GPU physics grayed out?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Samus, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. BenYeeHua

    Ya, but why it is running with 2 threads while it say it support multi-threads?
    Don't say it support 2 multi-threads.:p
  2. Hydragarium

  3. Munq

    It's still disabled.
    Waah waah. I want it enabled.
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  4. Owndapwn

    Yea, I know the 8800/9800 would lag.
    There's just some people who get a GTX 680 primary and a GTX 660 ti for PhysX and it just leaves all the enthusiasts slamming their face into their keyboard.

    Anyways, I just picked up a Zotac GT 610 for $30 at Microcenter, and you can tell Zotac designed this card with it being intended to be used as PhysX.
  5. DerpDerp

    It might take more time to do this, are you guys going to support hybrid systems (AMD+ Nvidia systems). at least allow us to modify the physx dll's to prevent detection of our AMD cards.
  6. L33T-T3CH

    eh if your AMD just toss a 40dollar nvidia card that supports physx in your system inless your running dual or tripple crossfire that is.

    and yeah i know thats not the point but i think i could live with out the bouncy particals if i couldn't afford a 40 dollar card
  7. Hydragarium

    1. That IS hybrid mode you nimwit. He's already running it. o_O
    2. 40 dollars for a PhysX card that doesn't run so slow that it constantly slows the FPS because it has to catch up to the other card? Yeah no...
  8. BenYeeHua

    I very hope physX dead, as you can see, it need Nvidia card to work, and this is unfair, it also don't work when it detect AMD card.
    And just see other engine which using by BF3 or Crysis, they showing a good Phys than physX, which only by using CPU, and it don't lower the FPS as that game is GPU bound.

    Maybe after HSA is come out in the future, then we start using GPU as phys calculation, by OpenCL or other ways.
  9. Owndapwn

    Hybrid PhysX often times requires certain system files to be removed or modified.
    Certain games have built the code with Hybrid PhysX support preinstalled and it works better.

    Okay, so I've reread this about six times, and I understand English is a recently-learned second or third language.
    Past that, not much of this makes sense, but if you read three words at a time, it kind of has some direction. Maybe.
    First of all, boo ******* hoo. nVidia won't let AMD use PhysX. I say this as the owner of a 7970, and it's what we get for getting AMD. We opted for the over-all more powerful card at the trade-off of PhysX.
    And BF3 and Crysis don't have PhysX. They use static fluid animations and shaders (Very robust shaders) to achieve a similar look, but it is not calculated realistic particle movement, like PhysX has.
    OpenCL is open-sourced. If you want an OpenCL engine that does what PhysX does, go download the SDK and make it.

    According to FluidMark, without the GT 610, I get 7fps on my 2500K@4.6GHz at 1920x1080 Windowed, 8x MSAA, and 60000 particles.
    This also uses 40% of my CPU.

    With the GT 610 and all other settings the same, I get 16fps and 4-5% CPU usage, and a chunk of that is probably my fifty tabs, iTunes, Skype, BitCoin Wallet, Rainmeter...
    That's a 230% boost on PhysX capabilities and a 40% drop in CPU usage, which would be VERY helpful in realistic settings.
    Yes, 16fps is low. But it's also a stress test program. It's like buying a 3960X so the physics test on 3DMark 11 doesn't lag.
    I tweaked the settings a little bit, and I can get 17fps on CPU. At the cost of 100% CPU usage. On all cores. At 4.6GHz. I'm curious to put it at 5.0GHz and see how it is.

    Good news is if it turns out to be too weak, I'll sell it to a client that has a burnt out GPU and put the money towards a GT 640.
  10. XanderF

    This is true.

    Any hope for the Jan 30 patch?
  11. XanderF

    Seems like you missed 'launch'.

    What is the current ETA?
  12. Tytos

    We realy want this, any news? :)
  13. Hydragarium

    Not with the official drivers, no. But that's easy to fix.
  14. Munq

    Don't know. I wonder what was wrong with it in beta..
  15. JumpJetsFloor

    At times I look in a direction and the graphics will get weird (I will record next time that happens)
  16. Hydragarium

    Basically it would (randomly?) crash people. So they made the decision to turn it off completely until they could fix the GPU based PhysX.
  17. Munq

    It was working fine for me! Screw those other guys!
  18. XanderF

    Annnnnd...9 months later, they haven't fixed it, yet?
  19. DerpDerp

    It's not on the priority list from what CodeForge said. Honestly I've been working a little with the new version in the SDK and it not as stable as the major version before it. I'm sure they made a lot of effort to get the software implementation working without crashing after 5 minutes.

    On a side-note I've had over 100 crashes since beta. All with the primary cause pointing at the PhysX library.
  20. scar413

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