GU011: Weapon and Vehicle Changes

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  1. SgtBreastroker

    Those resource costs. What the hell.
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  2. Riku

    Now shooting tanks is gonna be really fun :) Worth 400 resources, so they can't be spammed any more :)
    I also suggest a damage falloff to ~50% at 300m of the burster max to further step towards your aim. I'm happy you give the skyguard a buff instead, very well then, bring it! And this time, you'll be rendered!
  3. NinjaTurtle

    Skyguards finally getting the buff they needed for a long time good news

    No ZOE fix ******* horrible.
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  4. Dingus148


    All good, you've got bigger things on your plate than spelling :p Good update, looking forward to complete patch notes :p
  5. vulkkan

    Vulkkan hopes and prays that the Vulcan has finally been made more competitive with other MBT secondaries because Vulkkan wants to gun a Vulcan properly and not just be a part-time ESF shotgun full-time almost useless peashooter.
  6. SgtBreastroker

    Someone didn't read the entire patch notes.
  7. SenEvason

    I especially like the underbarrel change. Very smart.
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  8. IamDH

    Less tank spam and you cant pull one 5mins after you die
  9. Kevorkian

    You couldn't have asked for a better nerf to ZOE. With that change, its 100% guaranteed if you hit a ZOE max (turned on) with a Decimator, they WILL be one shot. As it stands right now on live, I can survive direct hits with 3-4 bars of hp. It'll force ZOE users to turn it off more often.
  10. Wendigo Metalwolf

    Wow this is BAD, I wanted to buy more SC tonight but this looks more I'm going on another break.

    Yay for enforcing more of infantry play. *Sarcasm*
    After all there's so much AA and AV that vehicles have life span of diseased butterfly. No real ZOE nerf (gee they are almost impossible to hit? Let's add 10% of damage), ridiculous price on maxes... overall I wonder what all resource increases are, definitely not a way how to force more people into getting membership and boosts. Nope. Or they can play infantry, maybe the next continent can be all infantry I mean, infantry! No other game has that right?

    And sway on 1x zoom scope because that makes perfect sense (then again about as much no sway on 4x scopes and 6x ones flying all over the place). After all IRNV scope was helping play people with bad eyesight, we can't have none of that! (It's not like making it useable only in night and too bright in day wouldn't make much more sense)
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  11. Kogmaw

    "No deploy zones"

    THANK GOD!! ive been waiting for that one (plus the flak nerf)
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  12. NinjaTurtle

    It's not the damage it does that is the main issue or that it effects bursters. It's that it's a permanent buff rather than needing to be used tactically.

    An 8 second timer was a good addition, everything else can stay the same
  13. lolitank

    so yeah mostly this nerfs dedicated player's
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  14. Tommyp2006

    So what's the point in an acquisition timer then? With these resource costs increases, you will nearly NEVER have to wait for an acquisition timer. Might as well just remove the entire cert tree.
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  15. Eclipson

    This update seems pretty Meh. ZOE doens't need a large debuff to armor, it needs a 15 - 20 second timer to make VS use it like an ability.

    Oh, and the no deploy thing for sunderer is horrible horrible horrible. Bases are going to be far to defendable now if Infantry are going to have to run long distances toward a base. Most base fights are never won until someone gets a sunderer parked near the base. This is just a bad bad idea.

    Oh, and the resource cost increase may be a little bit much. The flash needs to be cheaper for sure, as its more used as a very cheap fast transport between bases, which will be even more relevant with the stupid no deploy zone.
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  16. freeze

    IRNV nerf :D

    I love it... so ppl finally need to have some awareness :)
    keep nerfing that newbie scope, I won't mind
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  17. SgtBreastroker

    You say it is a permanent buff yet we are getting increased damage while ZOE is active and reduced damage on bursters.

    Very logical.
  18. St0mpy

    I dont like it

    Ok its not doing the old 'hide the pistol on 3' trick but pressing 1 should be reliable, its the main weapon and any fumbling, lag or error is going to create unpredictability.

    Why not simply put it on the tertiary fire or switch attachment key and let us deal with where we want it?
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  19. IamDH

    Are you convinced that tank spam wasnt present before GU11?
    Destroying a vehicle now has meaning
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  20. NinjaTurtle

    Quite frankly most of what is in those patch notes is horrible.

    SOE are losing the plot
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