Good work, VS Farmers

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  1. a-koo-chee-moya

    You have done our glorious faction a great service. Through your ESAI weaponry abuse, the other cowardly factions no longer wish to fight us. Somehow, you have limited nerfs and seem unaffected by them. The developers would look really bad if the continued to nerf your farming tools, and thus, the VS fight an enemy blinded by hate. It may be underhanded, but it sure works.

    Hail Vanu
  2. gigastar

    So are you going anywhere with this or can i just report you for a thinly veiled rant thread?
  3. a-koo-chee-moya

    No, this is serious. Its a bit underhanded to goad the other factions like that, but this is war. Each side must squeeze out every advantage it can get.
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  7. Foxirus

    Hallelujah praise be to the Vanu.

    The Great Prophet once said, "Let thy enemies know the error of their ways.. We shall enact their punishment with our divine PPA's. All hail the PPA, All hail the Vanu. Resist and be farmed, Submit and be farmed."

    In all seriousness, If you don't want to die learn to move along walls and not keep yourself out in the open. The PPA is no different than a deployed Prowler with an HE cannon and not much different from a Vanguard sniper ravaging everything that it can see.
  8. Calisai

    Took away the ability to use the PC to reliably defend myself against infantry.... so now I'm forced to run with a PPA to defend myself against infantry. (while at the same time, making infantry the #1 threat to tanks) So where I was running HEAT/AV and being decently effective at AI and AV... I'm now running AV/HE... and being decently effective against both.. with mind shattering sound effects added in.

    Notice how the majority of the PPA hatred started in earnest after the PC nerf and release of Hossin. The weapon itself hasn't changed... its just as effective as it always had been... the change was in forcing VS to give up the "okay" versions of HEAT for the "good" AI of the PPA at the same time of releasing a continent where infantry rules... and the AI secondaries are the only way to survive consistently.

    There are consequences to nerfs beyond the obvious. This is one of them.

    Farmers are going to farm. It's not like there is huge strategic value in capping bases or continents at the moment.

    * oh, and directives caused more people to farm it up for the auraxium as well..... *

    Either way... it always amazes me that VS get ranted at for using the right tool for the right job. In a lot of ways, I don't see a PPA being much more effective than a HEAT/HE prowler locked down doing the same thing. (I can understand the NC's hatred of both... and infantry-only players hatred as well)

    "Disclaimer: I have 267 kills with the PPA, however, I'm responsible for at least 3000+ PPA kills... so giving me more reason to pull the PPA... isn't a good idea."
  9. Fortress

    Proudly doing my part to ensure other players don't have fun since 2005.
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  10. CNR4806

    Knowing the Infantryside devs, they'll just nerf the PPA to the ground instead of giving the other AI secondaries their much needed buffs.
  11. patrykK1028

    Looking at your stats, Im sure they will never have fun
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