Great.... The game is now boring.

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  1. Pfundi

    So you want to force people to do what is best for your personal enjoyment? What about a single player game for you?
    Seriously I can't see how on Auraxis this is "good" in any way
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  2. Demigan

    No, I want to have a balanced game. This is no different than a lobby forcing players in equal teams, rather than letting players choose to be with 20 in one team vs 10 in the other freely. That's not forcing anything, that's plain balancing sense. It's a restriction, and restrictions aren't necessarily for forcing. The spawn restrictions are there to prevent redeployside, up to a point. This new system is a restriction to prevent overpops. It's not forcing anyone to do anything.

    Hell, continent locking is more forcing anyone to not play on a continent than this system, but somehow that's not detrimental to the game but oh dear, if you can't play on the continent you want even though it would skew populations too much, suddenly the world ends!
    Get over yourselves! Get some perspective!

    If you can't see how balancing populations to prevent overpop and one faction winning by default 90% of the time, then too bad. This is a massive improvement for all the reasons already mentioned.
  3. lokear

    Stop your complaints,why not to play NC and VS?
  4. OldMaster80

    I disagree. When you login and you're queued for undefined time but the vr then the game is forcing you to switch faction. Which is awful when you spent years and money on your character and even worse when your long time friends are on the side you're unable to join.
    For instance I usually play during prime time 1 hour more or less. Yesterday I spent the first 30 mins queued. The alternative was to create a character from the scratch and play with people I didn't know against my outift. I preferred to just quit and it was the most frustrating experience I had since beta.

    If you force people to change faction they won't have fun. They will feel punished.

    This game needs population adjustments but the new queue system is an abomination. It could have been replaced with a malus to xp, certs gain, cortium gain and respawn timer. Even by changes to redeploy giving the less populated factions more options to change base.
    Personally I'd rather see my ability spam vehicles, maxes and c4 nerfed than being exiled to VR 30 minutes because TR have 5% pop more than VS.
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  5. lokear

    Spend money? Why don't you ask NC and VS How much it costs? Why NC and VS was be massacre form ZERG?
  6. OldMaster80

    Because my outfit has been TR for 12 years? Because all my friends play TR? Because I've spent hundreds of dollars in TR weapons and cosmetics I'm now barely able to use during prime time? There are plenty of reasons to be pissed.

    The problem of population balancing does actually exist but this queue system is a game killer. The biggest faction should be allowed to play with consistent penalties, not be completely excluded from the game. DBG can't let players play and spend money for years then one day come out "sorry you have 5% pop more than others, now you can't play". This is ridiculous.
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  7. OldMaster80

    The queue is a problem because not on every server the biggest faction is a zerg. Not every server is Connery. DBG is literally pushing 1 faction out the game because it has like 5-6% pop more on global level. This is insane, it's a slap in the face of players who have been around and paying for years.

    It must be replaced with some kind of penalty even a strong one. I'd rather see my nanites gain cut by 50% and my respawn timer doubled. But pushing people in the VR is the most idiotic thing they have done so far.
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  8. Pfundi

    I see what your point is, however the system currently in place is horrible. Unfortunately I can't come up with a better one. A restriction in a game like this is a bad thing no matter how it is implemented, presented or justified.
    Regarding lobby based games. When Im switched in a different team in BF4 everything that changes is what language my character is talking in. Im still using the same rifle, same camo, Im in the same squad on the same map.
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  9. lokear

    I want to know you NC and VS role RAMK

    my NC rank 110 TR 45 VS 50

    ZERG is killing SERVER is make server ghost,Balance system is a must.Otherwise it will cause more people to leave the game.
    Or merge servers. Give up your selfish idea. Why not consider of everyone's game experience.
  10. Demigan

    I think it is better. In games and most commercial products basically one rule is the highest: The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

    And while a 40 to 49% pop on one faction is of course nothing to be sneezed at or thrown aside as if it doesn't matter, you have to think about the 50 to 60% players that are on the opposing factions. By allowing players to join one faction and create massive pops, you completely destroy the fun for most of the players on the other two factions.
    And the moment you reach that magical line of more than 50% on one faction, the game has already broken down. The faction with the 50% pop is almost certain to win by default, and the gameplay is nothing more than a rotation of "now you've captured this, now wait around the next spawn room to capture the next base". That might not longer be the exact case with the construction system in place, but even then it would boil down to one faction steamrolling the other two.

    So no matter how you twist and turn, by directly restricting players from joining and creating an overpop on one continent you make sure more players are happy and can enjoy the game.

    Yes, and because PS2 works different, both without lobbies and asymetrical factions, PS2 needs to have different ways to balance the teams. Simply saying "it's different so let's not do this thing called population balance every single other game has" is bad for the game.
    I would have hoped they might have an easier way to settle the pops, or a different way. For instance by letting players volunteer for black-ops and join another faction for a while. When one pop starts reaching a threshold players get notifications to join the black-ops, which could give unique awards, additional XP/cert gain, titles, cosmetics and perhaps something more for themselves to do. You could in fact reward this black-ops mechanic by simply allowing players to use other faction technology for a while, maybe with some black-ops certs that are accumulated next to normal certs to unlock the other faction technology as you go along. Hell, even using your own faction technology against your own faction could be a nice experiment, just imagine a Prowler backing up some Maggies during an assault.
    With rewards like that, players could themselves balance it out, and prevent overpops from happening. It's not a golden system, but you could then perhaps force players into black ops if they still join an overpop faction, with warnings telling them what's going to happen. It's less restrictive, you can still play and on the continent you chose, but if no one else volunteers this would prevent one faction from growing too large.
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  11. Moridin6


    IS A BUG


    as for finding fights, ive found plenty..

    finding fun? lots of that too

    i Do wish there were more infil things to do, but thats something ive wished a long time.

    and there Should be a way to jack base parts/cortium when you take a base

    think im gonna gt the sundy garage next not many seem to have that, so far ive only gotten the AV turret