[GTA] ESF roadkilling

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by NapoopaN, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. NapoopaN

    This week seems to be GTA 5 appreciation week, so I thought it would be appropriate to show some of my footage of roadkilling oblivious pedestrians in ESFs. Fortunately for us, even those without access to consoles can get some of that sweet gauranga action in Planetside.

    Youtube playlist link

    I don't think this forum allows me to embed playlists, so here are some videos from it.

    Youtube playlist link

    Anyone have good roadkilling videos? Feel free to post them.
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  2. Enchman

    Scythe mowing is one of the most satisfying things to do in this game.
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  3. FateJH

    This is why you put up a Mana turret, even if there is no good reason.
  4. NoXousX

    There is a reason i rarely show mowing footage. Noobs will cry and cry and it will get nerfed, even though maybe 1 in 200 pilots can do it semi-effectively.

    Be careful OP. I will never forgive you if I see mowing nerfs. (not to mention it's incredibly easy to counter).
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  5. Total_Overkill

    That pisses me off so much when there is 8 flak maxes on a pad, and 1 lone engi turret in the middle of them for no reason other that to stop me from reaping...

    Same reason I will never post a pod killing video. Just another guilty pleasure for a select few.
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  7. IamDH

    i NEVER see pilots try to attempt the crazy sh i do.

    I'd love to see someone mow me down like that

    I always rotary them as I approach.
  9. Hoki

    The funny thing is that it would make perfect sense for ramming anything with an ESF to cause at least some damage.

    If for example, ramming a max blew up the ESF but also killed the max, it wouldn't surprise me. It makes perfect sense. Heavy object runs into another heavy object, boom.
  10. IamDH

    It would be cool if people went *splat* on the windows
  11. FigM

    I complained about this in the past. It seems silly that a tripod would force ESF to explode. It's not even fixed to the ground. I'd be OK with it doing 10% damage, but not completely stop ESF mid-flight and make it explode.
  12. Atlien77

    Beta Video: