Grounder AA Missile Statistics

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  1. Alpharius111

    Yeah, i trailed anihilator, gone to the crossroads watchtower that was attacked by mossies and libs at the time and got zero kills and one assist in half of hour, even though there were like 4 burster maxes on site that draw fire away from me and provided opportunities for me to try and steal kills. Can't imagine myself ever certing it...
  2. KariH

    Do you try to center target?

    I think it finds and launch rather rapid - 3 s?

    Ok - 3 s is eternity to pilot. Drop alttitude - find +1100 trees betveen you and missile etc. Mossies simply outrun. Even bad pilots like me. Those bricks called Reavers dies yes.
  3. Zaik

    ^ = someone who can't read
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  4. Whiskey Victor

    The lock needs to be a little faster.

    Flares need to be a magazine of at least three with a long reload time (30-45 sec) to refill the magazine.

    Buff the defense, tune the weapon a little.
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  5. SheerTorcher

    I don't play for certs, but I do want to progress apace of my peers. If I were to go AA HA and spend time trying to counter air, under the current system, I'd soon be getting pwned by guys with many more certs than I. If you think this is shallow reasoning, well, sorry, but I I like to progress such that battle isn't hopeless.
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  6. DaninTexas

    My TR guy - Grounder 571 shots 358 hits = 63% hit rate - I rarely shoot if I don't have a good shot solution.

    Kills = 40

    So forgive me - I went through public education in Texas.

    But this tells me - if you are in an ESF and run across me - I have a 63% chance of hitting you - and if I hit you a 11% chance of killing you.

    So when all is said in done - I paid $7 to have a 7% chance of killing a ESF that is over my head. I really don't know why air complains. These stats aren't even taking into count dumb fire kills with the stupid thing - which I KNOW I have way more ground kills with it then air. I know when I am up in a Mossie the only time I die is when I hit something on the ground. lol

    Only flyboys that have a right to complain is Reaver pilots. I do a silent salute to any reaver I see in the air no matter who I play. Because I know the person on that plane is a doomed soul.
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  7. Haba

    Kills Kills / Min Accuracy Fire Count Head Shots Hits Count Score
    30  0.08          51%        712         0       365         16,786
    Now, my AG launcher on the other hand, has +70% accuracy.
    Those days, I don't even bother pulling the launcher. It just means that I die that much faster to Prowlers spamming HE at my general direction.
  8. BalogDerStout

    Time how long it takes to acquire a lock.

    The Anni as of the most recent patch is claimed to require a 3 second lock-on vs a target. Stealth extends the time to 4 seconds if it's maxed.

    I don't even have to run a test to guarantee these times aren't working as intended at the moment.
  9. Isila

    Air complains because it is their full, fervent belief that the ability to not immediately crash on takeoff entitles them to dominate everything in the game. Just look around on these forums for various comments about how powerful air "should be". I would also point you to nearly 10 years of the Planetside 1 forums if they were in any kind of usable state with proper archiving. Air dominated PS1 so thoroughly that literally everyone that was not a fresh-off-the-boat newbie had at least one type of personal aircraft certed, and yet they still complained loudly about AA (The Skyguard used to be known as the Skillguard, the Starfire (VS AA Max) was called the Skillfire, etc.).

    It's not about balance, it's about the modern multiplayer meta-game of forum lobbying to ensure that your chosen playstyle is as easy and overpowered as possible. Anything that kills you is OP, anything that you kill is fine no matter how little skill is required for you to do so.
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  10. hostilechild

    Agreed the timer is broken. Last night i timed a number of my lock-ons to ESF, not a single one locked under 10seconds, a few took as long as 20seconds and this was in open sky. Now on Liberators the lock worked perfectly fine. These were all mossies and starting to wonder if this has something to do with spiral/corkscrew flying warping the hit box, even AA max seem to miss them a lot while they do it (bullets pass through them) and now the lock-on loses lock it seems. Under 150m the aa max still hits them in this flight pattern fairly well.
  11. Keiichi25

    Actually, you are not 100% correct.

    The reason air is not as 'powerful' as they are in this game is that the vehicles in this game are not realistic and require maintenance such as our real jets. The cost to also put one jet in the air, for any country, let alone using the ordinance for engagement is in the thousands of dollars. And lastly, in the long run, infantry is still responsible for holding the ground. Aircraft, both Jets and VTOL based aircraft can only stay on station for a short period of time and are also affected by weather conditions. Also, air power is powerful only when they make a 'RUN'... A run does not mean 'leave base, go to engagement area, hover for a long period of time, return to base.' Most combat vehicles, make ONE PASS, at most TWO passes and return back to base because ordinance wise and also fuel dictate how long they can be in an engagement area. At the same time, fuel is expended heavily on combat manuevers such as evasion. And lastly, all air frames are not super durable. Small Arms fire won't necessarily take down a jet, but also, a jet is not armored to 100% protect the pilot from things such as bullets, flak and the like. As much as people like to make Air seem like it is 'all that', it isn't. Same with Armor. The tank has vulnerabilities that can render it useless, one of them is taking out the caterpillar treads. While it can use its main gun and secondary mounted weapons, the tank's strongest point is MOBILITY as well as having the heavy guns and armor.

    The last thing most of you fail to grasp with regards to infantry is the fact that in RL, infantry do more than just 'exist'. Every single game has never highlighted the fact of infantry other than just people running forwards. You fight on established maps, but ignoring sailient facts with regards to those maps, such as infantry built up those defenses, those defenses can be changed and most of those defenses are literally CRAP because of game play sake.

    As much as Saving Private Ryan is a Hollywood movie and shouldn't be the 'defacto' on war... The movie points out some of the things a lot of you guys don't realize. Infantry has to setup and create means to slow offensive pushes as well as being part of the offensive. At the same time, defenses are torn down, or over runned in time, and the simple fact that most of those makeshift defenses get torn down or bypassed by one means or another. The other thing is, there are ways to make cover or ambush points. This game does not allow for that. We can't make trenches or dig fox holes or tank traps. We can't setup AA defenses beyond infantry squads, where as normally, AA is done with not only infantry, but mobile and placed AA cannons/launcher.

    The only thing the OP is pointing out though, is some of the Airjockeys complain too much about the 'skilless' involvement with the lockon weapons. The lockon weapons are not exactly the IWIN button people make them out to be, and the fact it takes several guys to actually make them effectively 'IWIN' against something that can still take people with less effort when there is no AA to stop it... Is something people have to understand.

    One last thing - Air, traditionally, do not try to do many operations during the day due to visibility. As many like to make the C-130 gunships seem like they are invincible, one was shot down by an infantry using a rocket launcher. Night operations allow air assets to rain damage down because of low visibility. Most day time air runs are short, low and hit and run strikes or pure air to air engagements.
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  12. Leer

    I didn't see anything that indicated it was self defense oriented. However, to even been used for self defense or as a deterrent it has to do damage and/or kill. Right now that is a very low probability and pilots know that. Rockets are a non-issue for even some hover bombers.
  13. SikVvVidiT

    Your on crack.

    Or maybe your playing Planetside 1?...
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  14. Keiichi25

    The lockon cone has been 'reduced', but at the same time, if there are multiple targets clumped together, your lockon will wig out and bounce between the targets, prolonging the lockon. I have also noticed that in some cases, you don't see the flare/ir smoke popping at ranges so that also cause problems.
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  15. Tombombadil

    Right, as it is, ESFs don't have to worry about: small arms fire, burster maxes, skygaurds, stationary AA phalanx, dumbfire rockets, sunderers passengers equipped with anything but bulldogs/furys, tanks drivers, tank passengers equipped with anything but halberds/furys, liberators, or other ESFs. Now lets complain that we can't single-handedly kill them, let alone ward them off with our G2A launchers.
  16. jdono67894

    Threads like these are hilarious, in game everyone gets frustrated over how powerful aircraft is and how hard it is to defend your squads from them.

    On the forums everyone is whining about how hard it is for air to farm effectively.

    For those citing that air is more powerful in real life, here are some statistics:
    Current fighter aircraft in service for the Royal Australian Air Force: 95

    If air wants to be as powerful as in real life then it should also be as hard to acquire.

    As a lolpodder I can decimate anyone I see, the game becomes hide and seek and no AA causes me any problems.
  17. Azriak

    Hawk seems so much better than the Annihilator from personal use.
  18. BalogDerStout

    Owning the anni and having trialed the other G2A lock-on I can safely say that, at the moment, the G2A lockon launcher is a direct upgrade to the Anni.
  19. Larington

    Well, that's not my experience, scare them yes but not keep them at bay, even when they fly right at me and all my flak rounds are landing on both arms, the rockets exploding all around me will get that kill, not fast, but it will surely get it. I guess I'm just bad at the game.

    In Planetside 1, the AA MAX's were effective enough that sometimes a pilot would resort to ejecting over it and using decimators (or other hand held AV) to kill them.
  20. SheerTorcher

    I've spent the time since OPing here flying my own ESF for the intervening week. My conclusion is this: basically everything is a soft counter to an ESF, but very few things will kill me outright. Lock-ons? They hardly ever kill me, I just fly away. Skyguards/maxes? Fly away and make the people foolish enough to draw them wonder why they did. Aircraft? I can probably make it to the bubble if I dodge and weave. Sundy? Fly away before I get hit too many times.

    The drawback is that since everything is a soft counter, there is no "cruise up and win" scenario like a tank. You have to be stealthy, use terrain and obscuration to your advantage, and get the hell away since everything on the battlefield can kill you if massed or given enough time.

    Doing this has given me a new perspective on the lock - on launcher I was trying so hard to use when I made the original post. Basically, lock-on launchers start a timer. When I enter the area, a timer begins before some heavy starts aiming an annihilator at me. I need to fire and be on my way before the sign turns to LOCK. It has forced me to be creative and also a shameless opportunist. I respect the things, and more than any other weapon, they define my flying style because they cannot be ignored or really outrun with my airframe. They should be rewarded more, because they're the reason I'm not burying you with rocket podness (maxes, yeah right, they mostly notice me after I have shot and begun my escape because they're too busy killing infantry) but those HAs get no certs for their job. Hence, few people do it, which is a good thing for me, now that I've learned to embrace the leetness of an ESF.

    The only things that are easy in an ESF are farming turrets and smacking clustered infantry IF i know where they are. But on the flips side, since I stay mobile the only things I really fear as a one shot kill to me are those DAMN TREES, CLIFFS, AND ROCKS (I know they work for Vanu), scythe ramming (they win everytime, I saw one ram two aircraft in succession and fly away) and the Titan 150 HE (which is there to remind you not to hover ever.)

    I wish the HA guys were rewarded for what they do for ground forces. But they're not. So keep on mocking that guy in your outfit who made no certs because he was watching the sky for you. Everytime he quits in frustration, I'll be there as fast as I can reload.