GR-22 where's the shotgun

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by ArcKnight, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. ArcKnight

    I just bought it and the underbarreled shotgun isn't anywhere in the cert tree
  2. PS2Freak

    it has no shotgun, this must be VR error that you can equip it there.
  3. EViLMinD

    Don't trust the VR attachment lists. They are not correct.
  4. ThElement078

    You don't need an underbarrel shotgun anyway. You basically have one of the best CQC weapons in the game, maybe even one of the best Planetside 2 weapons of ALL TIME.
  5. ArcKnight

    so basically SOE screwed up "again"

    yeah but you have to admit a CQC beast weapon with a shotgun attachment would be cool
  6. Intruder313

    You are thinking of the Gauss Rifle S

    The GR-22 is the best CQB AR anyway, it's practically a high RoF Carbine. Fit it with Advanced Laser and hipfire people down and you won't miss the Shotgun.
  7. control-z

    Yeah it's good enough in close quarters that even after trying the shotgun in VR I had already decided I wasn't going to waste certs on the shotgun.