Graphics settings which will triple your FPS and ironically look better than ever

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  1. karlooo

    I was messing with graphics settings cause my performance dropped, was looking for a way to improve it.
    And I have come to the shocking realization that I found a way to both double/triple my FPS and improve the visual look like never before. I do not understand how... The 2 settings that caused the massive difference were Resolution and Lighting Quality.

    For some reason when I go below 1680x1050 resolution, my colors get enhanced while maintaining adequate sharpness and shape (I am using 1280x768). Everything becomes much cleaner than compared to how it usually is, faded, pale.

    Am I the only one that experiences this on their PC? If I am not then that is embarrassing that all we had to do was lower resolution to double FPS and enhance graphics.

    And Lighting Quality. I was checking this one out and the first thing I noticed was that LOW Lighting Quality enhanced the details on metal objects. After playing on LOW Lighting Quality I found out that it as well enhanced color and details in general.

    It seems like because the light and reflections are simpler it actually enhances the details and color...


    So basically Low Lighting gives you sharper lights and simpler reflections, as you can see in the second example, you can see the light rays are much sharper with the Low lighting and the reflections on leaves are simple....Just giving an overall better image.

    Don't forget to tell me whether lowering your resolution does the same color enhancement as it does to me.

    These are the settings I used here:
  2. karlooo

    It's like as if I got the newest graphics card by changing resolution :D
    This is how 1920x1080 looks for me:
    And then here is 1280x768:

    Not the best screenshot but wtf is this, why does it turn game into movie quality when I lower resolution and doubles FPS? Does this happen to anyone else?

    Here is a better comparison showing off Low Lighting quality vs High Lighting. Low sometimes enhances the colors even more, so together with the lower resolution the colors become so clear that I can literally turn off my HUD and fight that way because I can differentiate friend from foe fairly easily.
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  3. BlackFox

    The resolution thing happens on my system as well, but I don't see a big differene when it comes to lighting on my end
  4. karlooo

    Thank you for confirming.

    For me low lighting enhances the details on some metal textures, for example the Vanguard appears more metallic. And it enhances details and colors in general based on the light source position, like in that latest screenshot comparing the tanks, the colors are actually enhanced with low lighting as well together with the more metallic look.
  5. karlooo

    In the screenshot with settings I had smoothing off cause was testing FPS.
    When I do not have the FPS limited to my monitor hertz game stutters sometimes.

    People should limit their FPS. For example set MaximumFPS to 60 FPS for 60hz monitor in the Planetside 2 file called UserOptions and in game turn on smoothing as well. That works for me.
  6. D.C.V.

    What the hell, that's so weird... I can't imagine why this happens, maybe a bug with the color grading filter? Like maybe it's coded for a certain pixel count and increasing resolution breaks it? Gonna try it myself. I never thought of lowering res for BETTER graphics, LOL
  7. karlooo

    Is it just me or did performance drastically drop after this update? It was perfect and then suddenly after this update massive drop for me.
  8. BlackFox

    Did it reset your settings to everything being on Ultra maybe? I had that after the update that came out before this one
  9. AuricStarSand

    Ye gj this method does give me 20 to 40 more fps, tho I'm not use to how phat the view appears. So to each their own.

    May keep the expanded 1900 view, even with lower fps. Tho maybe with a diff wide monitor this would benefit.