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  1. agentpuhpul

    Hey guys!

    I'm sure ALL of you have heard but on the PTS they are making some SERIOUS (and much needed) changes on the 0.75 ADS movement speed LMGs of the VS.

    Below is a simple (hopefully entertaining) video on my thoughts!

    Please take a look, and give it a thumbs up on youtube!


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  2. AlterEgo

    I just don't like how the LMGs are receiving the changes. All the changes are the same for all the selected LMGs. For example, the Polaris, Rhino, and EM1 are receiving increased damage range. If anything, the EM1 should receive increased damage range and velocity, the Rhino should have received increased RoF and reload speed, and the Polaris should have received increased accuracy and reduced recoil on both horizontal and vertical fronts. The Orion I do not use, but I AM aiming for the Geuse. I've only the Polaris and SVA to Auraxium, so my SV usage may be slightly different. Otherwise, the changes should have been ES. And nice video; the format is simple and somewhat heart-warming:)
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  3. agentpuhpul

    good points by the way :) didnt think of the changes and how they're all teh same.

    Geuse is awesome :)
  4. Skiptrace

    This is wayyy too long of a time for those guns to be this OP... I would have been fine with them if they were lower damage range, but had the 0.75x ADS speed, but their lethality combined with their speed? Hell. No. I'm glad these guns are getting nerfed. Though, I wish that the Gauss Saw was getting lower reload time or lower clip size...
  5. agentpuhpul

    The godsaw has that, faster reload and smaller mag, i think. I think it's the "assault" version of the gauss saw. I did a review on the most recent iteration of the godsaw, check it out on my yt channel if interested :)
  6. Scr1nRusher

    The GODSAW is supposed to be the long range variant of the SAW.
  7. agentpuhpul

    originally, yes, but since the latest patch I think it has become way more versatile. You have the shorter reload, smaller mag, and better ADS moving accuracy, all traits of an assault weapon.

    HOWEVER you still get the benefits of the long range capabilities as well, which is just sort of a given, given that it's of the gauss saw lineage.
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  8. Gutseen

    Open the beer kegs! Time to celeb. some vAnus nerfs! [IMG]
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  9. asmodraxus

    The Orion won't go anywhere as it will still be better (on average) then the rest of the VS LMG's as yes they are that bad, no one has touched them except for grinding out the Betelgeuse.

    All that will happen is that players may very well leave the VS as it becomes hard mode unlike TR Easy mode, or NC Medium mode.

    Name one VS weapon other then the LMGs which are OP, I'll name two or more TR
  10. Crayv

    Last time I played VS there were so many HAs using the Guese or playing HA trying to get it, it actually hurt the class diversity of the faction. We were actually losing fights because it was raining C4 from the edges of buildings because we had no LA's to keep the enemy's LA's in check.

    So this might end up being a buff overall o_O
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  11. Erendil

    The PTS changes for the Orion/BG are a joke. Removing the .75x movement is fine, but also nerfing the BG's cooldown rate on top of that is too much. They also need to give them both statistically significant buffs to compensate for the .75x loss.

    At the least, they need to revert some of the nerfs suffered by the Orion (and thus, BG) since Launch, namely:
    • return the horizontal recoil back to .2/.2 min/max
    • return the ADS moving COF to .35
    They also need drastic horizontal tolerance reductions.
    If the PTS changes go through as is with no decent compensatory buffs I'll probably stop using both weapons altogether . The TTK diff between the Orion/BG and Flare is tiny, esp if you go for headshots, and a Flare w/ SPA and ext mags will be both more accurate and better at sustained fire for farming than the BG. Same thing w/ Flare vs Orion if both have foregrips.
  12. Kulso

    Incoming Pacifier and Bib TR/NC Helmets?
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  13. Peasnriz

    The LMG changes definetly need some in depth tweaking.

    I am somewhat sorry the faction diversity is being lost, I always felt that the Orion ( and by extension the Battlegoose) should not have had the 0.75 and but it could be argued in the name of diversity SVA-88 was some what right to have it, it was the trade off between more mobility and higher rate of fire. Or the Orion (and Battlegeese) should have dropped down a tier to 698 rpm so that each faction had a distinct faction flavour in the LMG category.

    The current iteration of LMGs do no favors for the TR with the MSW having such a high first shot multipier and horizontal recoil, and the CARV having the 0.4 starting cone of fire. The NC currently do have tools for CQC in the form of the Anchor( 1000 certs) and Cyclone (1000 certs) all though they do not have the all round ease of use/versatility and low barrier to entry that the Orion enjoys.

    I believe the problem was that it was use Orion or play another class, this is somewhat problematic if you have the ethos that weapons are sidegrades of one another, certainly in the server smash events there was little to no diversity to the LMGs that were used by Vanu HA where as with the other two factions it was spread around particularly for the TR.

    In the wider context I am somewhat concerned about the implications this could have for population balance.
  14. Phayk

    Yey, last thing Vanu have gets nerfed. No, really maybe throw down the damage a bit but this way everyone just has literally the same LMG. Isnt the trait of Vanu weapons supposed to be mobility&high accuracy?
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  15. Migs

    Yes, and that's really strong in first person shooters. But then again that is helping the average player be better, if you're a great player NC weapons suddenly become easymode, because of the 2x headshot multiplier and they still hit hard at long distance. Can't say anything special for TR though..

    I feel like the age of vanu nerfs is over, and the age of NC nerfs is here to come, unless the devs still have bias in their sleeves
    also some TR buffs on the horizon (Striker buff thread)

    But then again SOE/DBG have been extremely slow with pumping out new content/fixing old bugs
  16. Steza

    Don't worry guys there are other LMG's to use sure your favorite one might be getting tweaked but it could be a good tweak in disguise not all of them are bad. Also fan of the pulsar LSW hated the orion so maybe this change will make me love the orion or maybe not at all. Just thought I'd toss my two cents in.
  17. pnkdth

    After trying out the weapons on PTS I am not worried anymore.
    Pulsar LSW: With the reduced FSM they fixed the main issue with the weapon. Now it feels like the bigger cousin of the Solstice/Pulsar AR.
    Polaris: Lovely. Handles like a VS version of the Bull.
    Orion: Still has the competitive 143/750 damage model and slightly more managable recoil. Will continue being a really good choice.
    SVA-88: Not sure what to think of this weapon. Feels redundant(LSW changes).
  18. Anantidaephobia

    So many useless VS stuff and we get is another nerf ... OMG ...:confused:
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  19. Erendil

    Yeah the VS LMG changes feel a lot better now than they did. The BG/Orion/SVA still need their Horizontal Tolerance reduced to MSW-R levels though. And the Flare still needs some buffs given that it's currently a downgraded SAW S / TMG-50. If they do that then I'll be pretty content I think..

    As it stands The Orion on PTS still feels to me like a less-accurate MSW-R that lacks SPA. And yeah, the SVA feels pretty pointless w/ the more-accurate LSW around.

    And I'll still probably never use the BG again. The 20% cooldown nerf is unnecessary and gives it something like an 8 second "reload" time if it overheats. As it stands, if you want that kind of sustained fire and scrub farming ability the Flare w/ SPA + Ext mags will serve you better.
  20. Shaggath

    you can't compare orion and msw-r compare with carv.