Grief Points

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  1. insaneman12

    I was wondering about the grief points. How are the grief points measured? Example 10 points per ally death 5 points per ally c4 destruction. Do they reset after death, time, or game restart? How many grief points till you have your weapon disabled?
  2. FateJH

    The grief point system sorta works like this:
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  3. Om3gA

    No one knows. PS1 you knew how much grief you got, they learned and no longer tell you =) I do believe its 5 back to back kills worth though. But may be wrong.
  4. teks

    FateJH just got grief points for his post.

    But seriously, its just like the photo. Its strongly based off of Karma and is enforced by an unknown deity. There is good reason to believe that the system is run by the Vanu who probably view the battle of Auraxis as some sort of tribute to them. They may take it upon themselves to reinforce a system of honour in battle; most likely because they gamble on the battles. Aliens love to gamble.
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  5. Pelojian

    lets not forget that the vanu basically used their weird nanite magic to create the crazed techno-cultist VS after all if there were only two factions one would eventually steamroll the other and Vanu would no longer be able to bet on the war (and the war wouldn't be eternal)

    Since you can't capture warpgates victory is impossible. you deny the enemy spawning capacity by taking facilities from them but even if you eat all their territory you'll never be able to deny them the use of their warpgate.

    Vanu gambling racket confirmed.
  6. insaneman12

    Now its so clear lol
    Sometimes i will be standing firing out a door way and someone stands right in my sights. Naturally they die because they dont know how to crouch first. So I have always been concerned about it. Thanks for the repies