Griefers ftw

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Bleak, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. Bleak

    Lets give a super intelligent, HUMAN designed, always right ai that bans you in spawn for being in the game.
    Watching planes fly in to each other in spawn
    This is Planetside 2
    you leave your **** behind for a second. It is going to explode!
    dosent matter if you hid it in a tree, or under a tank.
    someone is going to **** with it
    and ruin your day (at least the 10 min you cant fly)
    why penalize any one when they should know that their never safe.
    secondly it is humourous to see a bad pilot not be able to get out of a sythe hold.

    I Say Blame yourself for your own pain you griefing *****

    bet all the griefers show up here
    and I then bet I could count them on my one hand

    and since your reading

    Stop griefing
    you trolls
  2. omega4

    At the moment, the disadvantages of friendly fire outweigh its advantages.

    Friendly fire is a griefer's best friend much the same as how a hack is a hacker's best friend.

    Any competent gamer knows this. So why don't the PS2 developers?

  3. Bleak

    1st offence of Friendly Plane Wrestling!
    you get "crazy legs" back.

    2nd offence,
    they skin you bright pink
    so everyone shoots at you.

    3rd offence, Griefers get a free gun of their choice
    so they can continue shooting you in the foot.

    4th offence,
    Your player grows 3 additional tities irrelevent of player gender.

    5th offence
    Ban Hammer. Cause your ugly.
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  4. Rayden78

    Friendly fire is great ... i'm always proud if i manage to intervene in a infantry fight with VPC without causing any friendly fire ;)
  5. Highway_Star

  6. Mansen

    I don't even - what is this thread?

    Also you posted this in the completely wrong forum, OP. this is for TECHNICAL - SUPPORT.