GU011: Weapon and Vehicle Changes

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  1. deggy

    Fixed that for you.
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  2. Hrafnagaldr

    Ok so I read in another thread, that the Lasher actually gets nerfed (splash damage and accuracy) with slightly more damage and RoF, but reading the patchnotes states a clear buff with no downsides. What's the truth now?
  3. deggy

    It took a splash nerf, I'm not sure why this wasn't included in the notes. It's a Terran/Conglomerate conspiracy to rob us of vital intelligence! :eek:
  4. NccWarp9

    If you dont like C4 put mine guard on it.
    If you keep your tank parked use proximity radar.

    Dont complain if you dont know how to play. Light assault cant place c4 if you keep moving.

    I for one, have on
    skyguard - its stationary for long time
    - radar 3 - to see if anyone is sneaking up and as its usually parked near a sunderer I can warn in anyone is approaching it
    - rival 3 - to out turn and hide
    - reload maxed out

    Tank/Inf lightning - Running and hiding
    - rival 3/Race 3 depending on the continent
    - HP reload maxed out
    - Nanite repair
    - Smoke To break those Strike locks

    Tank hunting Lightning
    -Rival 3/Racer 3 depending on the continent
    - AP reload maxed out
    - Nanite repair
    - Smoke - To break those Strike locks
  5. Zakuak



    Some good and some w.t.f. going into GU11 but I'll stay calm, for now.

    I guess it isn't so bad really. I'm willing to try it out and then come back here and Rage post if needed haha.

    Oh and where the F*CK is all those cool new armor pieces for infantry and vehicles we thought was going into GU10 but never got???
  6. BaronX13

    OK, so I see a lot of tankers mad that the resource cost for tanks are incredibly high, and that the tanks seem like paper squares. Personally, I believe that organized concentrated fire from three rocket toting heavies is a fair price to a tank. Also, I could do a whole list of what a tank is weak to, and what an LA or HA infantryman is weak to for comparison. But that will just start a flame war, so here is my two cents.

    Sure, make tanks ungodly armored. Make more rockets be needed to take it down, make more c4 needed to take it down, hell make it nigh invincible for all I care. I really really don't give a flying damn how tough you make the tank. But if they do make it stronger, all I ask is for one thing. Make it so that when rockets are fired at the tracks *or "grave thrusters" for Vs, the tank can't move. Make it so if the main tank cannon gets hit by too many explosives it can't fire. Etc Etc. People get my drift. I don't care if you make tanks unkillable almost, but at the very least make them able to be rendered disabled.

    I see tankers all over this thread citing "real life" tanks, and how armored they are, and how they should be pushing the line and not easy to kill. Heck, they are right, tanks should have armor like a battleship on wheels. But if we're going to go the real life route than go all the way. In real life, one rocket CAN destroy a tank, but I won't go there. In real life, if a tank's tracks get destroyed it can't move. If a tank's canon gets damaged, it can't fire due to the dangers of putting a high explosive shell through a damaged barrel. Heck, if the devs feel up to the coding, make it so that when tanks fire at buildings the buildings collapses and the debris that falls on them instantly kills them as well as the infantry inside the building. (ok, this one is just a joke, but heck if they did, maybe then these geniuses would be smart enough not to drive a tank so close while they farm infantry kills that an LA can so easily drop on them.) And, the way to fix these damages would be easy, an engineer has to fix the tracks and/or barrel to restore functionality. I'm not going to pretend I'm smart enough to figure out a damage system or how much "health" the parts have, just putting the basic idea forward. If they want high resource, super high durability tanks give it to them, but at least give us infantry a way to stop the tank from either moving or firing, even if we can't destroy the thing.
  7. deggy

    As long as I can shoot you in the leg and you can't run away. The effects of a shot to a certain body part/part of a vehicle are very, very hard to predict realistically. I'd like a system like this, but I think it's wise to ask the devs to fix what's broken before doing such a massive overhaul.
  8. Ennkay

    Any chance on hiking the cost of c4? Seems a bit disproportional to the cost of maxes/vehicles
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  9. Evileet

    Good for you. I ONLY use Flash as a transport and most people do the same. The high ressources for the Flash will just annoy the frag outta me.
  10. WookLordz

    Don't forget spamming pull & forget recon/radar flashes all over the place....
  11. WookLordz

    Seriously dude? Lay off the C4. It takes 2 bricks to kill any vehicle (some even more.) You are so far off the mark comparing it to a vehicle that can potentially kill dozens of infantry and vehicles, that it's not even funny.

    Don't be a whiner. Stay away from infantry in your vehicle, and/or have infantry support, if you want to live.
  12. Kenny007

    It could simply be that the Lightning and the MBT don't square off in the 1v1 vacuum that you suggested. Straight up 1v1 (or actually 2v1 per your fully manned MBT example) in a neutral terrain arena, yes, the Lightning is going to have a hard time. In the chaos of a large battlefield though, I'm inclined to agree with your debate opponent here, also speaking from experience.
  13. Ennkay

    I don't know what I did to offend you. But I'll just take that with a grain of salt.

    According to this, the cost of a max unit is 350 resources. One brick of c4 is 100. It is arguably the most efficient way of killing a max. This should not change.

    I am concerned, however, that the amount investment in c4, which is already really high due to it not being a side-grade, vs. the investment in a max (high resources & a cooldown)
  14. THOR1659

    Wouldnt reducing the COF make shotgun users aim more instead of less damage?
  15. WookLordz

    Sorry, I'm really tired of hearing calls for C4 nerfs. It is really the weapon that defines the LA class. It has been nerfed many times, already. They should really take C4 away from the engineer and HA classes. That would probably quiet the nerf calls. The entire point of increasing resources for Maxes is to mitigate Max spamming. This has nothing to do with balancing the ability to kill them. A prowler ( at 350 resources points) could literally kill 1000s of Maxes, thus I fail to see any logic to a call for an increase in c4 cost.
  16. Chinchy

    ;) I am so happy you guys listened, I have been raving about this for months!!!!
  17. Jogido

    while I'm all for reducing tank spam, I'm worried that the resource cost will bring new problems like not having the flash to help get around.

    How about also introducing an alternate way for earning exp gained as playing infantry can also earn a little bit of resources.

    This will promote infantry play and will allow people to earn their way to a vehicle a little bit faster. Plus it could help defenders that have very little continent ownership.
  18. Ennkay

    That's really what I'm getting at. Just as you said, if you increase the resource points you don't take away it's killing power, but you mitigate spamming it. The problem isn't that C4 is overpowered, it's that there is a ton of it, and everyone has it.

    At the same time, I don't think it's right that you can fly out of the spawns and drop 2 bricks for a suicide-c4 vehicles for 3 deaths in a row without even getting a resource tick. That doesn't seem right to me. You should still be able to do it, but you shouldn't be able to do it every spawn.
  19. WookLordz

    I'm talking about mitigating the spamming of "vehicles" on the battlefield. You are talking about mitigating the use of a one-time-use weapon. In fact, you might not even get a chance to detonate it, but you've still lost those resources. Not even the same thing, not even close.

    BTW, I kill Maxes all the time with an underbarrel grenade launcher, should those rounds cost certs? Rocket Launcher rounds?

    The point I'm trying to make, is that it makes no sense to argue to increase the resource cost of a weapon used to kill maxes, when there are numerous other "free" methods, which are utilized more anyways.

    Plus it costs 200 certs to even be able to use the weapon.
  20. InterSpectra

    Whelp. Looks like I'll see less experience buses around, but at 150 resources to pull a Flash I wouldn't want to do this often anymore: