GU011: Weapon and Vehicle Changes

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  1. joshua

    The below are the major weapon and vehicle changes planned for GU011.

    Vehicle and MAX Resource Costs
    • The majority of vehicles and the MAX units will be getting a resource cost increase with this update. The new values are based on data that we have collected from the Live servers, and our goal is to even out the resource costs with their related income rates.
      • New Costs:
      • Flash: 150 Update: 100
      • Sunderer: 400
      • Lightning: 400 Update: 300
      • Magrider: 450
      • Vanguard: 450
      • Prowler: 450
      • Scythe: 250
      • Reaver: 250
      • Mosquito: 250
      • Liberator: 350
      • Galaxy: 350
      • Harasser: 400 Update: 300
      • MAX: 350
    MAX Abilities
    • The Burster buffs when using the VS ZOE and TR Lockdown abilities will be reduced.
    • The damage received when the VS ZOE ability is active will be getting increased.
    • Note: The timer currently on the test server for the ZOE ability is not planned to go live.
    • All shotguns will be getting a small reduction in damage per pellet. The goal with this change is to reduce slop while keeping the effective kill ranges of the shotguns the same. So glancing hits and spamming without aiming will not be as rewarding, but well-aimed shots should just be as effective as before.
    • The default ammo count on the pump-action shotguns will be dropping from 5 to 4 rounds. This brings their potential kills per magazine and kills over time more in line with the other weapon classes.
    • Update with actual numbers:
      • 134/60 max/min damage shotguns are being reduced to 130/50.
      • 134/50 max/min damage shotguns (full-autos) are being reduced to 125/45.
      • 112/90 max/min damage shotguns are being reduced to 112/70.
      • The NC MAX damage values are also being updated to match the above, though this is being offset by increasing the distance before damage scaling starts and ends (they will now now match the infantry ranges at 8/18 meter, and 10/30 for the Mattock). The end result is a small trade of upfront damage for more damage at the medium shotgun ranges.
    Faction Heavy Weapons
    • All faction weapons will be getting a pass to make them more effective at their various roles.
    • Jackhammer: The ammunition capacity of this weapon is being increased to 9 rounds. Also, the burst mode will be gaining a rate of fire increase.
    • MCG: The fire delay is being removed. Instead, the weapon will fire immediately and the rate of fire will ramp up over time. The hip accuracy is being adjusted to better allow sustained fire.
    • Lasher: This weapon will receive a rate of fire increase and a slight damage buff, which should allow it to be viable in more situations. Also, ally players will no longer take the full AOE damage.
    IRNV Scopes
    • We feel that the current downsides to this optic (less visibility at range) are negligible when compared to its benefits. We’re going to be adding a very small delay before the night vision is active and a small amount of scope sway to better balance the attachment out.
    • Bursters will be getting an accuracy penalty when moving and COF bloom is being added over sustained fire. The goal with this change is keep them just as effective at near range while dropping their effectiveness at extreme ranges (300+ meters).
    • Skyguards will be getting a projectile speed increase and other stat changes to make them better at range.
    • The Vulcan has been updated to be more effective at range and now has a larger clip size.
    • In addition, it has been given a spin up time. The Vulcan still fires during the spin up time, but at a reduced rate.
    Sunderer Deployment
    • Facilities and Outposts on Indar and Amerish now have Sunderer No Deploy Zones. These function just the like No Deploy Radius around allied deployed Sunderers. These zones prevent you from parking your Sunderer right on top of the capture points. You’ll have to fight to the capture points on foot.
    Edit: Forgot one. Edit 2: Spelling
    Underbarrel Attachments
    • These have been removed from the weapon selection list and are now mapped to the primary weapon key. Press 1 to swap between the weapon and its attachment.
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  2. IamDH

    Like all the changes
    Good job
    Hopefully the Vulcan and MCG will function well ingame
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  3. ih8Darian

    No timer for ZOE = Good update :cool:
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  4. Loco

    Ok... why is flash going from 25 to 150????? Flash isn't really a killing vehicle (though it can) but more a cheap get from A to B without having to die/ find a ride.
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  5. St0mpy

    Fcs why nerf the autoshottys? They only have a pellet count of 6 with a spread of 4 (all the other shotguns are 3 or 3.5) and this new damage reduction on top of the nerf shotguns received some weeks ago in a previous GU just makes autoshottys somewhere between weak and pointless.

    No way is this going to keep the effective kill range the same, did anyone even test these? They were balanced and rewarding till now, its always been the pumps which needed a little toning down.

    if you want to reduce slop tighten the spread not nerf power down to pinpricks.

    Thanks for gradually making yet another of my purchased weapons pointless. You really know how to reinforce customers buying behaviour :rolleyes:
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  6. Pinyon

    Would it be too much of an endeavor to change the model/animation for the MCG back to the glorious PS1 style?
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  7. Nocturnal7x

    I like most of this. IRNV changes could be a nice buff for vanu however. Aside from that, looking good!
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  8. Xind

    Will the vulcan still ramp up to only 800 ROF? If so, why add a spin up time to a weapon with negligible ROF. The point of a spinning multi-barreled weapon exists due to the barrel getting too hot from firing rounds to quickly and then melting, If the ROF does not exceed 1000 there is no reason to have multiple barrels or a spinning functionality.

    Secondly, how much will the reduction per pellet to shotguns be and will it effect NC AI MAXs?

    Third, was the Galaxies cost to spawn reduced? If so, awesome. My one question is why can you only spawn 1 MBT on a full resource bar vs 3 ESFs?
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  9. HadesR

    All looking good :)
  10. Wintermaulz

    Looking good, nice changes, and the IR/NV definetly needed a nerf.
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  11. Loco

    I do like resource changes other than flash. It sickens me the number of rockets it takes to kill a MBT, to only have it back up and heal after I spent 2 minutes getting it down to 20% life. Blowing up large vehicles should be more "long lasting" effects on the sides armor strength.

    Only issue I see now is MAX should not be rezable IMO, or put it on a 60 second timer.
  12. lolitank

    noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo not my tank
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  13. Gustavo M

    Increasing resource cost forces someone to specialize in a single vehicle only.And as a F2P player, it worries me tad a bit if this can render me useless, since that's half resources going down the drain for EVERY vehicle I spawn.
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  14. FateJH

    I like the idea of bullets now, RoF later.

    I don't think the Burster changes will be a problem at all. It was good to stop shooting every so often to reset your aim (muzzle rise); additionally, not leading well can never be solved by shooting more bullets until the magazine is empty, and that last bullet goes "plink" just to spite you.

    Scope sway is the future, or something.
  15. SharpLight

    You want to farm infantry with a Flash+Wraith+M40Fury for 25 resources? Resource cost should be dependent on loadouts, but until they get that implemented this should do for now...
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  16. NinjaKirby

    Like the increase in Resource costs very much, nice move on the Sunderer Deployment zones too.

    Looking good.
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  17. Tommyp2006

    IRNV nerf is meh, it already lost a lot of it's usefulness without it's ability to spot infiltrators.

    Does the no deploy zone only apply to attackers? Because it was nice to set up a friendly sundy near the point to defend. I'm fine with it for attackers but not for defenders.

    I'm cool with the changes to flak as long as the skyguard actually becomes useful, excited for that one.

    Not a fan of the increased vehicle/max costs, but I guess it was needed. Vehicles should still be tougher if they are going to cost so much more. Really don't like the flash cost increase, it's not like it was a major killing machine to begin with. Feels like 350 is a lot for a max, especially considering how many things there are to spend infantry resources on. An acquisition timer increase would have been better than a resource cost increase, all that really does is hurt those who are close to losing a continent, or trying to push out of a warpgate.
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  18. Kon

    Not Sure why this was done this way.. i fell it would have been better to just simply increase the reserve ammunition, keeps the kills per magazine exactly where it is as well as making it better and suited to different gameplay over other shotguns
  19. Satanam

    Flash should be 100 resources. Also, the Mini-chaingun still doesn't have a high RoF as it should. Of course it would be balanced with damage, but it doesn't seem as fast as it should be. Lockdown didn't need a nerf. Other than that, nice adjustments. I hope there's some thoughts on what I said.

    P.S.: The scope changes wasn't needed. It already lost its ability to see cloaked enemies and now this.
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  20. Spookydodger

    Not sure how I feel about the MAX cost. It pretty much makes you choose between pulling a MAX or infantry resource buying. Or spending a while farming and stocking up on explosives. Also If you have to pull a MAX for AA and then put it away, you're going to hate life.

    I hope, with this update, they allow you to port your vehicles over to other continents and allow you to change loadouts without respawning (or allow you to despawn a vehicle for a refund)
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