GU011: Weapon and Vehicle Changes

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  1. llPendragon

    I like this idea though. With more Sunderers out there, I can actually use something besides AMS and not feel like a traitor.
  2. shadowkhat

    i think the cost would be perfect if the sundy didn't have ams but with AMS i think it should be made valuable people actually would defend it where you can afford pulling maybe 1-2 in a large assault not 10+ for taking an outpost:/
  3. SethRuin

    I think I love you.
  4. llPendragon

    Someone on Reddit posted a solution I liked a lot. The base cost of all vehicles would stay about the same, but the added abilities would cost additional resources. So a Sundy would be 400, but a Sundy with AMS may be 600. For the Flash, the Wraith ability may bump the cost from 25 to 200. Costs are up for debate.
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  5. shadowkhat

    ya someone in my outfit mentioned that they want a equiptment based cost but they can't do it yet right now the costs don't justify the "use" sunderers with AMS are extreemly valuable to an assault.... harrassers are currently more powerful than a lightning yet all 3 cost the same. flashes are only really dangerous without wraith and c4..... but without those two 25 is fine
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  6. WraithRage

    While somewhat harsh in approach, Psykmoe's sentiment is dead on.

    All three faction's Heavy Weapons are handicapped even further on the PST atm. This weapon class has some of the least played weapons in the game because they are terrible and players know. These do not need tradeoffs/nerfs in their "reworks". They need across the board buffs (even if minor in some areas), but buffs only none the less.

    This isn't only in regards to the Lasher's AoE nerf, but in the overall nerf of hip-fire accuracy of all three faction's weapons. This aspect of the "rework" blows my mind. How does this make sense? When would anyone take a Heavy Weapon (take a RL M60 machinegun for example) and hold it up to their face to aim down sight? It would never happen.

    Yes, I get it... this is a video game and not real life, but some realism should still exist right? I'm not saying that ADS shouldn't be available on HWs, but to nerf hip-fire and buff ADS just doesn't seem right for this class of weapon.
  7. Desann

    One problem this game has, when looking into the past, compared to PS1....where is the ANT. ANT stands for Advanced Nanite Transport. Right now resources are only gatherd by holding territory and you get more every 5 mintues. The maximum resource pool is capped at 750 for each. If there was a player vehicle that could transport resources, then this game would have more of a "supply line" feel. Also, it gives those less adapted to combat and more to supporting roles a real sense of helping the team. What if major bases or even various resource points could be harvested and the ANT would have to drive back to the warpgate to unload the resources. This would give everyone in the faction a +XXX amount of resources. The more certed the ANT, the more resources, and thus more XP for the driver.

    Also, what if you can select different "roles" for your character based on your playstyle. I noticed earlier people discussing how players like to have different roles for the majority of their game time. Well, then let us select it. For example, you would have a pilot role, driver role, or infantry role. The selection of this role would NOT affect the classes in any way, all it would do is modify the resource pool for that specific resource only. So if you selected the driver role, you would now have 750 air 1,000 mechanized and 750 infantry resource pools. Also, you could have some type of cosmetic signifier you can put on your uniform or helmet to show your role.

    ORRRR, if SOE wants to make $$$ have a purchaseable, yet cheap, resource pool booster. For 1,3,7 days it will give you an increase to your resource pool.

    The ideas are endless here and I am full of them. But as one who thouroughly enjoys vehicle combat, and ALSO thouroughly enjoys c4ing/mining tanks, I feel that pulling a tank and getting destroyed in a second by c4 or mines will SEVERELY dull the vehicle combat experience this game CURRENTLY provides.

    This game needs more DYNAMIC elements, not STATIC elements. Let us cart our own resources in addition to the timer based system if the prices of vehicles are going to increase. This will give players a sense of teamwork, and also the ANT was a great way for newbies to get easy XP. Imagine cutting off a supply line by destroying all of your enemies transport vehicles...That would be a strategy that could literally make or break a continent capture or alert.

  8. Sanguinary

    I rather like the concept previously posted about certain attachments bumping up the resource cost - but what determines this factor? Should this also scale with higher ranked utility/defensive slots?

    Overall, I think most of these changes are great, I think they need to remember not to apply too many compound buffs/nerfs, lest they reduce or improve something beyond reasonable levels.

    Other than that, I think the Lasher could use a bit more improvement.

    Sounds good for now, though.
  9. Loco

    And if you take a piss on them they blow up. Any good player knocks out the scout radar vehicles first. Also with the flip rate on these now? Beta was way better, now you hit a pebble and the thing flips. Either put a way to unflip a quad in or don't increase the cert cost.
  10. LynxFury

    The other consideration that makes direct comparison of infantry and tank resources an unequal one, is the ability to store and buy many of the infantry items ahead of time during times of maximum resources while the getting is good. For example I have 9 tank mines and a half dozen bouncing Betties; during times of famine I don't have to worry too much about running out even if I'm player where resources aren't poring in. I could even store 40 C4, beeties and tank mines if I wanted--allowing me to carry the fight almost indefinitely. Players can't do that with tanks.
  11. TheArchetype

    Price changes for resources will hopefully reduce the amount of vehicle spam. Good change and thanks for listening to the community! A lot of people doubt you guys about forum activity but the GUs are showing it.
  12. Bobilo

    Realy bad, that increased resource cost will not be noticed with burst and membership players. This mean that the PS2 want only increase count of this players, and this is sad. In future may come a moment where without membership you must forget for any types of armor. I dont see any different reasons to rise the cost of vehicles, it's only real money, because resourses in chain with it.

    It's wrong way to balance amount of infantry, heavy armor and aircrafts with resourse cost playing. Need implement some new types opposition of this war elements.

    P.S Don't forget in PS2 not implemented "God of War" - artilery.
  13. Tulmas

    They seem to have left out the Enforcer and Saron nerfs. And the vulcan buff that is on the test server atm.
  14. Cyrek

    The change to the MCG is well unwelcomed, you see part of what made it good was that the enemy didn't see your character roll up the barrel, this often created surprise and sudden burst to peoples faces, now others can see you start firing slowly and alarmly shoot you first, Burst was the keyword for the MCG and you took that away SOE, let's see how your little experiment ends up detrimenting MCG users.
  15. malden

    So wow between the nerfs to tank ES secondaries, harasser ES primaries. With ungodly high resource demands for said nerfed vehicles. Then an across the board upgrade the ES infantry weapons. GU11 seems to be about getting vehicles out of the way and stress testing infantry combat.
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  16. exLupo

    Among the many things GU4 added that aren't in use, artillery models exist. So.. enjoy.
  17. Acceleratio

    Was so happy when I saw a maintenance update this morning... buuut turns out to be some minor thing :(
  18. Stellus

    I'll be hanging up my combat boots if C4 resource cost doesn't go up too. There is currently no risk for C4 users. 200 resources with infinite attempts and zero timer before next usage that 4 out of 6 classes can use makes infantry far too powerful.

  19. pucwyczes

    This is what made me stop playing wot, they make you wait for **** change.
  20. Vanus Aran

    SOE makes something utterly senseless.
    This is like they are admitting they know the Galaxys are not worth wasting time on them and just make them look like a cheap price.
    Instead of really giving the Galaxy some ATTRACTIVE FEATURES. After respawn-timer was robbed from them (during the Beta?) people simply stopped giving a wet fart on them compared to before.
    And in my eyes the Galaxys should get another kinds of deploys again.

    Maybe even a weaker Spawnpoint-deploy - but who am I to work out details when im just a little player, likely to be ignored anyway?

    The Harassers can be really annoying if played good and having luck.
    Actually their price is not as unrealistic. This shows ironically how much the Gal is just a harmless Skywhale right now.