GU011: Weapon and Vehicle Changes

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  1. Edenwolf

    You need a tad more clearity in this post.
  2. Staticsilver

    Outside of the flash change i like all the changes. With the new cost increase the flash should remain somewhat cheap (maybe 75) so that if your not lucky enough to be part of an outfit and no one has 400 + resources lying around, you have some way of getting around that pretty much pushes off other vehicle options. I feel the flash should stay as is, as this will just lead to more redeploying spam, if this change goes live with the flash at 150, then redeploying and suiciding should come with a way longer time till respawning at areas that arent the warp gate, like 20 to 30 seconds, to make people at least consider driving / riding
  3. lolitank

    you know the large tank zergs with like 20 tank now turn them into angry ESFs that's what i mean
  4. Jonny

    Redeploying now costs 100 resources. Spawning costs 25.

    If they had a problem with fury/c4 kamikaze...couldn't they increase c4 cost and charge resources for flashes based on weapon equipped?

    I also really don't like that this will widen the gap between members and non members. Members get increased resources so poor free to play folk will have to hold their thumb out at the side of the road. (Have membership btw)
  5. Staticsilver

    I read this idea a few pages back and was a huge fan. This from Pouk3D
  6. deggy

    I'm all for making infantry pay resources to spawn. Make them risk something like drivers have to. If you're out of resources, you have to spawn at WG and walk.

    Premium member here, too, and this reeks of "Resource boosts weren't selling, so we made them better!"
  7. Vortok

    You're clearly on tilt and it's hindering your ability to provide constructive feedback. As a vehicle forum regular, you should be better than that.
  8. Desann

    To state my opinion on this update. I like everythnig except these:
    • Flash: 150-WAY to expensive. If your going to increase it, make it 50 or 75.
    • Harasser: 400- seriously? the same as a sunderer...
    I would like to see a "certable" increase to the resource pool OR a change to make resource reduction "certable" per vehicle. This will give dedicated drivers/pilots the chance to get the vehicles they want and give veteran players, who invest heavily into their vehicles, an advantage over newer players.

    IRNV Scopes

    • We feel that the current downsides to this optic (less visibility at range) are negligible when compared to its benefits. We’re going to be adding a very small delay before the night vision is active and a small amount of scope sway to better balance the attachment out.-If the IRNV is going to have all of that, then please add an option to "turn off" the scope and have iron sights. Scope sway on a low powered scope like the IRNV is silly. Have any of you ever fired a real weapon? A low zoom scope is extremely easy to keep on target. Now use a 12x rifle scope, and you may find yourself moving all over the place. Please do not ruin this scope. Also consider adding a "thermal scope" similar to the thermals on vehicles. It should be much more expensive, since it has color variation.
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  9. deggy

    I'm just pointing out that until recently, tank gameplay was seen as an alternative to infantry gameplay. Now it's being recast as a supplement to it. People who have spent every cert they've ever earned on their tanks are going to find themselves with nothing to do if someone gets lucky with C4 or tank mines before they've earned enough for a new tank.
  10. Vortok

    And I agree that being able to choose 'tanker' or 'pilot' or 'infantry' or many of the subsets as each as your main role/focus is good for a combined arms game, and I hope we get there. Otherwise vehicles will start to be treated like killstreaks from COD, which would make this game a bit more shallow imo. Zephyr Libs already remind me of the AC-130 killstreak. You could easily find an analogue to ESFs, too.

    Right now there isn't any support for that, though (not that the changes we've been told about do anything either). Dedicated tankers right now basically just ignore their air resources and most of their infantry resources (depending on how often they drop tank mines, etc). The current system basically encourages you to rotate doing everything instead of focusing on one role and getting better at it, and infinite certs only reinforces that as you climb to a higher and higher BR and have a wider variety of classes/vehicles well equipped.

    It's a solvable issue, just a question of whether the devs think it's actually an issue that needs to be solved or not. Without knowing the actual direction they want to take things, it is a bit hard to provide solid suggestions. Think I'll go post something on the resource revamp Roadmap for them to ignore, haha.
  11. Booticus

    **** these resource hikes.

    It'll end up as a game where you can't do anything or fight back because you are out of resources, or every bastard and their mother is hiding behind a rock in their vehicle afraid to fight anything because they had to sell their dog Fifi to scrounge enough resources to get it in the first place
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  12. Dovahkiin

    Great update, but the flash costing 150 resources is too much. The flash is very limited in any killing ability. It's only useful for traveling distances, so why the hell does it cost 150 resources to travel from one point to another?

    Also, what the hell is up with 300 resources for a MAX? One C4 costs about 5 times less than a MAX and is able to kill him? :confused:
  13. void666

    I'm ok with maxes costing more IF they get harder to kill.
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  14. Killbot

    I don't think the Vehicles resource increase is that big a deal imo, it will make fighting over certain resource zones more important and tech plants might be even more guarded now, or at least farmed, since a portion of your XP granted goes to that resource (Mechanized in that example). It's no excuse for a meta though!

    Max's seem a bit too ridiculous at that cost. 350...thats a little more than four tanks mines in costs (and that takes out a tank better than a max). If anything triple the cost of grenades and leave max alone! I am stocked up, but I can see this creating an issue with restocking my mines (I have utility pouch and get a little silly sometimes but mostly only use when needed). I just would have a hard time justifying pulling a max if it will just die in a few hits. I'd rather buy more C4 so I can make some other poor bastard waste their resources. Maybe that is just my play style `\0/`

    Also stick with these changes on the heavy weapons. All three seem like a step in the right direction. As long as the Lasher doesn't get its nerf on splash that is in test right now. I've been screaming for more ammo in the clip for the jerkhammer for a while. Hopefully with extended mag it will have 12+ shots. And no spin up and accelerating ROF on the chaingun all seem like great changes.
  15. Neckaru

    I disagree wholeheartedly with this. Let's not fight one evil with another.

    I do agree, however, with the further disconnection between paying members and non-paying players.
  16. simmi1717

    Stay with a squad and a medic.
  17. simmi1717

    BTW does any1 know when GU11 is going live?
  18. XRIST0

    Dont increase the resource costs like this , please ?

    What are you doing :(
  19. shamE

    RIP planetside 2
  20. travbrad

    Infantry resources already matter. I run out many times every day.

    Tank/mechanized resources currently don't matter, which is why these resource increases make sense (the increases are perhaps a bit too extreme though).

    Air resources don't matter, and they still won't after this update. That's the truly strange part of this update. Someone at SOE really likes aircraft apparently.