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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by veselie, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. veselie

    My current system specs are:
    CPU: Intel i3 2100 3.1GHz
    GPU: VTX3D Radeon HD 6770
    RAM: 4GB DDR3 1333MHz
    PSU: Nox Urano 450
    I'm looking forward to upgrade my GPU to Gigabyte GTX 660. Would I see an improvement in performance regarding planetside 2 ? I heard that the ongoing optimization will give a boost even to a dual-core cpu's so cpu upgrade can wait. Also i3 2100 is a decent cpu, on most games it has similar performance as a i7 4770k.
  2. stix6029

    I have a GTX 660 and i can run the game on ultra settings with 70-80 fps,but my i5 cpu always hold me back at 45-50fps in big fights.
    If you are going to upgrade to GTX 660 then go for it.
  3. Paulus

    OP it only performs like an i7 when its at the low end of gaming, in Planetside 2 it will perform like an i3. To really see the benefit of your new 660 you will need to upgrade your CPU and increase your RAM to 8GB. Expect to be [CPU] bottlenecking constantly, with your FPS being around 50 at the WG and 20-25 in the Bio Lab
  4. PWGuy93

    Just a note on your PSU, I've read the "bare minimum" recommendation for the 660 is 450 watts.
    Depending on other peripherals, how many drives, et, you might consider a PSU update as well.
  5. BlackDove

    The i3 doesn't really compare to an i7-4770K, and PS2 is heavily CPU limited. Give that's a pretty cheap PSU, I'd probably get a new PSU first, then an i5 and finally a new GPU.
  6. TheAppl3

    A dual-core 3.1 is apparently equal to a quad-core 3.9 that's two generations (and thus two levels of overall improvement) newer. Interesting logic. PSU sounds like crap. I'd second upgrading that first.
  7. BlackDove

    Oh and I didn't even notice the 4GB of RAM which is probably single channel. Definitely more RAM.
  8. veselie

    Thanks for suggestions guys. I exagerated by saying i3 2100 = i7 4770k. I defintely need more RAM because when my game is runing the RAM is 90% loaded . I'll try to sell my current cpu&gpu to get an ivy bridge i5 cpu.
  9. BlackDove

    Make sure your BIOS supports Ivy Bridge.
  10. McToast

    Yea, if you really want to improve the game upgrade your CPU as much as possible. If your motherboard and PSU support it take an i5 3570k + a decent heatsink. Most 3570ks go above 4,2 GHz. If you need a new motherboard anyway, go for an i5 4670k. Costs a bit more and doesn't overclock as well in many cases (mine can't run 4,4 GHz stable even at 1,3Vcore and heat is a problem), but it still is faster than the average ivy bridge OC. The GPU isn't really that important, your CPU will be holding you back 99% of the time. Well, I got a decent GPU anyway, even though I'm not playing anything new besides PS2, but I like to build balanced systems =).
    8 GB RAM is enough at the moment, I got 2x8 because... well... size matters =). Either get another 4 GB of the same RAM you're using now (especially the timings and speed is important) or get a new 2x4 GB kit of 1600 MHz 9-9-9-24 RAM.

    the Toast
  11. veselie

    I bought a 3months old 7850 2GB which was 80$ cheaper than a new gtx 660 and it has similar performance. Rest of the money were spend on an additional 4GB of RAM which fixed some stutter issues because the game runing + windows 7 consumes 4.5 GB RAM and had only 4GB. I can run the game on ultra but with the same performance in large battles since the cpu does the hard work there. I will wait to see about the optimisations patches and if won't see any improvements , I will sell my i3 2100 and 6770 to get an i5..