GU011: IRNV Scopes nerf

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  1. Konfuzfanten

    "We feel that the current downsides to this optic (less visibility at range) are negligible when compared to its benefits. We’re going to be adding a very small delay before the night vision is active and a small amount of scope sway to better balance the attachment out."
    You, the devs, feel it needs a nerf, not the community! I dont think i have seen a single "nerf IRNV" thread in months.

    SOE called GU011 a "quality of life" game update and now they are nerfing the only scope that makes you able to track ppl at night and hurt ppl playing on high/ultra settings? How is that improving "quality of life" when you are nerfing our ability to see and fight at night?

    A small delay on ADS fair enough. but sway on a 1x scope, are you kidding me? C'mon.

    Again the community doesnt want an IRNV nerf.

    Remove it devs.
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  2. HannaDest

    It needed a nerf. Cant say if its the right nerf tho.
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  3. Arquin

    I wanted the IRNV nerf.

    Where is your god now?

    How about you play it before complaining? seems like an extremely minor nerf to me.
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  4. Kevorkian

    This will pretty much seal the deal for me. Time to equip reflex or ironsights.
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  5. Dingus148

    The IRNV scope was far better than all other scopes because weapon shake didn't affect it nearly as much. It's not like you need it at night...this game's idea of night is "make things dim and tint it blue".

    And for those who think forums determine nerfs, the community didn't call for it yet it's getting nerfed. Oh my, it's almost like SOE are balancing based on some other factor.
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  6. Eclipson

    Bigges problem with this nerf. Scope sway . . . on a 1x scope. I despise scope sway, thats why I don't use 6x scopes. Now my favorite 1x scope has it. Back to using crappy 1x reflex sights. Overall though, GU11 worries me.
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  7. S0LAR15

    The reason it was broken was that it had some weird mechanic which allowed you bang on accuracy when jet packing, unlike with other scopes (possibly even ironsight, i can't remember). was great to use with smoke and a shotgun as LA.
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  8. TeknoBug

    Sway? It doesn't need that, and the last patch made the effective range on IRNV less effective, things turn black and blend in with the terrain now.
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  9. Kronic

    The 1 and 2x sights still jerk suddenly to whatever side your strafing too, still have that massive ******** dropping effect when you "lose your footing" on a hill, still have the no recoil bug and a couple of problems. But yeah, lets nerf IRNV instead of fixing the others.
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  10. Konfuzfanten

    The shake/spread/CoF is exactly the same, no matter the scope. The IRNV was/is a favorite because its
    a) makes it a lot easier to hit things in poor lighting
    b) got the best crosshair in the game.

    Based on what? Usage? If the community dont think its a problem, then dont fix it, yea?

    Do you know what sway does? Even minimal swap will make your gun less accurate aka a blanket nerf your weapons based on scope. So now you ADS slower AND got an accurate nerf, and you think thats a extremely minor nerf? You should really go back to the carebears in borderland.
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  11. Chioxin

    First off... Designers are not there to give players what they want all the time, they're their to also give players what they didn't know they wanted. I'd have to agree with him that the night scope was very powerful and likely the only scope I used aside from the 1x scope for Esamir whenever I found myself on that continent.

    I don't think the sway is needed though, that's a bit over kill. Time to turn on seems silly as it already takes some time to zoom in.

    One feature of the night scope that makes it more useful than any other scope though are the thin lines. That's what I loved about it, and made it more accurate for me compared to the Hologram fat red dot.
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  12. freeze

    I want the nerf.

    been hating on it, ever since I first saw it :)
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  13. Tasogie

    the forums who screamed that wasn't fair when they died to a Mine
    Mines were utterly destroyed by SOE, an now are useless.
    Unlike ESF's when the so called community(an I use that term in the loosest sense) cryed for weeks that they didn't like dieing to esf. So SOE obliterated ESF's firepower.
    Unlike the ferals in this forum who cried their little hearts out when they got killed by a freakin huge gunship, an said it was unrealistic an unfair that liberator was able to kill people....
    SOE Nerfed them into ground
    Unlike this bunch of GCSE failed ASBO wearin chavs who screamed the house down when Magrider was able to kill one of them, so SOE did a right number on the Magrider...

    yer, its got nothin to do wiv the Forums...
    Of coarse the fact Higby himself showed his contempt for VS community in his game, doesn't play any part in what happens either....

  14. drhead

    Well, let's just look at the current state of the optic:

    + Greater contrast, bright white outlines.
    + Enemies, mines, and some special entities are solid white, making them easier to see
    -- Fade out over distance, making long-range combat impossible
    --- You only see an area of about half of what you'd normally see
    - Can't really see who's an enemy except for markers, which either turns you into a person who hesitates to the point that they get shot too early, or a trigger-happy teamkiller
    - Can be disabled by EMP grenades.

    Really, the only appropriate nerfs I could conceive of would be a small (maybe no more than 0.3s) ADS delay, and perhaps a very small motion blur. But no scope sway, enough scope sway to be significant on a 1x scope would be too much.
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  15. Pikachu

    Bah this sight should be for seeing in darkness only. Something that amplifies all light, making it unsuitable for daylight. Not being a scope that highlight things.
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  16. Littleman

    Mines still roflpwn noobs. They can't be replacement, automatic C4 anymore however.

    The rest of the crap was literally gouging the game's player base by the thousands. I doubt several hundred thousand started playing only for us to end up with roughly 20,000 a day because "this just wasn't their kind of game."

    And that last remark: priceless. Do tell, I imagine I know where you get this contempt, but I MUST see in writing where you get this idea of Higby's contempt for the VS.
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  17. Voiidd

    Wow... seriously, IR/NV nerf? Good luck distinguishing VS at night fights now, unless they're kind enough to wear some snow camo. And there goes the most usefull weapon scope... so long, time to get back to my reflex I guess.
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  18. Tasogie

    er its only scope I have unlocked, because its only one worth a damn. Try shooting people with NR scope as a LA in the air. you cant hit anything at 20 feet.

    this is what happens when you try to hit enemy with IR scope at about 20-30 feet range in the air.
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  19. Vidman

    To be fair this scope is mainly what i use and its a deadly accurate scope to all others this is more balancing for it for all factions. Time to get better with the other scopes as intended.
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  20. Voiidd

    You're not supposed to have an easy time hitting people while flying, quite the opposite, and it's only fair.
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