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  1. RadarX

    We know this was a somber moment for many of you and I want to say we planned a memorial. I really do....

    We hope the new social and class screens provide you folks what you need.
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  2. RottenRibbs

    It just sucks now that it's harder to see the difference between the level of equipment you have currently and the level you'd have upon upgrading.

    All of the old cert screen information should be available when you check "Infiltrator Certs" and "Sunderer Certs" for example.
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  3. Alexanor

    Please bring back the old cert screen. You can add a new Implant menu, but keep the old screen. :(
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  4. WyrdHarper

    It doesn't. For example, the AV turret can no longer have its cooldown upgrade certed out, which was reported by myself and others using the ingame bug report function awhile ago on the PTS. Does that function work on the PTS or are we just wasting our time?
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  5. Goden

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  6. Jeslis

    Could we get this old cert screen back as a Keybind (default unbound), so that we could see it still? I liked using it more then going to each individual class/weapon/vehicle..etc..
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  7. Crazytrain

    Why would you remove such an efficient and useful menu from the game? At least allow us to continue to access it through a slash command or something.
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  8. RyanGUK

  9. Lazaruz

    This really is a step back in user-friendliness in my opinion.

    If you needed some place to put the implants, why not just add a new page on the bottom along with everything else?
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  10. RyanGUK

    Probably because they'd have to redesign the rest of the buttons to make it fit in. Could say it was just a quick way of doing it.
  11. Tsiehg

    No, they really do not.

    Leadership Certifications in the social tab? Everything else scattered over dozens and dozens of different menus? Why? Really, why?

    This should be the way to go. Consolidate all cert trees and make them accessible in an easy and sensible manner.
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  12. biterwylie

    I would like to say "who cares"

    God bless
  13. Wobberjockey

  14. ChampagneDragon

    Because after Mussolini Italians removed the word leader from their vocabulary??
  15. RIctavius

    Cry with me guys

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  16. Cirevam

    What a shame. It was a good screen. What a rotten way to die.
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  17. Silvermyst


    (I had to use the Civ 2 version because I'm a nerd like that)
  18. Robes

    Much prefer the cert screen, was a lot easier to explain to friends who are new aswell, they could actually see what all they could buy in one place, but meh.
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  19. Prudentia

    wait! do you have the Raidboss title? cause i'm still not really sure what Daddy got it for.
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  20. Hoki

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