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  1. Vandali

    I'm being a bit lazy here, but which graphic setting increases the infiltrator cloak? On medium settings i see it fine, but on low its very hard to see them.
    My machine can play medium fine, but i feel like i'm gimped unless i'm on low due to the haze, which makes it even harder to see VS during dark hours.
  2. tenzenator

    medium graphic, ultra sextures rest low shadows off
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  3. Vandali

    Cheers, i'll give that a try later. :)
  4. GigaClutch

    Yeah, it's ridiculously easy with these settings.
  5. zaspacer

    "Graphics Quality: Medium".

    I'm not sure what "Texture Quality: Ultra" is supposed to do, I didn't notice anything when checking my own cloak.

    I HATE the haze too. And I like to play on "Graphics Quality: Low" because of it. But now I suck it up and play in the haze, cause Low doesn't show Cloaked Infiltrators and also doesn't really show your own Bullets when flying ESFs.

    So much to love about PS2... and so much to hate.
  6. zaspacer

  7. tenzenator

    Now I see that I wrote sextures lol :D
  8. zaspacer

    hehe, I totally thought that was on purpose. :) I thought it was playing off the "ultra" being so over the top as a setting.
  9. foesjoe

    I hate how PS2 forces you to choose between not seeing infiltrators or not seeing annoying **** like fog, bloom, lens flares, etc.

    Since I find all those graphical effects to be way more annoying than a couple of cheesy players who need total invisibility to get a kill I play with low graphics settings.

    I realise that the way you had it around March, where cloaked infiltrators on low graphics settings looked as if they had disguised themselves as ghost by wrapping themselves in bed linens, wasn't the best solution, but making them utterly invisible is even worse.

    You really need to find a happy middle ground for this, SOE.

    Alternatively, you could just add the possibility of turning off annoying graphical effects like fog, lens flares, bloom, etc.
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  10. zaspacer


    It's very annoying that PS2 Medium/High graphics seem to be focused solely on making the game look more cinematic. Which looks great on trailers, but obscures vision heavily and is a major problem for actually playing the game.

    I can see MUCH better in real life than I can in PS2's Medium/High settings. Medium/High settings feels like I am playing in a murky underwater world.

    And the setting that lets us turn the obscuring graphics off, also doesn't work well because it fails to show certain necessary things like:
    1) Cloaked Infiltrators
    2) Bullets you fire while in an ESF