GU 12 coming this week.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Cowabunga, Jul 8, 2013.

  1. Crator

    Very curious to see what they are going to do about pop imbalances. Primarily because I can't think of what it could be other then incentives and perhaps putting an empire switch timer to prevent 4th empire...
  2. treeHamster

    No idea but they won't be switching my character. I'm just less than 100 kills away from my next Auraxium on a few weapons.
  3. Kaesarr

    I am very happy for the lattice.

    Can't wait to have all the 3 continents with it.

    Good Job SOE!
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  4. treeHamster

    I can't wait for all three to have it so they'll finish Hossin. I'm tired of these three continents. I want some new places to play. I'd also like some new building designs.
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  5. Eclipson

    I wasn't trying to troll, I just think the test server should be used more often. When was the last time we had an official play test?
  6. Kaesarr

    I am tired of playing always on Indar, I think lattice on Esamir and Amerish can help (+ alerts)

    Also I don't like having two different games in one , i.e. Indar lattice / Esamir-Amerish NON lattice.

    Mechanics are different, it is confusing sometimes.
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  7. CrimsonDaemon

    No no, you misunderstand me. I think playtesting it is a great idea. Most of the terrible issues we have had resulted from poor playtesting and not communicating enough with the community. I'm joking that if you want to be closer to the SOE way of thinking, you can't do things like playtest and involve the people the updates really effect: Us.
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  8. PS2Freak

    the sooner all lattice are ready, the sooner i see my longawaited new continent
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  9. EliteEskimo

    So Higby will be attempting to fight the 4th Faction VS on Mattherson will he.....

    Truly this will be a battle to remember..... Got your game face on Higby?

    Good, now as Barney Calhoun from HL2 would say "Good luck out there buddy! You're gonna need it...":D
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  10. Jac70

    Haven't played on Indar for ages due to that lattice crap - sad to hear that Amerish is going that way. Fingers crossed I'll still have Esamir to play on.
  11. Tricky

    Pop balances fixes? How? I'm really curious how they think they are going to do this.
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  12. ent|ty

    Love you too, sweet cheeks..
  13. treeHamster

    Negative XP and resource bonuses (i.e. you get less)?
  14. VSDerp

    hates the game and thinks it has no future but be on the official PLANETSIDE 2 forums complaining..LAWD this community has some of the biggest idiots in the whole gaming community. the way some of ya think doesn't make sense at all. but back to the topic i can't wait to see what they gonna do about balance pop.
  15. NinjaTurtle

    I'm sad that the esf update isn't coming this time round :(
  16. HadesR

    They are going to make the VS spandex tighter so they can't swap nanites and make baby VS ?
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  17. VSDerp

    LAWD THAT VANU POP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  18. ent|ty

    I payed for my sub and stilll have some months left. I feel entitled.
    How about you? Did you pay? Huh?

  19. VSDerp

    i never payed for a sub but i spent alot of money in game. even if i had a sub i wouldn't be on forums crying like a little brat.
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  20. Boomotang

    I paid. I don't feel entitled to have everything I want.

    Whiny indeed.....
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