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  1. Torok


    You will be missed my dear cert screen, I used to look at you when times where Dire and faith would diminish, you are now going to a better place (not), and Implants will take your stead, another thing to look out for Completion I guess.
    Please don't mind this thread, it had to be done for it's memory will always linger.
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  2. ElectricSheepDream

    Yeah, RIP.
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  3. Alarox

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  4. Kronic

    *Single tear runs down face*
    RIP in peace.
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  5. Haquim

    We will fondly remember the fun we had - trying to figure out our next investment.

    ... On a more serious matter - if they completely removed the cert-screen.... HOW the blazes am I supposed to unlock the leadership stuff? Can't imagine it being located with the classes now.
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  6. Maljas23

    Such a sad day. This removal of the cert screen along with the addition of RNGesus Implants.

    Sad Higby day.
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  7. Torok

    Anyway If I were to actually give it a positive thought.. It would probably be that this would weigh less on new players when they would face that Cert screen filled with 0% / 0% / 0% and never raising, maybe this way it's less "imposing" on them, and it'll be SOON™ replaced by the more promising "Directives" tab, currently scheduled for June, which I must say, looks quite appealing to me.

    So it might be all for the merrier!

    RIP Cert screen, you served us well.

    It's in a random place now, because you know, Leaders are social individuals :D
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  8. Haquim

    Thank you very much. I didn't notice that in the patchnotes (I assume you copied it from there), I would have looked for that pretty much anywhere else.
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  9. Phazaar

    Tautology much? ;)
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  10. faykid

    looking at it was always a frustration for me, because you just can't have it 100% without certing into the stuff you don't need
    at least i can collect all implants within reasonable time
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  11. Torok

    Yeah I guess you're right.. It did his time, now onto the FUTURE!

    Toward Implants and Directories!11
  12. Kronic

    m8 i luv my certz...
  13. danielpxp

    RIP :(

    But now you can spend your Certs buying unlimited implants :D
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  14. FateJH

    Why does the Italian leave "Leadership" in English?
  15. KnightCole

    I never even really look at that screen and only ever go to it totally by accident...

    The implant screen though, not looking forward to all the new awkward things gunna happen with those.....

    We gunna get a no recoil/noCoF hack implant? wait...we already have it...or some do..
  16. Torok

    Wouldn't know, they forgot to translate, I'm still amazed at how good they are at actually dubbing all the content pretty much in time for each patch, even the Voice packs have their own language dub.
    Pretty good move from SOE I'll admit it, really gets new players into the game I think.
  17. Phazaar

    There -has- to be a Berlusconi joke in here somewhere...

    EDIT: Because in Italy, the leadership is always in someone else... ? It's pretty raw, but I don't have time for this! I'm at work dammit!
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  18. z1967

    Rest in Peace in peace?
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  19. Kronic

    Lol it's an old internet joke.
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  20. Gearlock

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