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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by iBloxman, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. iBloxman

    My proccessor is a intel i3 with intel HD 3000 desktop and it says that my system requirments are to low. Is there any way to run this game like this? I tried swiftshader but that does not work. These are my specs:
    Intel core i3 cpu 540@3.07 GHz
    4:00 GB (3.87 usable)
    64 bit
  2. Mansen

    I'll be honest - Without a dedicated graphics card, you're not going to be playing Planetside.

    The intel GMA 3000 is not one.
  3. iBloxman

    GMA? It's HD
  4. Mortucus

    look at my specs you cant play this with hd3000 not even hd 4000
    buy a new pc and the i3 would die here as well
  5. iBloxman

    I can't afford a 600$ computer...
  6. Mortucus

    hd is crap its garbage its not for complex gaming
  7. Mansen

    Same difference. The full name is Intel GMA HD3000. I have one in my work laptop ;)
  8. Mortucus

    then im sorry you cant play ps2
    its f2p but not a cheep gamers game try bfp4f
  9. iBloxman

    Can't i just upgrade my graphics card? Also i have bfp4f, its freakin sucks
  10. Mortucus

    the i3 wont be enough my i5 is just enough this game is cpu hungry more then gpu hungry but a card would allow you to play at least larger battles would be a pain tho
  11. Mortucus

    i would also note that many very good set up rigs have trouble the game is being optamised but you need a gpu and i would upgrade to at least a i5 if it was my i would go dual core i5
  12. iBloxman

    Would a i3 run ok on low/medium settings?
  13. Mortucus

    i run the game on low
  14. Mortucus

    and my cpu is always the bottle neck so your answer is no it wont be ok it will be painfull
  15. iBloxman

    Can't i use something like swiftshader to run it?
  16. Mortucus

    read what im posting and look at my specs the answer is no
    you need a gaming laptop or pc mine is basic and cost 700$
    this aint no small shooter is 1000S of people at once requiring a good rig to run at a stable fps i would say what i have is a minamum to play at 40fps 25 to 30 in massive battles anthying less fps wise is unplayable im sorry thats all there is to it
  17. Mortucus

    this would not help your cpu only your gpu if you had one
  18. Krawanan

    I know what you're going through man, I had a ****** pc once too and tried every single option to make it work with good games. But at the end of the day, you just need a better pc for those games,

    and especially for planetside 2, people who run bf3 on ultra sometimes can't even max out ps2 with a steady 60fps.

    I really recommend saving up for a new pc, It will be worth it
  19. Khorneholio

    I'm going to go against the grain of this thread and suggest you give it a shot. If you have the PSU to handle it grab a midrange dedicated card and give it a shot. Optimization could come a long way in the coming months and at worst you'll run other games a whole lot better while you wait.
  20. Chug

    Your i3 should be fine. I'm using an i3 2120 second gen (3.3 ghz), 8 gig 1333 ram and a now dated but overclocked GTX460. Can run everything barring shadow quality on high (shadow qual on medium), motion blur on, fog and ambient occlusions off. 1920 x 1080 res. Getting on average between 35 and 50 fps which to me personally is smooth enough.

    You can get hold of a GTX560ti for fairly cheap these days. That should do the job up to a point

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