GU011: Weapon and Vehicle Changes

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by joshua, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. Skaldir

    Keep going with those Infantryside2 updates SOE, the more you do, the less i'll play !
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  2. Hicksimus

  3. SLiCKRiCK

    Didn't see anything about the saron nerf in the patch notes. True or false?
  4. WookLordz

    Make resource cost based on loadout. No weapon, no radar= 25 resources.
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  5. Stellus

    What if I told you that there was a way to kill vehicles in less than 2 seconds, had no expiration timer, had no consequence for failure, was accessible by 4 out of the 6 classes, required only 100 certs to carry, can fly and deploy at the same time, cost a fraction of what vehicles cost, and you could hold a bucket of up to 40 of them? What if I then told you that in large battles, you wouldn't be seen by the enemy until you were 50meters away due to server-side render distance, making it impossible to counteract?

    It's already in the game and it's called C4. Infantryside at it's worst. Increase C4 resource cost, restrict the number of classes that can carry it, and/or increase suicide timer on it. It isn't worth driving 450 res. tanks if a fly with explosives can kill it in mere seconds at no fault of the driver due to server limitations.
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  6. Lampenfieber

    First they put indar perfect for zergs, them they are thinking to put this to all maps, them they nerf the weapons and armors...

    This is almost a dumbside 2
    Go to Waypoint an shoot the base doors untill the clock finish and move to the other point. Don need to think, just follow the zerg and dont mind about your weapon, is almost everything the same, just press mouse1 and just dont stop if you kill someone, the important is ... damm i forgot this part, this is fun right?
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  7. Riggity_

    yeah this is gonna be a stupid update.
    galaxy = 350 resouces
    harasser = 400 resources

    last I checked a galaxy was a giant flying way capable of holding 12 people. the harasser is a tiny 3 man buggy, makes perfect sense that it costs more than a galaxy.

    this is a poor way to incentivize players to buy a membership for resource gain. down vote
  8. Zv1deX

    I seriously can't tell if people are bad with vehicles, or I am just really good. I've heard so many complaints about "Infantry Side 2", but the truth is I get ridiculous kill streaks in almost every vehicle aside from the galaxy and liberator. I would say my average k/d in a vehicle is around 10:1. If I just pulled vehicles all day (which I can given how little resources currently mean) I'd just farm like its going out of style.

    I agree with people in that the proposed flash and harasser costs are not proportional to their uses, but people are constantly complaining about vehicles getting blown up too fast, and I simply don't see it. Are we talking about completely stock vehicles? I would hope so. To be honest, I really wish they would nerf the AV Turret and Striker down and those two things alone contribute the most to my vehicle's destruction.
  9. Endlos

    A couple of fun experiences from my play session last night, that reinforce my desire to simply uninstall Planetside 2 once these changes go live:

    My buddy pulled a MAX suit at an amp station. He took the gravpad up to the top deck, then got stuck on a lighting fixture while dropping down to the balcony. He didn't even make it 5m from the spawn room and got stuck. Under the new system, that would have been 350 infantry resources, gone.

    Same buddy and I were rolling my awesome, 9000-cert buggy. We had it for a while, and eventually got killed. It happens. I snag a new buggy from a nearby outpost and have it for about a minute before taking fire - I took a risky approach toward some enemies and they spotted us earlier than expected. We pull into the courtyard of a friendly amp station (shields up) and my buddy starts repairing.

    Suddenly, we take a large chunk of damage. I assumed it was Lancer fire from outside the base (it was Zurvan, and certain angles can let you fire into the courtyard) because I saw no smoke, no explosion, and just figured I didn't see the tracer. There was no sound. The amp station was secure, so I adjusted to be up against the walls. Another huge chunk of damage. Same incoming direction, no tracer, no explosion, no indication whatsoever as to what is hitting us. I adjust again, pulling up alongside some shipping containers at a different angle than I was wedged against the wall. We take another huge chunk of damage and die...

    To a Dalton. A magical, glitched Dalton firing invisible, silent rounds that do not make any kind of explosion or emit any indicators of any kind apart from the red directional wedge. He was hovering high over Zurvan's Southeast outpost, out of effective range of all current G2A in the game.

    Now, my first buggy lasted us about 15 or 20 minutes. My second one lasted all of 2 minutes before being killed by a glitched weapon that I had no hope of defending against because I had no way to tell what I was under fire from. G2A is getting nerfed in this update (we'll see how many people are pulling 400-resource Skyguards with less terrible accuracy) and planes are going to be more numerous both due to their comparatively cheaper resource costs and the diminished AA in the field.

    Under the new resource system, not only did I lose my second 9000-cert buggy in 2 minutes to utter bull****, but I spent so many resources on it that I now cannot pull my 9000-cert Lightning, my 5000-ish-cert Sunderer, or even my stock prowler. As I said in one of my earliest replies to this thread, these resource changes would suck even if PS2 was a well-made game. Given how much failure is completely out of the individual players' hands, these resource costs are downright unfair. Anyone that put a lot of certs into a variety of ground vehicles or deep into cooldown timer on even one vehicle is screwed, because the resources severely gate your ability to do anything with that investment.
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  10. TerryTenMen

    What if I told you that if you cant kill someone that you spot 50 metres away by the time they have c4'd you, you should uninstall the game then throw your pc out of the nearest window just incase you have the urge to play again.
  11. Endlos

    Success with vehicles depends entirely on how you use them, how your team is doing in the area, and how disorganized the enemy is. If you baby a tank, you can keep it alive forever. You'll also just be sitting on the fringes of combat most of the time, being very careful to limit angles of fire and only ever expose yourself to things you feel you can comfortably shoot.

    If you roll up on an enemy air tower and get within 300m, you will be destroyed instantly unless you are part of a large zerg. Even then, you don't survive because the zerg killed the defenders already, you survive because the defenders chose to blow up tanks that weren't you. Tanks in this game really do suck. You can force them to be decent by playing with them as if they are basically artillery, so you have this siege warfare metagame where you find the best cover you can, park next to it, and just volley at the enemy until they shoot at you once or twice, at which point you hide and repair.

    Tanks are way too fragile and way too highly specialized (and can't be re-customized once pulled -- this is a major problem) to fight infantry that is infinitely flexible and perpetually stocked with ways to kill you better than even you can kill you. We have lock-on and wire-guided and laser-guided technology in this game but only infantry can use it. Nobody thought it would be a good idea to mount a 'nix on the roof of a Vanguard? How about a Striker on a Prowler? Instead, all our vehicles use dumbfire ordinance that requires skill, timing, and often luck to land shots with, and the infantry our armor fights against barely has to aim, and barely has to leave cover, and yet they still do comparable damage to us?

    So, yes, you can do well in vehicles in this game, but only if you are ridiculously careful or fighting a pack of extraordinarily bad players. The state of balance in this game has created the weird and seemingly illogical situation where "tanks" are siege warfare and the front line, the thing that pushes a fight or loses ground and affects the flow of battle even over large outdoor distances (the thing the tanks should be doing) is infantry. It's backwards as all hell and I have no idea if SOE will ever fix it, if they can ever fix it given where the game is now, or if they even want to.

    If these new resource costs came with substantially more durable vehicles in the field (fewer repulls, more sustained presence) that were able to be on the front line and push the tide of a fight instead of just hiding behind friendly infantry shelling from the woods two hexes away, then I'm all for the increased costs. If it's just an excuse to push boosters in the item mall and vehicles can still be destroyed arbitrarily on the whim of 1-2 players (or by the occasional 5-degree bump that inexplicably flips you over) then I'm simply done with the game. Footzerging in this game isn't fun, at all, yet it seems SOE is hellbent on making this game CoD with vehicles being just a killstreak reward.
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  12. WookLordz

    Yawn. Your arguments are lame. "No fault of the driver" lol. Maybe just your teammates?
    "No expiration timer" What does that even mean? "No consequence for failure" Huh? Loss of 200 resources maybe? "100 certs" It costs 600 certs to carry 2. "bucket of 40" You can carry 2.

    Sensationalize much? Lay off the dramatics.
  13. Endlos

    Yes, because this game isn't filled with infantry-sized cover and the average tanker only ever has to worry about one single target coming from one single direction per minute.

    EDIT: And the problem isn't really that ONE GUY can do it, it's that ALL THE GUYS can do it, and can keep trying over and over again if they fail the first time. Covered this pretty thoroughly in one of my earlier posts in this thread.
  14. Shralla

    WHAT? You're increasing the Flash cost by SIX HUNDRED PERCENT?

    What justification could there possibly be for that? You hate it when people can actually make it to battles on time?
  15. Akaran

    Not a fan of this one for the cost to prowlers. It's my preferred vehicle of choice, and is utterly devastating if used right. However, it's also instantly gibbed if you get targeted by a Lib in a generally coverless area, or, if you get a LA sprinting out from (or off of) a rock outcropping with a C4 on your head.

    I like the CMG change, I like the cost increase to harassers. The sunderer change is questionable for the no-deply zones, and I'll agree with the calls to make the flash cost scale with the number of attachments on it.

    If anything, boost the cost of C4 or boost the resistance to it for anything with treads (or magriders). With the cost differential now, it's massively overkill.
  16. Blazini

    I'm okay with raising resource cost for vehicles... my only issue is this ind makes a lot of the points I spent on shortening the timer on pulling vehicles. Has there been any talks on cert wipes with all the changes they make? It only makes sense.
  17. NollieFlipX

    Will you ever add the IR part back to IRNV scopes? I seriously feel like it should be able to enhance a bit finding recons. And if I have to say, balance them with not been able to see at daylight and adding more "heat" to buildings and ambience according to daytime and ambience temperature AND by reducing the contrast between player/map instead of reducing range. Otherwise you'll be going the same road BF3 went, turning them completely useless (not even seen trough smoke).
  18. CNR4806

    Let's nerf vehicles and up their resource cost. Infantryside 2 FTW!
  19. Xero1029


    anyone going to rage quit please do the following xD and write SOES FAULT on your machine so people in new jersey know whats up
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  20. Endlos

    Problem with this idea is that you are assuming people will willingly take the "boring job" of Sundy defense instead of pushing into a base with the rest of the team.

    Yes, Sundy defense should be important. In a well-balanced game populated by decent (or better) players with sufficient communication. Planetside 2 isn't that game. If you make the bus too irreplaceable, once the one-two smart squads in 100+ people lose their busses, the entire offensive push fails.

    For better or for worse, the game has to be designed around the idea that 90% of people playing it are going to be idiot lemmings.