GU011: Weapon and Vehicle Changes

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by joshua, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. Dingus148

    Well the only decent alternative which cuts spam AND allows dedicated players to do their thing is multi-crewed tanks. I'm not holding my breath, athough if it was announced by SOE I'd probably start screaming for tank armor buffs.
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  2. lolitank

    vehicle spam is mostly from the platoon leaders orders there will still be spam just now the dedicated players that use them all the time will have a hard time having fun cause they can't even pull there favorite vehicle
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  3. FLYNN82

    Man, I discovered the IRNV and thos cross hairs or something made my VX6-7 a killing machine.(Well further than it had before that thing is already a beast) The fact that we cant see cloaked infiltrators and range is low seems like enough cons to the scope already. Looks like its back to the reflex sight, and not even the super cool 2x one either. For some reason it just can't be had on the VX6-7.
  4. Tommyp2006

    No, but I don't think this is necessarily going to stop it either. I just mean why did I waste so many certs in acquisition timer if it doesn't matter anymore.
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  5. theholeyone

    Agreed. And 350 resource cost will making spamming them more difficult too.

    Overall it looks like a good balance pass, and nice ease of use enhancements like with the UBGL.
  6. IamDH

    Yeah you have a point there
  7. WetPatch

    So increase vehicle spawn costs but don't fix the god Damn Striker or AV Turret.

    Just brilliant.
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  8. Roxputin

    Surprisingly good update.

    Would like to know the "other" changes that are being made to the skyguard.
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  9. ItsJustDash

    What about our vehicle cosmetic spots? :confused:
  10. Kronic

    FFS don't nerf the IRNV sight until you fix the buggy *** reflex sights... Now all the sight options will be ****.
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  11. lolitank

    moved that out after june now funny they mess up the cost of them and they don't even give us something to calm down with?
  12. Ibuprofen

    This looks good for the most part.

    Flash resource cost is about twice what I think it should be, 75-100 would be about right. Harasser cost is a bit high IMO, then again, they are tankier than I think they ought to be, so it's probably just about right. People saying that the cooldown reduction certs are somewhat invalidated have a point. I think the ideal solution there would be to add a 1-2% resource costs discount per level to the cooldown reduction cert.

    The biggest thing I think you guys may have made a mistake on here is how you nerfed ZOE. IMHO, you should have gone the other way on it: leave the damage reduction as is (especially since they cost more now so you really want to avoid dying), and give it a cloak/jetpack style charge with 12-15s full use duration.
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  13. Rockit

    Increasing vehicle cost without increasing vehicle toughness. Can we just go ahead and revert back to hex system across the board and setup hex region instance queues for infantry only fights and get it over with already? Calling this game combined arms is getting more of a joke everyday. Oh and while we are at can we get some sort of shielded high walled bases in this game? :rolleyes:
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  14. Eclipson

    And don't fix ZOE either.
  15. Spookydodger

    Thank goodness. 3/4 of the time I use it I feel like I need people for backup. And the other 1/4th of the time, I feel like I'm going to get weapon-locked in moments.
  16. vincent-

    It is a killing vehicle and just because I never upgrade someone else did and can effectively hand his to his squad mates and make a whole bunch of them without costing teammates certs to cert into a ****** out one.
  17. lolitank

    i can't wait to tell my platoon i can't come back to the battlefield cause my tank is down
  18. AwesomeDuck

    *clicks to read GU11 thread*

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  19. metrotw

    Flash costs are abnormally high imo. 75-100 tops.

    Way to cave in to the Vanu about ZOE though. I guess this was an olive branch extended to make up for Higby's comment about the VS only using OP crap right? ;)
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  20. Reefpirate

    What?? Oh no, now we might actually have to make a meaningful decision with our resources before we spam MAXes?? Whatever are we going to do???
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