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  1. Skraggz

    Did I quote that section of your comment or the section where you stated that anyone saying there isn't a ton of cheating is probably cheating....

    Sit down.
  2. FateJH

    Neither. I do not have enough information about the qualities or quantities of the balls in this hypothetical bag to construct actionable analysis, not in your scenario. With pseudorandom numbers, for example, the same number repeating three times is actually more likely than you might think it be unlikely. If I ended up with the same number three times, and that was my only engagement with the system, I would not suspect that it is psuedorandom, and I would have a very poor understanding of the system and be engaging with it under inadequate assumptions.

    Suggesting that someone might have "blown [a] problem out of proportion" is not definitively a sign of malicious intent.
    In the example, you certainly have a means of ruling out the possibility that it was the same person each time, just using a different character, potentially different account? Since you say "within--of each other," I am interpreting the story being that it happened, stopped happening, happened, stopped happening, and happened, again.

    In other words, do you pull three different red balls out of the bag, or does the same red ball get drawn out of the bag three times?
  3. Trigga

    Did you answer my question or skirt over it again?
    I guess the answer doesnt suit your narrative?

    Ive been hackused more times in game than i could possibly record, id have no hard drive room left.
    Do i care if some idiot thinks im cheating and im not? Nope.
    Do i even bother saying anything to him to 'defend' myself? Nope.
    So i dont understand why you would bother to do it here, if you think theres no cheaters and i think anyone saying that is a cheater, what diff does it make to you?
    Unless of course one is cheating and doesnt want the magnifying glass around them?
  4. Trigga

    LOL youre really clutching at straws now.
    I cant quite believe how youve stretched logic to fit your answer, i said nothing about the same number appearing, say in a dice roll for example.
    This isnt our only engagement with the system though is it fate. Youre talking to players whove been seeing this stuff for over 6 years, and now finally that theres undenyable proof, we still get naysayers denying its going on, or denying that theyve ever seen it, or saying its not a 'big' problem.
    13% of my deaths in 1 session from cheaters is a massive problem, its humongously big.
    Do you have the blast shield down when you play?

    And then we get complete and total disconnect from reality.
    Was it the same i dont even know where to begin.
    3 of us on A point, no enemies present, point says 'contested'. That means 3 seperate players sitting inside terrain.
    Plus the death screens from 3 different names. Or are you suggesting that he only killed me and then instantly made new accounts each time?

    Its like you have a deeply ingrained need to deny the existence, or prevelance, and for what reason?
    Why do you deny the seriousness of the problem? Why dont you want the developers to address it?
    Like ive said now in mulitple threads, i can only think of 2 reasons youd intentionally deny this problem; you cheat yourself or somehow profit from the sale of said cheats. I can only think of 1 other reason youd deny, youre completely blind and totaly incompetent when it comes to noticing this stuff.
    Your choice.
  5. Skraggz

    Your question on the point of trying to defend a point that 1 person may be cheating on...? That's the question your hard up about? That's the question that makes you think that this game is infested with hackers? That's the question that makes you think that anyone that says other wise is illegitimate? If you dont want to defend the point for fun, because some one is hacking then dont, move on or log off. That is you answer, now quit being willfully difficult and understand that because you ran a cross 3 people hacking that doesnt mean that the game is infested. Nor does it mean anyone that disagrees with your sentiment is hacking.

    3 people doesnt equal hundreds.

    Again sit down. You bring nothing to the table but rather ***** and moan about cheaters in a thread that wasn't made about cheaters... all you want is an echo chamber otherwise the person is a cheater in your terms.
  6. FateJH

    This isn't really stretching anything. This is the abstract way I think about things. I'm not one for impassioned speech, even when aggravated.
    You are also the person who introduced the balls-from-a-bag example, the second most rudimentary of classical statistical problems next to tossing a coin. If I were to take that example at your word, however, all of the balls in the bag would have to be cheater red, either realistically, or by assumption. You are also a ball to be drawn from someone else's bag of players. You are not red.
    I'm one of those outliers that defies your sensitivities. I really do not encounter or suffer cheaters on a weekly basis.
    I'm not sure why you think this is only the first undeniable proof that has ever been presented, unless you really think I'm here telling you "that there's no cheaters." Where are these unsarcastic "no cheaters" people? That part never gets resolved either. That's always been the hang-up in this conversation. "You're not as feverent as I am about this topic? You must be ignorant or you're one of them!" The world is not as straightforward, especially not one where all the pieces must fit together like a good detective serial. I am not going to make such a ridiculous assertion, nor am I going to deny the videos and imagery posted elsewhere on this forum. Cheaters exist. This is not novel, however; we've been presented with undeniable proof over the years from one thread to the next that cheating in some form exists in this game. Even I have reported people in the game for exceptionally shady affairs; then, I move on and continue playing.
    As I have mentioned, I think that dichotomy is wrongheaded. It's just a blanket "with us or against us" approach to the response to the problem because you refuse to think other people don't have your exact same experience. As to your example, I would not be the player charging Eisa's [A] if I could afford it. I'd rather be somewheres else in the vicinity, guarding your flanks, so you would hopefully have a better time charging [A]. That's neither here nor there.

    The reason this discussion is about words and tone and even the extent of the catastrophe is because the main argument is irrefutable. Cheaters exist; the presence of even a single cheater is a massive threat; the developers definitely definitely need to do something about this. Even if you'll never quote me saying this because it makes you feel beter about slotting me as an "against" rather than "with," I shall underline it to draw your eye. You said it yourself - this has been going on for six years. In those six years, the needle hasn't really moved any closer to the ideal, though it still has moved. In those six years, you've yet to find yourself satisfied under the current direction of your outrage, probably, though you are still playing the game. Something has to give. A consistent level of dissatisfaction like this is not healthy.
  7. FateJH

    There was nowhere else to place this part that flowed well in the previous reply so I hope you will excuse for the double post.
    I am divided as to whether to account for this as my fault for not digesting every post in this thread with flashcards about each participant's topics and previous made statements before presenting any sort of comment, or whether I should be rightfully held accountable to information you provided in a reply to someone else's discussion with you, even if it's in the ssame thread. On my end, I'm just talking to you so what I am seeing are those replies. Trying to keep track of the longer monologues of some of our wordier participants, Demigan, for example, has fatigued me from exercising the same minute practice like I used to for anyone but the OP, if they stay engaged in the thread.

    In either case, I concede your point on this matter. It was three characters engaged in the same nefarious affairs at one time.
  8. Trigga

    I never said everyone was a cheater, just that if i run into 3 seperate ones in close succession it leads me to believe there are a lot more. The red ball example was supposed to express my belief that its a lot more statistically probable there are lots of cheaters around me, than me just happening across the only 3 online at the time, perhaps it should have been 4 balls drawn, 3 red & 1 green?

    Ive never once specified who it was saying these things, i havent slotted anyone, and tbh unless people reply to me i dont tend to take notice of the name of the poster.
    So I am confused as to why you or anyone else would be so defensive, devils advocate i suppose?
    My use of the the word you is incorrect most of the time, it could be replaced with 'one' almost always, apologies for confusion caused.

    I am not dis-satisfied with the game, I dont have a problem with the game, and tbh those 3 cheaters didnt really bother me i just called for more friendlies, even killed 1 of them inside the server box by quick knifing it, we spent a few minutes laughing about it.
    What irks me is denial of blatantly obvious things, like the prevelance of cheating in this game (be it third party hacks, terrain exploits, hitbox modifying scripts, or radar hacks), it happens and happens a lot; or the downplaying of the effect it has on gameplay and player retention.
    The planetside concept for me is the perfect game, big, open, 3 empires, combined arms, no sessions (well...kind of), weapon / location names based on myths and legend. The last 16 years of my gaming life has been ~80-90% planetside, for me quitting over cheaters is not an option, i even played PS1 when the pull hacker was killing everyone on the game whenever they felt like it.
    Other games feel so bland and restricted now, waiting for star citizen, hopefully that scratches my itch.
  9. Trigga

    You seem rather annoyed by my sentiment, why is that?
    Also if youre sooooo eager to get this thread back on subject, why do you keep replying?
    Or is it OK for you to continue to derail, but not for me to? Afterall i was replying to Fate initialy who was already talking about the subject of cheating. If im de-railing, so are you.

    We were defending the only tech plant on esamir, the only in-game benefit that cannot be attained through implants, ASP or as a class benefit. It was either than or go fight at 1 of 2 bio labs that have been going on for hours, yuk, no thanks.

    And are you really suggesting we simply allow people to cheat, or allow their cheating to affect the game, and should just go somewhere else or log off?
    Wow, thats almost as bad as outright giving them permission.
    ^This is what irks me, people saying crap like this as if it hasnt just completely and totally destroyed the gameplay.

    Says the guy who for the third time has refused to actualy answer a simple question.

    I dont have a standing desk, im always sitting.
    Or were you trying to insult me by saying that?
    EDIT: O, no sorry, i just remembered, the new generation lives off 'likes'. You were trying to get a like wernt you?
  10. Pikachu

    Game is released in early access state F2P. It looks wierd. It has some photohop style post process filter over it to add contours to objects and make distant objects look like fake oil paintings. It smells Fortnite. Also there is no text chat currently...
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  11. Pikachu

    For some reason the steam reviews are all angry and surprised that it's a PS2 themed lobby shooter battle royale. o_O Lots of people are also having performance issues. I had none so far. The flash is wonky to drive. Strange vehicle physics.
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  12. Naskoni

    The only people that know what "Planetside" is are the Planetside veterans. And for Planetside veterans Arena is a dumbed down, 3rd person view game with kiddie graphics. A stupidified version of the game they already have but for Fortnite kiddies. With lootboxes. I wonder why people would dislike it... hmmm... such a mystery...

    Also, Arena came out at the exact time the Open Beta for the new Call of Duty hit Twitch so that absolutely nobody in the FPS space would give two ***** for any other FPS game. Then again Arena isn't exactly an FPS game anyway...
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  13. SashsaACIII


    here are the drawdowns in Fps ot 4 ~ 25 All ( Arena ) { memory leak }

    On the one hand the game looks great ! but there is no saving resources in the memory of the initial threshold of 8 GB DDR3 (just a shame) thank God PlanetSide 2 goes smoothly.

    ...N7® .
  14. Skraggz

    Answered your question but being you don't deem it an acceptable answer I must be dodging:rolleyes:

    Oh and Yes, I was so fishing for a like when I told you to sit down, no it wasn't an insult. It meant you have nothing worthwhile but to moan and groan and assume someone is cheating because they don't have the same sentiment that you do.

    Your agree with me or else attitude says alot about you.
  15. Skraggz

    I mean, it's got 760 viewers on twitch... lol
  16. iller


    so, they're literally just trying to ape Fortnite at this point?

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  17. Kristan

    For now I don't understand that game. Squad play is a mess, players separate and die remotely, without chances of reviving. Small team feels better, until you get stomped by a couple of Harassers. Gun play feels weird. Can't switch to first person view. Spotting doesn't work, while there is keybinding for it. No charge up mechanic on Lancer, so it feels really weak, especially against Vanguards.

    I think I need more time in it. And wait for patches.
  18. Zagareth

    Well, I have to admit that DBG - together with Sony and Funcom - are the worst companies to develop FPSRPGs in the right direction. Money first, Fun... doesnt matter..
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  19. TwwIX

    All i know is that i won't be continuing my subscription. As far as i am concerned. They made this **** at our expense and at the expense of the main game.

    They clearly did not learn their ******* lesson after H1Z1. And who is playing that **** now?

    I thought so.
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  20. Blam320

    I tried PS:A out and it's not that bad. I appreciate that DBG is trying to revitalize the PlanetSide franchise, and I do hope that some features - such as the Tempest - eventually make it to PS:2. Apparently Vehicle physics is also much, much closer to how it was in the original PlanetSide.

    Honestly, it's to the point where I'm convinced that ForumSiders will complain about literally anything DBG does, even if they hypothetically implement everything ForumSiders ask for.