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Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Soulstitchmmo, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Soulstitchmmo

    Needs a 2nd level. for 150 points, your launched grenades become magnetic, attracting to the closest enemy target it's launched near.

    This shooting someone in the face with a grenade... and not hurting them... is getting really annoying.

    When it works, it's the greatest ability ever. When it bugs... I want to smash my own face.
  2. Talizzar

    They just need to fix the -S weapons.
  3. Point

    Or you could learn how to aim the GL. It isn't a rifle, there's an arc to the projectile. That makes it great for flushing out covered areas, just practice with it and you'll get a feel of where the grenade will land. It's not like it costs resources to refill it.
  4. DismalDusk

    Let's add magnetic bullets as well, for 150 points the bullets shot out hit the nearest enemy target!
  5. Soulstitchmmo

    You haven't actually used the GL have you? The ammo refill is... sketchy at best.
  6. KevinvDelft

    First they need to fix the ammo refill, i cannot resuply most of the times and im stuck with a upgrade i cannot use till i die. Also noticed on occasions that sometimes i doe not do any damage, i hit them right on their feet, they kill me and have full health/armor. (strange hitreg in this game).
  7. YuanrangJA

    The only time the damage is not put up is when you are at an incredibly short range and in that case, you should not be using the GL anyway. I have nothing but positive things to say about it because, quite frankly, it is a great attachment and has saved me enough times to be worth it.

    As for the entire ammo refill... are we sure that is a bug? I always thought that ammo boxes have a limited quantity of grenades in them, something akin to Mass Effect 3 multiplayer boxes where ammo clips spawn at a much higher rate than grenades which are fairly limited.
  8. IshanDeston

    Fix how?
  9. Commissar Gaunt

    agreed, ammo refill only works half the time when the SOE gods feel generous, and to top it all off I am 100% positive with in a specific range they don't do damage. For example, a HA charged up a hill at me so I fired one grenade, got a hit, reloaded and by this time he is about 2 arm lengths away. I fire and he sprints through the smoke that should have been his grave and kill me....
  10. Axler

    Does it still use your second weapon slot pushing all the others down one? I'd love to use the GL but I just can't be bothered with all the keybinding remapping when I switch class.
  11. Boomschtick

    I've one shot people at range and I've watched people eat one of my 'nades and keep on coming until they gun me down. I'm still not sure if it's Flak Armor negating damage or part of the damage bug that people have talked about happening with any weapons that use underslung attachments(bullets doing zero damage after swapping from secondary to primary).
    And I'm actually curious if Flak Armor isn't bugging out and absorbing more than just explosive damage?

    As for ammo regen? I'm still of the opinion that resupplies for 'nades are a bug and we shouldn't be getting them. It's so random on whether or not you're going to get resupplied that half the time I don't even want to drop an ammo pack for fear of being disappointed. Then there are the times where I'm up on a ledge with some Maxs and I drop an ammo pack and all the sudden I can drop bombs for twenty or thirty shots straight. :lol:

    If anything should happen with a grenade launcher it's that Sony should add in like an 8-10 shot launcher that is stand alone and takes the place of your primary. If I could roll with a semi auto 'nade launcher and my side arm I'd be perfectly happy. 'nades for Medium-Long and the side arm for CQC. Hell for balance you could do like a 10m minimum distance on the round being able to detonate. Like a minimum arming distance so Engies couldn't just walk into a room spamming 'nades all willy nilly. And maybe a .5s delay on shot to shot. I don't need a machine gun I'd just like to have something that carries more than two rounds, doesn't add a swap slot, and doesn't jam on a regular basis. :p
  12. Point

    Doesn't make it hard to go to a your warp gate or a friendly base and shoot the GL to watch where it falls. If you stop getting ammo, resupply.
  13. Boomschtick

    That's the problem though, you never know when and how many 'nades will be resupplied. It's a crap shoot every time. I hear people saying "do this or do that" to positively get 'nade resupply but I still haven't found a for sure for sure process to guarantee resupply.
  14. Talizzar

    So an HA can get unlimited rockets for their launchers but not with nades? We don't have to buy them. They are different from the ones that are thrown. Smoke and IR sights are great when it works, but when it doesn't then you have a sight that is a pita to use in normal sunlight.

    Nades don't always register damage. I dumped one at the feet of a lvl 2, who would not have any flak specced and nada. He turned and shot me....LOL as I was staring at the smoke clearing.

    I have switched to the Jag which is a beast. No UB attachements but oh well.
  15. kagekiri

    I don't think that's the nades are a matter of close-range or not for the damage bug. I've 2 shot an enemy max at basically <10 meters, and one shot a fair number of normal classes at the same range, so can activate point blank, and is pretty dang powerful when it works. It's not really consistent though, which is why people think it's a bug. Either it's occasional extreme effectiveness at point blank is unintentional, or it's random total ineffectiveness at point blank is unintentional.

    As for the refill thing: yeah, pretty sure it's a bug. It happens far to inconsistently to be intentional, and leads to normal bullets getting bugged during reloads too. I remember seeing a thread saying they were only supposed to refill nade-launcher rounds from your own ammo packs once, but I've never had that happen; usually, I refill unlimited times from my first ammo pack, then can't refill from any until I resupply or redeploy.

    To be fair, I switched away to the Serpent after getting pretty frustrated with the Solstice is it any more consistent now? I've not seen anything in patch notes to suggest it was fixed.
  16. Foreman Joe

    How??? How they fix the bugs, because it is a bug. Ammo refill is also bugged. Whole thing is bugged.
    And suggesting to spend certs in order to get a workaround for the BUG is just crazy. Make it work properly and that's it. Why even have this discussion?
  17. IshanDeston

    I realize i wasn't clear enough. What he hell are you refering to? Which bug? What are they supposed to fix?
  18. blzbug

    You must be new around here :)

    All the -S weapons are bugged to he11 and back.
    * resupply bugs
    * grenade 0 damage bugs
    * bugs when switching from GL to bullets. Sometimes have to switch to pistol first.
    * worst of all, 0 damage bugs when using bullets.
    * these bugs effect all the -S, no matter which underbarrel you have

    Havent you noticed how hard it is to kill ppl sometimes? Or all those guys who killed you where you got hit markers, yet they have no damage? The -S guns are buggy garbage. Switch to a different weapon and you'll be amazed at how easy it is to kill targets compared to struggling with the -S.
  19. IshanDeston

    Nope. All of this, except the GL is new to me (but i am mostly browsing vehicles and Medic Subforum):

    I am using my Compact and Regular Gauss S with Silencer and Foregrip....

    ... and i haven't run into any of those problems. While i do have a GL on it for my Light Assault, i am aware of it bugging out, but thats about the only problem i ever had with the gun the whole time.

    Its Handling is a bit different from the non S version, but once i got used to it, i am doing just as well with my S version as i did with the stock gun.

    So yeah, maybe i will encounter them once i start using Softpoint or HV ammo, but that doesn't make the -S version bugged and i would suspect its not limited to the -S version. It would make the Specialized Ammo options bugged.

    And from the threads in the Light Assault Forum and some endorsing post launch Underbarrel Shotguns (they used to be crap in beta) because they wouldn't suffer from the GL bug, i am not sure how accurate the claim is that it would effect all the underbarrel attachments. The Smoke granade works fine, as does the Foregrip.

    So yeah i am a bit ignorant to it, it would seem.
  20. Foreman Joe

    Got replied already, but my point is that GL fix should be priority. Just after they fix the jetpack bug... oh god, so fun to play LA with all of this crap... it's great when it works tho, don't get me wrong, but having to relog due to jets bugging, having to go back to sundy or terminal when your GL won't refill from engi ammo packs, finding yourself in a situation when you go grenade-to-the-face and it does nothing AND then it messes with the bullets.. fun fun fun

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