Great.... The game is now boring.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by AtckAtck, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. Diggsano

    Daybreak did make a Sandbox out of a ******* fps....srsly guys what's wrong with you??
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  2. Demigan

    All I can say is "what took them so long"?

    They also made a PVP MMO FPS, yet they basically didn't use 70% of the space they had because there was basically nothing there.

    Now you have a sandbox element that breaks the stale fight sequences, and gives you a far larger variety of options to attack. This construction system was the first one where a Gal drop was made on an empty base at the back of a lattice link, just to pull vehicles and outflank a tank column+fortress. And that was just one of the many tactics tried and succesfully used.
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  3. Liewec123

    this is what the game has become.
    how long do you think people will wait before logging out and never returning?

    primetime last night was pitiful small battles,
    every continent seemed like the underpopped continent that people used to fight on while waiting to join the main one.

    and when you finally did find a "fight" it was just 2 hours of hurling rockets at each others structures,
    the only progress came from boring 20+ tank zergs.

    this is not planetside 2.
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  4. Diggsano

    This is not Planetside 2 ANYMORE
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  5. TeknoBug

    Give it a couple days, last night I found some ridiculous fights that went on all night around the newly redesigned Ti Alloy, Crown and that nearby biolab, it went back and forth back and forth back and forth.
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  6. BamaRage

    Last night I spent 43 minutes trying to get out of VR Training, then spawned in under the floor at the warp gate, had to redeploy and bam, back in ******* line to wait another 18 minutes till I just logged off....... .
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  7. Hoothers

    aren;t you the one who were saying to vanu characters who were posting about population issues to git gud?
    enjoy vr , tasty tears are tasty.
  8. Moridin6

    we built another base next to the tr warpgate and held that for aw longg while. when i got tired of turetting, repairing, and making sure we had sundys deployed i took my stalker out to the enemy front to cause trouble. we did a few valk drops taking out enemy HIVEs, then i ended up at a "normal" battle somewhere in the middle of esamir. i say normal with quotes because there Were structures popping up but it was between main bases and i was having a blast following Kroop and Pewpew on wraith flashes slaloming between walls roadkilling and furying.

    so still positive in my eyes, and not the stalemate thing youre finding(not more than normal ps2 anyway) , and there were Def populations . .

    the queue thing, man im still hoping thats a bug, ive yet to have to do anything more than go to notifications and click OK and feel for those getting stuck in VR, thats salty :/
  9. Liewec123

    probably not? i don't remember saying that, plus VS are usually the zerg faction on my server so i don't think i'd be talking to them about vs population issues :p
  10. Ronin Oni

    Or you could... you know... maybe stop always trying to play the overpopped faction...


    40%+ faction pops are FAR more detrimental to the game than a few crybaby biaches like yourself logging out instead of changeing characters.
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  11. Hoothers

    buff vanu
    meanwhile enjoy the vr, tr and nc heroes
  12. mrkiteer

    What if people don't want to switch factions, because they invested most if not all their time into one character? And now this character is locked out of action, sitting in VR or maybe figthing in 10 vs 10 "battles", which are far from what Planetside is about, right? Of course it's not even that bad, if we are talking about people, who didn't spend a single $ on the game (for example: cosmetics, weapons), but there surely are some who did and they are probably quite unhappy - looking at the queue timer and waiting to finally play the game.
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  13. JobiWan

    Well there's certainly no need for your rudeness over a difference of opinion. But FYI I don't try to play the overpopped faction. I just play TR. I've invested 90% of all certs and a fair bit of money for nearly 3 years into one single character, and this is the character I want to play. Stop being so narrow minded and trying to force one view on others, and stop being such a jerk in the way you express a difference of opinion.
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  14. Kalashar

    I don't hear them. And what I see are loads of zones with no fights. A few 48-96 team mates fighting against 0... I used to be able to log in, day or night, and find a fight. Now, ok, give it a week, you think minecraft-PS2 won't get old? You think this will be a sellable game? We'll see. I'll be back in a week to see if I log into VR on half my chars, and if, when I manage to get into a continent with a subscriber queue, I still see no decent fights.

    The fact that you're unable to see the consequences of these rules DOES mean you're wrong about this atrocious change. See you in a week or two. See if they figured out that people don't play PS2 to build fortresses, but to get into decent, large scale FPS fights that have more than a squad involved. I'm guessing in a week or so, it'll be time to go Arma or CoD...where people still shoot at each other instead of hiding under hives with 96 of their closest friends where nobody attacks them.
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  15. OldMaster80

    The queue seems to be bugged. If it's not then they better make a step back and redesign it completely a system forcing people in VR for such a long time is completely stupid. This is at serious risk to harm the game.
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  16. Demigan

    That's because you aren't looking right. The fights are there, I can join one within the first 5 minutes I join, and I'm sure it's going to be a good one.

    The problem you are facing is that you only seem to check the frontline. That's where you would always find the fights. Since the fights have moved to different area's it's a small wonder you don't see them. These fortresses aren't going to be constructed right in your face on the frontline (most of the time, between Quartz Ridge and Indar Excavation it happens), they try to keep them safe, have time to build it up. So they go off the beaten paths and move to area's that aren't used as much. And what do you know? The fights have moved there! Go look for them!

    The fortresses have done more for PS2's decent, large-scale FPS fights. And with the new spawn rules the consequences are that you are guaranteed it's balanced! You won't find some kind of super-zerg ruining the continent and all the fights because one faction has 49% of the population on the continent.

    The fights I've been at on a more or less constant rate were fights with at minimum 3/4rth of a platoon involved.

    Look, you are disgruntled and aren't looking straight. You seem to have avoided the system like the plague and did not experience all the good stuff it's brought. The fights? They are more lively, more varied and more active than ever. The fights can make a 24 vs 24 player fight feel more important, violent and massive than any 96+ fight I've attended in the last 2 years. From what I understand you haven't even tried it, trying to stick with the base-fights because it's comfortable, thinking it's easier. It might take 2 seconds more, but the fights are more worth it than ever.
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  17. Synide

    For me this whole thing is basically like BFR's in Planetside 1. Started off great but ended up spiralling the whole thing down the gurgler.
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  18. Pfundi

    I agree 100% with everything you said.
  19. Stigma

    I BELIEVE there is a fairly simple logic bug in the current build - based on my experience.

    The idea is that you are always - regardless of population imbalance - supposed to be able to play on at least one continent without a queue, the one where your faction needs you the most, or at least has the least overpop.

    The problem is that this logic seems to make some mistakes in identifying these "garantueed" continents. When a continent locks you can end up in a situation where your non-queue continent is the one you are on - and you can't even respawn there. You have to wait for a queue on all other continents. Same thing can happen from VR. Obviously this is an oversight in logic that makes the queue system changes much more obnoxious that they should be. Enforced queing just to play should never happen unless the server is actually full on all continents.

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  20. Demigan

    Well if those are all faction switchers, then good. If the game was about faction switching and unbalanced matches, small wonder the game was dying! This new feature is a godsend in that case!

    The feature is there to prevent excessive overpop, it might need some tweaking but it's not a problem in and off itself. Everyone send to the VR room was a bug, and it seems to have been fixed already. So "this is what the game has become" after one day of a bug that's already been fixed? What kind of toxic comment is that?

    "Oh boy there was this time long ago when you could clip through geometry at point X, so the game still sux even though it's been fixed!"
    That's the kind of statement this is.