GU011: IRNV Scopes nerf

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  1. Kuklakot

    We feel that the current downsides to this optic (less visibility at range) are negligible when compared to its benefits. From GU11 equipping IRNV scope will instantly kill the user. We hope that change will help to better balance the attachment out.
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  2. Fox Reinhold

    Didn't want this nerf, there were tons of other things that needed fixing that we've been talking about. I bet this somehow got pushed to the top of the list though because someone tweeted it to Higby and he can only read 140 characters or less.
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  3. Xind

    After using the normal scopes and Iron Sights on a particular gun, I have been kind of baffled by how much more accurate IRNV is. So I don't really mind this nerf, but I'd prefer other scopes had more functionality/stability.
  4. IronWarrior

    Never had a problem with this scope, don't think it really needed this.

    Just a other weird change that no one asked for. :/
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  5. Krayus_Korianis

    It doesn't need a change. I don't like sway, that's why I stick to 1x/2x Reflext on most of my guns. I picked it up because I can see through smoke... Wth.
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  6. Sunrock

    First of all in the real world IRNV scopes are used during day time too some times. Just ask any one that done military service in Irak...

    First of all I have no ******* clue way anyone would think the IRNV needs a nerf. Is it so OP that it makes it easier to see through smoke and explosions a bit better? I really don't think so. But the main thing here is how they nerfed it. Putting scope sway on a x1 scope is just ridiculous.
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  7. Roll Fizzlebeef


    I can understand the delay...

    I would understand making it unusable during the day.

    I would understand making it so that it wouldn't be able to see through smoke.

    I would understand a reduction in the contrast given.

    I would understand making two different sights (one IR one IV) with different downsides and benefits.

    Scope sway? Seriously!?

    Well I guess it's time to just crank up my gamma and use regular reflex sights.
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  8. Posse

    Scope sway in a 1x scope? This is ********
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  9. Sunrock

    Hmm what? No it's the same as iron sight accurate. You're just imagon it.
  10. McStrike

    Leave the ******* IRNV scope alone! No really, git your slimey money grabbing hands off it!
  11. Xind

    Imagine? I can tell when something I'm using is more accurate than something else on the same weapon.
    The moment I switched to the IRNV I never went back and attached it to all of my guns. It's just better than 1x sights and I only like the Iron Sights for a couple of my weapons.
  12. Fned

    Mah flashlight tarns on all instant-like and ain't got no sway 't'all.

    Jes' sayin'.
  13. Phrygen

    red dot needs a buff
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  14. KodiakX

    Probably just in time for the new black/dark camo to go into the game and make everyone impossible to see at night without jacking up the game's brightness.
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  15. Stew360

    Its about time , iam sorry but the irnv scope was basically to me the (( cheated scope )) and the Q keys was solving any visibility issue with it ;)

    And now they will do exactly whats this scope need to be in line with the others scope , it was not suposed to be a (( cheated scope )) it was suposed to be a night vision scope and it will be now a night vision scope and not a virtual accuracy buff

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  16. phungus420

    IRNV is essential at night when running high settings.

    This change in effect turns the high graphics settings into handicaps.
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  17. sSie

    To be fair, I felt it was a crutch when playing with an IR scope, kinda like the IR scope pre-nerf in BF3.
    High settings has and always will be a handicap regardless of what game you play. It is unbearable in this game with the amount of glow.
  18. Eugenitor

    "Hey, the IRNV view is causing issues that are helping the user in bunnyhop situations, what do we do?"

    "I know! Scope sway! That totally won't piss anyone off!"

    Looks like it's back to pressing Q whenever you think there's someone there and shooting at doritos again.
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  19. GSZenith

    but how will i see through smoke and bunny/flying LA spraying everyone? :(
  20. phreec

    Speak for yourself. It's been the obvious and most overpowered optic choice for far too long.
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