to pull them!

    I don't like whining, but simple math can show us that this is WRONG!

    AVG resource gain= 50 per 5 minutes

    So, it's going to take 40 minutes to be able to pull 1 Liberator..... Wow, give me my ******* certs back
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  7. Malharic World Designer

    Just a quick clarification: The no-deploy zones are restrictions for attackers only.
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  8. KlyptoK

    Wait, so we just nerfed dedicated drivers and left the tank spam alone? wth??
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  9. lolitank

    it will take 55 mins for me yeah i quit
  10. Sordid

    I'm sorry, but that's just replacing a terrible system with another, equally terrible one. Newsflash: There is "tertiary fire" in the key bindings. USE IT.
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  11. Kevorkian

    I know you won't believe this, but this type of nerf is actually a blessing in disguise for NC/TR. How many VS maxes you see running around now with ZOE on all the time? 95% of them. That will continue after GU11, because stupid is stupid does, and most stupids like running around faster. You'll have scores and scores of free kills (assuming you're HA).

    If it was changed to a cooldown, then your first initial contact with a ZOE max would be with ZOE disabled. This allows them to determined when to be vulnerable or not. They can choose to activate it only to burst you/get away/chase down/etc. Element of surprise, rocket to the face, is gone. Also, your suggested 15-20 second cooldown is far too long, even if it had a long recharge. If there ever is a cooldown/timer associated with ZOE, it'll have to be something like 8 seconds or less. But it appears, for the time being, they're just going to make ZOEs easier to kill while their ZOE'ing it up.
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  12. HannaDest

    I think I like it.
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  13. ThundaHawkPS

    this has potential
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  14. Phazaar

    I don't rely on it, but I don't killwhore either. The active gain is awful; no gain for objectives captured, vehicle kills, successful defense, objective destruction, resurrection, resupply, repair etc. Just kills. More meaningless killing. That's what needs to be encouraged...

    Normally I never run out of resources as I rarely spend them, but if I'm wanting to fly and I've burnt through my resources with Galaxies during ops, do I really want to join the meatgrinder? No. I'd much rather play something that isn't inane and pointless whilst the passive resource gain sorts me out so long as I jump once every 5 minutes, and then come back for a bit of the game that I actually enjoy...

    As stated, that's not my real complaint with the resource system though.

    I don't see a problem with vehicle spamming. It's nowhere near how it was with magrider zergs and air zergs back in December. Now there's just a fair few tanks around, along with dozens of infantry. Seems pretty much perfect. I certainly don't want to see less tanks or aircraft, particularly when they're so easily dominated by infantry (less MAXs, definitely, though I think the timer and a change to the rez mechanic may have been a better way to ensure this).

    Anyway. As I've been promising for 3 posts... BED TIME! :)
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  15. Zazen

    Ibuprfen, afaik flak armor does nothing to mitigate direct hit damage from rockets. Kinetic would be the resist for that. Flak only helps with the splash.
  16. Pikachu

    Looking forward to the ES heavy weapons. Still wish mini-chaingun would have it's ROF increased. :rolleyes:
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  17. NinjaTurtle

    This is terrible, it will make bases to defensible
  18. Kevorkian

    Its not on live yet, champ. And I clearly stated, currently on the live server, I can survive Decimator direct hits with 3-4 hp bars. This will change in the next patch, assuming these changes make it to live.
  19. Phrygen

    The community (from what i have experience) feels like you are forcing people to use iron sights.

    I really don't see how making all the sights more difficult to use due to sway and excessive bouncing promotes "MLG" play.

    You guys need to improve the red dot sights and 3-4x sights rather than nerfing the IRNV scope. Its getting ridiculous at this point.

    Also, 350 for a max is too much. A galaxy and a max costing the same is just weird.
  20. MrForz

    Don't know what to say about the shotguns, can live with damage reduction, the ammo drop... unnecessary. Won't be a crucial change though, I hope that the shotguns won't endure the same fate as the APB: Reloaded ones, where SMG's rule the world and shotguns don't OHK on point blank.