GU011: Weapon and Vehicle Changes

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  1. Zazen

    I like the changes for the most part. Making resources relevant is a big missing link in the game at this point. It's the connective tissue that should provide a tangible context of territorial control metagame with actual on the ground logistics. Currently that really doesn't exist. I mean who honestly even pays attention to what territories provide what resource when you fight in them? No one...But, you will after GU11.

    The only change I dislike is the over-nerf to NV scopes. It was the only way I could find the damn Vanu spandex ninja's at night without jacking up my gamma to the point of getting a sunburn at my desk.

    If you're going to go ahead with a skull crushing nerf to IR/NV scopes, make the teal bits on the Vanu uniforms glow brightly like you do the neon, "Shoot me", yellow on NC uniforms.
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  2. WetPatch

    Ah I wouldn't worry just yet, Higby said the exact same thing before the first Magrider nerf. He told us the planned nerf was a bit extreme and wouldn't go live.

    Then came the GU, and he hit it even harder with the nerf bat. It still hasn't recovered.
  3. vincent-

    The resource cost scares me a lot seeing as I dedicate myself to the magrider, maybe the timer reduction can include a resources down cost too? Those who really do tanks shouldn't be forced into such a crazy cost only to lose it based on disconnections and ally c4 out of anger?
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  4. Torok

    Ok, once GU11 hits live if you aren't premium with the 50% resource income or/and the boost you're screwed if you invested real hard into your vehicle acquisition timer :eek:
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  5. ItsJustDash

    No more SC for them then, and here I was about to go to Gamestop.
  6. Puppy

    Very much nerfing the Lasher in my opinion.
  7. Kevorkian

    If you're a HA with descent aim, you'll eat ZOE's for breakfast. Or a Scattmax....
  8. Eclipson

    Yep. I think that fact that a Harrasser cost the same as a sunderer may be a bit over kill.
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  9. Rockit

    LOL I don't know if i would go that far but yeah I /uninstalled.
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  10. Phazaar

    Well, on the whole I'm massively disappointed. I thought we'd see -actual- quality of life changes, and instead we're seeing things people clamored for 6 months ago being rammed into a game that's now completely different.

    Sunderer no deploy zones are an even bigger mistake under the lattice than they were under the hex system. Removal of priority targets and target necessity in favour of more tug of war meatgrinding ******** will never make this game epic, just more repetitive...

    Huge resource costs to cover up that the resource system simply isn't working is not a quality of life improvement. It will simply lead to spending more time playing GRID (awful game. Addictive as hell though...) on my Macbook whilst waiting for resources ... On a more serious note, if they don't implement travelling from continent to continent in a vehicle, or a meaningful deconstruct system in this patch, they've essentially killed the utility of small squads, and the chances of ever getting your platoon to redeploy to address a threat... Bearing in mind most players are F2P and I'm on an underpop faction that's readily outnumbered 4:1, pubbies won't have much in the way of resource gain. Are they going to throw away their tank that cost 30-50 minutes of resource gain to pull? **** no they're not.

    I'd go on with the rest of the stupidity being exhibited here, but it's late and I'm cold. I'll be back.
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  11. St0mpy

    Its a virtual striker nerf, theres less armour around so itll get even fewer kills than it already did, happy now? :D
  12. Reskan

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  13. Synen

    With the Esamir base changes that are coming soon and the new recource cost for vehicle's this game is becoming way too infantry friendly. Also the new recource costs are imbalanced. Firstly most people dont have a weapon on their flash because they mainly use it for transportation so its recource cost is way too high. An ESF is almost cheaper to pull then a flash for that amount of recources, especialy if you have no gun on the flash. It should be between 75 and 100 at most. Also mechanized recources are shared by 5 vehicle's(MBT's are counted as 1 vehicle), infantry recources are shared by 6 items and the MAX making it 7 while Aerospace recources are only shared by 3 air vehicle's that each cost less then all vehicle's with the exception of the flash. Either the recource cost for air vehicle's need to be higher or the other vehicle's and MAX should be lower. Either way the recource costs are imbalanced compared to each other imo.
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  14. FnkyTwn

    Wow. I'm miffed about very few things, and stupidly happy about the majority.

    Soooooooooo glad ZOE doesn't have a timer. Haters gonna hate.
  15. lolitank

    i hope they plan to like up the armor levels to like 100% cause already tanks look dumb they should be leading the charge in battles but more often i see sundys charging in first
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  16. Tak

    Reduce the spread?!? It is a fricking scattergun!
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  17. WetPatch

    Lol, no not really, because less noob drivers mean you become to the Striker, what a Big Mac is to a Fatty.
  18. Eclipson

    They nerfed it all wrong. It didn't need more of an Armor debuff. It needed a cooldown, plain and simple. Not 8 seconds, more 15-20 seconds. That way it is used as an ability unlike it is now. That way its made more situational instead of it being always on and being turned off when you needed to take more damage, kind of like a reverse Heavy Assault sheild. This isn't the nerf ZOE needed. It won't fix ZOE, and all it really does is give the VS something to say in arguments against ZOE say "ZOE was nerfed, stop complaining!" Even though this isn't the kind of change that will fix ZOE.
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  19. Divinorium

    False. Just tested and GUESS WHAT? he still alive and farming infantry in the easy mode of always.

    PS: excuse me if the patch will be implemented, the "planned" makes me wonder, because well... they didn't say nothing and they don't normally say a word before it is "too late".
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  20. Ibuprofen

    They increased all tank toughness in GU09 or GU10, forget when that happened exactly. Sunderers are already beastly with composite armor, and Harassers are ridiculously durable for how maneuverable they are with how much firepower they have.

    You do realize that the armor reduction was increased by 50%, from 20% to 30%, right? Pretty sure that's a 25% increase in the damage received from small arms fire while ZOE is active, and a 12.5% increase in the damage received from explosives. I'm also pretty sure that means that a direct hit with any dumbfire rocket(default, deci, AA, AT) against a MAX with ZOE engaged will be a OHK, unless they have flak.

    Agree with you on the flash costs, see above on the ZOE nerf. Personally I think they should have left the armor reduction as is and added a 12-15s fuel gauge thingy.