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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by tdawgz, Mar 2, 2013.

  1. tdawgz

    Anyone that has a GTX 680, is this card good enough to run all ultra settings with manageable FPS? Just asking because I've heard of ton of people having high-end cards and still getting low FPS. Don't want to waste my money ;)
  2. Gary

    There is more to it then a good Card... You CPU is one of the big factors. Posting your Current PC spec would be a great help for people who know this sort of thing to be able to offer the best help!
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  3. Inzababa

    I have and yeah it's more than (reazlly MUCH TOO MUCH more than) good enough.

    the problem with FPS in this game is the CPU, get a FAST CPU and you'll be fine :)
  4. Sobieski14

    For those interested in the GTX 680.
    * The majority, purchase these cards in SLI configs.
    - Since it was once the best single GPU on the market.

    Atm, the better choice would be buying a GTX 670 in SLI.
    * As for running a single GPU in general, this is fine.
    - But don't expect to achieve ultra settings with high FPS.

    Another issue is the game engine.
    * It is the main problem, in regards to both the CPU and GPU usage.
    - Since the average is for both is about 50%, on ultra settings.
    - On low settings that percentage drops, to around 30%.
  5. Inzababa

    actually, settings on ultra HELP the fps
  6. Sobieski14

    In some cases it helps, while for others it just makes it worse.
    * It depends entirely on your system specifications.

    Like I said before.
    * Having your settings on "Ultra" will actually make your graphics card work.
    - At around 50%, rather than being 20-30% on average.
  7. Inzababa

    basically, if you're FPS at lower left of screen is showing CPU, then it helps :)
  8. Sobieski14

    Even tho, it is a nice tool.
    * It does not give specifics in regards what is wrong with both CPU or GPU.

    A better tool would be , "MSI Afterburner with HWiNFO64"
    * With this tool you can see the exact specifics of what is the real bottleneck.

    If the engine was properly optimized, your FPS could easily be "30 - 40%" better.
  9. Hyperz

    This. Your CPU is gonna be equally important. For example, my 7970 rarely goes above 60-70% GPU usage. I'm massively CPU bottlenecked, even at 4.8 GHz (dips as low as 25 FPS at times)...
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