GU011: Weapon and Vehicle Changes

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  1. LynxFury

    The analysis of combat multiplier and looking at what people use that justified the increase in price is a bit flawed.

    With the possible exception of C4 for light assaults, most of the infantry resource cost do not significantly reduce or prevent the effectiveness of being infantry so there's full willingness to use them up--they are easy to get and even when out of resources you're still able to fight on the ground in the same role--often their preferred one.

    It's quite different for a dedicated tanker, they can't pull them as quickly nor from everywhere so tend to be a bit conservative thus spending less--and obviously once out, can't continue to drive on or play their preferred role.
  2. Nobalification

    cuz infiltrators use it as killing sneaky vehicle.
  3. WookLordz

    Thanks for acknowledging that...
  4. Lysten

    IRNV Scopes
    • We feel that the current downsides to this optic (less visibility at range) are negligible when compared to its benefits. We’re going to be adding a very small delay before the night vision is active and a small amount of scope sway to better balance the attachment out.
    If you're going to make this scope basically useless, could you at least make a version without the NV and sway. It's being scoped in with a large crosshair that makes me like it. I hate the little red dot sights and for x1 and x2 you have no other choice, regardless of the faction you play.

    Oh and you forgot to mention a few other downsides to the NV scope as it is now. Not only do you lose range vision , you also lose almost all peripheral vision. Meaning you get ran over and flanked much easier. Also you cannot see cloaked players , so enemy player can sneak up right in front of you and teammates that are cloaked can be shot by mistake.

    It's only my opinion but it had enough downside to it already and with the changes you are proposing it will become useless. :(
  5. Meeka

    The half a dozen scout and cloak flashes I encounter at just about every base battle contradicts you, and I'm pretty sure you'd have a hard time differentiating between someone using a flash for "transport" and someone using a flash as a weapon/scout platform... even in 1-12 people battles, we usually have to contend with scout flashes hidden in multiple places.

    Just because you don't use them to their full potential doesn't make them worth less than what they are.
  6. Scataloni

    If you almost double the cost of my tank then you need to nerf the LA/jumpjet/C4 kiddies or you will get alot of rage quitting people.
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  7. metrotw

    What server do you play on that you see this happening. I certainly don't see it on Mattherson. Maybe 1-2 tops.
  8. ExarRazor

    it didn't just take a splash nerf

    hipfire is now completely worthless
    ADS is getting better, but thanks to the extremely obstructive iron sights, and even the gun itself, as well as the fact that the projectiles completely obscure sight while in ADS, is another nerf
    splash damage nerfed
    splash radius nerfed

    basically, the lasher is now completely and utterly worthless.
  9. Nintyuk

    The thing I can not fathom is why the ESF, The most hotly discussed as too versatile vehicle in the game, is the cheapest combat vehicle?

    And increasing the flash cost by 6x it's original value is a bit over kill. 3x or 4x it's current value would make more sense as at 100 resources a pop it would let you get roughly 7 or 8 flashes for a full resources instead of the proposed 5.
  10. Kevin12

    ESF are also the easiest to break combat vehicles. Tanks tend to last a lot longer.(wich is still not an excuse for making them so expensive)

    Flashes are made so expensive because they are killing machines when equiped with cloak + weapon. Higby failed to realise that not every barely any flash is used in combat...
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  11. Nintyuk

    I feel the Lightning has generally about the same survivability as a ESF considering The ESF has much more mobility and practical immunity to most sources of damage due to said mobility I don't see why a lightning costs nearly twice as much when unless is specifically equipped to not be it is easily at the mercy of ESF's.
  12. Kevin12

    Higby's numbers say otherwise though. He explained he did all the balancing based on calculations in a reddit post. He even mentioned "theorysiding".
  13. Meeka

    I play on Mattherson, as all three factions (primarily TR)... and in every battle, I tend to make it a job to (a) deploy Scout Flash and (b) destroy enemy Scout Flash. Just because you don't see it happening, doesn't mean it isn't happening... I can assure you, there's a bunch of people running around destroying those things left, right, and center. If you're in a battle and see a lot of red dots on the minimap, 9 chances out of 10... there's a friendly Scout Radar ATV parked nearby (and if you're on Mattherson, one of them is likely mine, lol). Do you feel the enemy uncanningly knows where you are or where you are going? Chances are, there's an enemy Scout Radar ATV with Stealth parked hidden in a bush or a nearby corner... you can't see it, but chances are, it's there.

    ...and at such previously low resource cost, they can be pulled again and again and again again and again... a never ending stream of Scout Radar ATVs.

    An interesting caveat, and almost unrelated, though... if you are on a ATV with 'stealth' you cannot be detected with Scout Radar, at all. It's a good way to 'disappear' from the map.
  14. Kiyone

    I don't know why anyone would be happy with less vehicles, those things are worth a lot of points if you kill them! Plus with more fighters in the air (relative to tanks) this means more people will be going AA as that's where the points will be, in shooting them down (At least I see more HAs going with AA launchers such as the Hawk). Should be interesting to see how things turn out.

    Though I will say I strongly disagree with the Lightning price. That just doesn't fall into line with the new MBT price.
  15. BaronX13

    This is what I'm talking about. Yes it may seem cheap that they can just fly out of the spawn and drop 2 c4 bricks compared to the expensive tank. But it sounds like one, you are spawn camping, so take that with a grain of salt. Two, why the hell are you so close to a spawn room in a tank? There is no reason for a tank with a huge canon to be that close to a spawn room. If you are going to sit close enough to where they are spawning that they can just jump out and catch you, back up a bit and position yourself better (for example not with buildings towering over you that they can flank/jump on you from). And many times do you have to get c4'ed in that particular situation before you say, "Oh hey...they keep jumping out and c4ing me, I should prolly move". I think its kinda bull how because these guys can't learn the lesson the first 200 times about camping by a spawn, then they dare call for a c4 nerf/cost increase. Besides...if we wanna talk real life here again, a brick of c4 is cheaper than a battle tank...just sayin.
  16. Ranik

    Nice theory but....

    Try getting a sunderer anywhere near a base.

    Try getting armor through a location where the defenders have a height advantage.

    Try using armor to help infantry push into a base past a stalemate (the defenders always have an advantage)

    Try using armor anywhere near hilly regions.

    It's not just spawncamping. It's basically having armor anywhere within 50m of infantry. I should know. I can routinely AT mine enemy vehicles purely by facerushing. And that's as an engineer. I could do much worse as an LA with C4 if I could get over how cheap it feels to do.
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  17. Nate

    This resource cost increases are just an attempt to try and get players to buy resource boosts.
  18. Pat Cleburne

    So the damage the ZOE maxes dish out will be a little less? So what, instead of getting instagibbed, you die in 1 second?
    And the damage recieved will be increased? It better be significantly increased. When a ZOE max can take 3 direct AP rounds and turn around and attack your tank something is damn wrong.
  19. llPendragon

    This pisses me off every time I read it. Every. f-ing. time.
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  20. shadowkhat

    sunderer and lightning same cost? i think the sunderer should cost the full pool of resources they are too valuable i'm tired of going to a base and 30 sunderer sitting around the base with no one bothering to defend them because there are so many. i can not count the times i've run right up to a sunderer and never even gotten shot at destroyed it only to have another one deployed right behind it. if the harrasser and lighting are going to be the same cost i expect buffs to the lightning, otherwise there will be zero point at all to consider pulling a lightning.

    overall love the changes, just need some tweaks before this goes live sunderers need to be made valuable. and lightning need to be buffed if they are going to be the same cost as the harrasser. if your going to make it cost more then there needs to be something done about the infantry that can kill us with zero chance of us ever even getting to fight back, if hte infantry don't render to 350m then none of their weapons should be able to shoot something more than 350m away. any other MMO would consider attacking something that can't fight back an exploit.
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