Good Try SOE...but Its Still A TRAP.

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  1. LT_Latency

    Is it better then the current versions though. It has to be hands down better then our current mid range weapons like the NC weapon is over other bolts.

    It's hard to judge how good a mid range weapon is before combat then a one shot gun.
  2. NoctD

    Trap is C.R.A.P. It fails just like the Vulcan does, a sniper rifle needs long ranged ability, and so does an AV secondary.
  3. cruczi

    Sure. Yet the VS and NC don't get "yet another BASR"
  4. Hoki

    The trap is an amazing battle/scout rifle.

    I don't want for another sniper rifle but the TRAP fits an excellent niche imo, I'm definitely buying it.
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  5. cruczi

    There is next to nothing in common with infiltrators and MBT's
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  6. Rift23

    They're both the cause and creator of half the whine threads here, so I'd say there is.
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  7. LT_Latency

    You will when the NC are shooting at you with theirs. I agree, the game does not need more bolt actions but if they are adding bolt action 2.0 everyone needs something like it
  8. NoctD

    It creates the same issues - both VS and NC get another weapon in their arsenal that works at range, and TR doesn't.
  9. cruczi

    Why is it that an issue? Empires are supposed to be different from one another.

    The issue with Vulcan is that it doesn't suit the Prowler very well, there are next to no reasons for choosing Vulcan over Halberd. However, the TRAP is most likely the type of weapon that does suit the infiltrator class, as we've already seen with scout rifles that operate best in the same range.
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  10. cruczi

    Can't agree with that, plenty of whine comes from all classes and vehicles
  11. NoctD

    And how many kills are done with scout rifles vs. BASRs? This is a much more situational range weapon.
  12. tf2hero

    that is actualy not a bad idie but the lockdown time has to be quite short and it also has to put you in a "prone position" .
  13. Jube

    Agreed The NS battle rifle is far superior to the TRAP

    Here we go again SoE, Why are you once again short changing the TR?

    Try to remember the Lore of the TR. We are the Professional Military, we don't buy "Junk" weapons.

    Instead of offering us this crap, just scrap it and give the other factions whatever you like. Don't offer us junk and try to label it as something it's not.
  14. PastalavistaBB

    I tried all 3 ES Sniper Rifles in the VR. The VS one is good with infinte ammo, the NC one is clearly OP, so high bullet velocity (850 m/s) that it's point and click up to render distance. The TRAP is a total Trap, it's not even a sniper rifle, it's a scout rifle with terrible accuracy and ROF. The NS Sniper Rifle is much better than the TRAP.
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  15. Hicksimus

    Best thing I've read on here in a while.
  16. NoctD

    The in-game store actually tries to sell you the TRAP as a bolt-action sniper rifle! o_O
  17. cruczi

    How is that in any way relevant? Scout rifles work for the role they're designed for.
  18. NoctD

    In overall faction balance, more versatile and more used weapons tip the scale in favor of the factions with those options. Meaning simply TR is stuck with situational junk in comparison to the much more useful VS/NC options.

    This is just another nail in the coffin, there's little reason for TR to exist these days.
  19. cruczi

    Buying the TRAP is completely optional. As I see it, TR still have plenty of options for long range infiltrating just like the other factions, they have not lost anything. All that NC and VS have gained is a couple of gimmicky rifles which will probably underperform compared to existing BASRs, given that the Railjack has a short chargeup to mess up your shot and takes longer to rechamber as well as reload, and the VS gun can only OHK with a long noisy chargeup and can't even 2 hit kill regular troops apart from infils at relatively close range (and who uses Semi autos for long range sniping anyway?).
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  20. S7rudL

    I tried it yesterday and it turned out to be pretty good compared to the SOAS and the SABR.

    The design, animation's and the sound are very nice. Best of the 3.

    Only time will tell if its any good or not.
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