Grenades ruin infantry combat for me...

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  1. exLupo

    Is this just not a thing on Emerald/Mattherson? I don't remember a time when grenades were proliferous; however, I did take a year off. Recently, I've been a few high-pop situations where I'll see them maybe once every minute or two but, outside of rare occasions, I don't see them coming in clusters.

    That being said, my style of play doesn't lead to being in grenade-prone locations. Regardless of the class I'm on I use a lot of cover, I space myself from people, and I don't loiter with others in cramped rooms. I avoid places where I'd throw a grenade and, as such, don't often die to them. It's like how every player knows to not stop moving because a sniper will pop your top if you do.

    Grenades are easy to come by, yes, but this is nothing like, say, Titan tunnel camps with ammo crates refilling grenades. That was spam. If you're having to dodge grenades more often than you'd like, it may just be that you're making yourself too attractive a target. No se. I'm not having these "res, grenade, res, grenade, res, grenade" problems and don't hear anyone in game talking about it with any frequency.
  2. AlCohonez

    Poor nade spammer. But why would you need that extra protection? So you don't scratch your finger while lobbing those nades from a safe distance into an enemy occupied room you have no line of sight to and just capitalise of AoE lameness?

    I know! Grenade bandolier should come with a complementary pedicure.
  3. Kcalehc

    Grenades are great.

    Bank shot off door frames to get pesky door campers. Toss onto the roof to get LA's thinking their safe. Toss over Esamir walls to get sundys on the other side. Roll on the ground to get infantry hiding behind a crate. Use them all the time, both AV and normal.

    I'm glad the AV nade is now sticky to tanks and MAXes, that makes much more sense, and it was a bit OP before against infantry.
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  4. Stigma

    The grenades in this game have some underlying issues that I think makes the situation far worse than it actually needs to be:

    - AV grenades did everything and had a insane blast radius of 10 meters - covering entire rooms with ease. While you didn't kill everything in the room, the fact that you did damage to the entire room meant that any room could be cleared with enough AV grenades thown into it regardless of good placement. That has hopefully now been remedied with the very latest patch. Haven't played the new patch yet, but the changes seem like they are good and will help immensely.

    - Grenades indicators are generally broken. There are very very often invisible grenades (especially evident in larger population battles) - meaning you can't intelligently dodge out of the way of normal timed grenades. This turn grenades from a tool to flush out enemies into just a tool for getting kills if you thow enough of them. This needs to get fixed badly in order to get grenades back into its tactical role rather than being a spam-tool. The AV greandes blast-range nerf will mitigate the problem, but it won't ever be fixed until we can see the grenade indicators, and further nerfing grenades isn't a viable substitute to fixing invisible grenades.

    - General grenade physics needs some reworking. They sometimes bounce unexpectedly like they were made out of rubber. Also, I think it would be a good idea to remove collision with at least friendly players in order to make less frustrating to use (possibly excempting sticky grenades?). Because there is no player colision people run through your character all the time, and we have all experienced throwing grenades and having them bounce off the head of some player who just ran through you from behind - sending your greande flying into a crowd of friendly players instead of the enemy. Does this actually add anything to the game? I don't think so. If grenades acted a little more predicable in their physics and we didn't have the annoyance factor of random deflection that is near imossible to avoid in some cases - I think they would be far less frustrating and rewarding to use without actually adding to their power.

    I think if all these 3 got fixed grenadespam woulnd't be a huge issue in the game overall. I still think resources in geenral are far too easy to come by and needs tuning, but even with this grenades are at least limited with the exception of a few fight areas that happen near terminals. Otherwise spam should turn out to be fairly limited by how many you can carry without making a significant trip back for more. Any time you have 50vs50 players fighting inside of a small building it will always turn into a campy crawl anyway - with or without grenades - and I don't think you can ever truly "fix" that issue - but you can always make the choice to put your efforts somewhere else after all. Planetside 2 is huge and there is nearly always somewhere else to fight where you could do more good for your faction than being one of those 100 people cramped inside that small building...

  5. Anomalous Entity

    Is this thread about C4?

    It should be.
  6. Schizomatic

    Still working on that frag grenade directive...haven't gotten a kill in about a week. Lucky if I get hit markers. I don't know what people are doing, but they have a remarkable ability to run away from frags, even when they have less than a second to recognize one in their area and do something about it.
  7. Xasapis

    AV Grenades are now pretty much useless at fullfilling their primary role, which is taking out MAXes with indirect fire. Throwing them at vehicles is wasted certs, as the damage is laughable low.
  8. GaBeRock

    congratulations, you know understand how pilots feel about lockons.
  9. John_Aitc

    Should we replace our "rocket primary" Outrage™ with "grenade spam" Outrage™ now? The throw motion is similar to the reload for a rocket; there is plenty of time to kill the enemy.
  10. Kcalehc

    Having tried them out a bit today; I somewhat agree with this sentiment. I wouldn't call them useless, but significantly less useful than simply firing a decimator at a tank/MAX, and they don't appear to do as much damage. Probably needs to have a direct damage buff, (i.e. to the thing its stuck to) at least for tanks anyway.
  11. Bazmatties

    Is maxing out flak armor worth it? If not, what level should you go to get the best bang for your buck? Medic build.
  12. Xasapis

    The one before top tier should be enough until you have enough certs to waste them on that last tier.
  13. NBA JAM

    Flak armour doesn't do squat. There are so many explosions in this game. The problem is the ability to spam so many nades, rockets, tank shells etc on top of incredibly weak infantry.

    This is why they should have went the route of "armour" instead of that stupid overshield from Halo. You're still better off taking Adv Shield Capacitor as you can hide behind cover and get your shield back up fast.

    But ya base design, ability to spam, ability to switch classes and carry w/e weapons you want, etc all contribute to the problem that has killed this game; stupidly fast TTK in decent sized fights.

    Enjoy hitting that rez button in the mean time.