Good pilots (ESF) post your AI farming setup!

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  1. sindz


    I was just wondering what frame people are running with, when they are using their AI farming setup?

    When using light PPA, Im trying out racer frame, seeing im already at a horrible loss when other ESF engage me, but the good pilots will blow me out of the sky regardless of fast I go since they have a pretty long timeframe before I escape them. So Hover still works well - combined with coyotes as secondary, so I can still do some dogfighting.

    What do you prefer as frame and secondary?

    EDIT: Aswell as, what defensive perk do you use? Utility is a given - seeing how broken fire suppresion is.
  2. Ronin Oni

    Rotary+RocketPods (all 3)
    PPA + AB fuel and run like hell
    Banshee lolwat infantry? I only see blood splatter. I run AB fuel to get in and out lightning quick
    AH + Tomcats (AH is good at facehugging RM dogfight, Tomcats good at range)

    Thinking of taking Coytoes with PPA (I have Coyotes on my Scythe) to piss off ESF's that want to ruin my farm :p Running seems to work pretty good though... slowest ESF kinda sucks though.

    I use almost purely Racer frame.
  3. QQlazors

    NO... They are coming... Infantryside is on its way:

    But for AI, I use afterburner tanks(I do have lol pods, but the tanks are awesome.)
    And as for the frame, I mainly use hover, but sometimes racer.
  4. Ronin Oni

    Racer pairs better with AB fuel tanks in my experience because it increases AB max speed

    Without AB fuel tanks, you are probably better off with Hover frame
  5. NoctD

    Always Racer, Fire Suppression, Nanite Repair normally.

    Racer is to get away from ground more than to get away from other ESFs... Fire Suppression so you can laugh at those HA's that don't bother to use a Decimator... and Nanite Repair cause landing for repairs went out of fashion a long long time ago!

    Coyotes + Banshee/AH allows for decent A2A, but rocket pods are a better all around secondary if you don't get bothered with enemy air. I hate Hornets, I'll use them at times just cause, but seriously, they're still just pretty bad.

    Only other variation I run very infrequently... Scout Radar + AB tanks + Racer + Nanite Repair.
  6. Verviedi

    Peasant whine approaching in 3... 2... 1...

    My framerate is too low to farm. Massive hitching.
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  7. BadAsElite

    Banshee/PPA/ AH + Coyotes is not bad, if u can lead with the Banshee is alright AA damage.
    Not a fan of Tomcats on a AI/AA hybrid as once they close the distance you are going to be the one at the disadvantage.

    Also Coyotes can kill infantry very well if you can aim.
  8. DrPapaPenguin

    M14Banshee (Thermal optics, 37 round mag (atm), several ammo upgrades)
    Hornet Missiles/Hellfire Missiles (Thermal optics for both, 1st reload upgrade for both, ammo upgrade for both)
    Rank 5 Nanite auto Repair
    Rank 5 Flares
    Rank 3 Hover Frame.
  9. Ribero

  10. z1967

    When there is a distinct lack of AA in the area:
    Banshee-Thermal/mag size
    lolpods-night vision (I keep on forgetting to replace it...)/ammo (no reload, yet)
    NAR- (I would go with stealth, but I sometimes fly as bail assault so I can farm sunderer and then finish it off with C4)
    Flares- (Protects against lock-on nests. Better than FS for A2G)

    When there are threats or AA in the area (can't stay for long):
    AB (Fully upgraded)

    And that is how I supplement my K/D to reverse my endless deaths when using the Trac-5 Burst for purple medal purposes. And cert farms :p
  11. SafetyDance

    I have no such thing.
  12. braytz

    this is my setup (NC):

    1)AH with thermal and mag size (the reload perk is a joke)
    2)fuel tank
    3)fire sup.
    4)composite armor
    5)hover frame

    for an A2G all-around i use AH+lolpods , but i last more with the fuel tank because i can avoid some lock-on and escape from the other ESF.
  13. Govedo13

    I am bad pilot so I use PPA and lolpods combined with stealth Fs and hover.
    I find stealth best because it allows good positioning and surprise attacks on AA and AA maxes. On top of that stealth reduce the chance to be attacked by other air units.
    Opening with full lolpod salvo then finish the rest with several PPA shots and go to repair and repeat.
    Good pilots have good aim and could be effective only with lolpods after all one mag is 7 infantry kills if you get direct hits.
    Scythe lolpods shoot in pairs and this give great advantage to the good aim.

    I guess if I had better skills I would run with rotary, pods Fs and nar and be universal and good in all.
  14. EGuardian1

    AH Maxed
    Racer Maxed
    Stealth Maxed
    Fire Suppression Maxed
    Blue Lumifibre (always on)
    DiveBomber (Constantly honking)


  15. Ronin Oni

    Stealth >>>>>>>> NAR. Stealth lets you make attack runs and they often don't see you coming, extra second on locks also lets you escape them ever getting a fired lockon easier

    You get POINTS for repairing, and you repair with tool rank 6 faster than NAR ever could, including time to land and take off

    Hornets are DEVASTATING with 3 ESF's working together. Scarily devastating. Matti has a vid showcasing him and his friends instagibbing enemy armor with them.
  16. sindz

    Nice, im working on maxing stealth, seems quite fun. But why racer over hover since you hover around for long periods of time when engaging multiple infantry at once? Also are you using fuel pods?
  17. Borsty

    Yes, please post your settings, so we all know what should be nerfed. Everything that can be tagged "farming" needs to be gone!
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  18. NoctD

    Can't do bail assault running an engineer. When your A2G AI crate takes on too much enemy air fire, just ditch the ride. Multiple lock-ons from ground, just ditch the ride. :)

    3 über pilots would do it just as easily with rocket pods and they can take on a lot more with rocket pods than Hornets will allow for. Hornets are junk. Totally lacking the alpha they need, and they are SO SO SO SLOW. Matti's a great pilot but he's a farmer too, if you don't negate risk properly, you'll die far too easily from having to guide your stupid slow Hornets.
  19. Yeahy

    PPA, level 1 afterburner tanks,
    no utility, no defense, not airframe
  20. zaspacer

    AI Mosquito
    Banshee (w/ Thermal + Mag + Ammo)
    Fuel Tank
    Pros: Great vs. Infantry, can beat ESF that are worse pilots, faster than a Scythe, has speed to escape bad G2A or run from Gank Squads when spotted far enough away, Radar great for finding easy targets when not spawn camping and for nice Scout XP
    Cons: can't 1-Mag an ESF, will lose to equal or better ESFs, slower than a Reaver

    AI Scythe
    Light PPA (w/ Thermal + Mag + Ammo)
    Coyote (w/ Mag + Ammo)
    Pros: Good vs. Infantry (bad at quick sniping them, great at farming spawn camps), can beat ESF that are worse pilots (and don't outrun you), Radar great for finding easy targets when not spawn camping and for nice Scout XP
    Cons: PPA useless vs. ESFs, can't 1-Mag an ESF, slower than all enemy ESFs, lacking speed to escape G2A and can't escape Gank Squads, descends too fast when nose points down.