[Suggestion] Grenade Rework

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  1. DeitaChan

    Add ability to cook grenades.
    Grenades now have and a 5 second fuse starting when you press g, if you hold g the timer continues to count down and the animation to release it is therefore shorter.

    Infiltrators can cook grenades in cloak but there will still be a grenade indicator for any nearby.

    Impact variants of each grenade, has a weaker effect, easier to use, explodes upon hitting a surface.

    Sticky grenades fuse starts after impacting a surface.

    Unique Empire Specific Frag Grenade. (no impact variant)
    Currently each has a different skin and name but otherwise functionaly identical. Add another option.

    Singularity Grenade.

    Creates a miniature black hole.

    Slows enemies in the radius, scaling with distance, and does more damage scaling with how long one was in the effect. Starting at 500 and scaling to 2000 dmg, slow is 65% at the center, 25% at edge.
    Static Grenade.
    Disruptor Grenade.
    Drains ability energy in the radius, dealing increaesed damage to maxes and dealing constant damage to enemies in the radius. Also causes flinch.

    TR: Cluster Grenade
    Upon impacting a surface, sends 6 miniature grenades that fly out randomly, each has a 3 second fuse and roughly a third the damage and half the range of regular frags.
  2. Johannes Kaiser

    I'd also take grenades that not somehow when thrown in a room with 40+ enemies in it hits a friendly and noone else.
  3. ganthercage

    I would also like to see some magnetic grenade works like the ones who cut the radar off
  4. Demigan

    Grenade cooking is a no-no. If its successful its too powerful to land a OHK field where you want. Especially programmable mouses can have specific cooking times for specific distances (testable in VR).
    Ofcourse grenades are server-side, so cooking them for 3 seconds can just as easily mean instakilling your target a few meters away as well as detonating in your face. We see the same thing with C4.

    Impact variants are ok, but only if they dont OHK. Also they would need to be clientside rather than serverside. I would personally make impact grenades relatively weak (say 450 damage a pop) but the throw animation would be far shorter, they would be cheaper and you carry a bunch more. That way they are excellent for finishing off people behind cover or flushing them out.

    ES grenades I’m not sure about.
  5. Tharovinn

    The only thing I'd want to see changed with grenades is a soft and hard throw which I'd like to see activated with either a short or long press of the grenade keybind. The soft throw would be throwing it underhand while the hard throw would be over head like how its portrayed now.

    I'd like it that way over the cook and release to throw method because you unequip your weapon while you are throwing it, making you vulnerable and I often just want to get the thing out of my hands so I can get back to being ready to shoot.

    I don't want to have to think about timing my grenades right, plus, I can't recall many times where I would have wanted to cook the grenade I'm throwing to get the grenade to explode at just the right time.
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  6. OSruinedPS1

    Baseball bat grenade. Smacks you in the knees whenever you zig-zag lag exploit.
    Anti-Liberator grenade. Seeks out upsidedown flying liberators and explodes on impact.
    Grenade shield grenade. Temporarily shields allies from grenades.