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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by InvalidTarget, Dec 22, 2012.

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  1. InvalidTarget

    IN b4 someone says Play more, Double xp week ect ect...

    Really SOE grats. You found a way to build a game then make it pay to win. Only to line your own pockets. Let's take a look shall we?

    1. The average player will play around 4-6 hours a day. Making around 100-250 certs give or take the day maybe better or worse.(THIS IS NOT ROCKET SPAM LOL or TANK LOL) Now to top that off you don't unlock across your account. O no, you unlock for that char only. So if i wanted to escape the **** hole Waterson has become b/c of TB and his *** youtube crew i can't. I already wasted money.

    2. It would take the average player anywhere from 40hrs to 70hrs of game play to unlock ONE ****** GUN! Cert prices are WAY to damn high. GJ soe P2W. The ONLY thing that should be Pay is LOOKS. GW2 got it right with the whole concept yet you guys continually get it wrong. You are constantly ruining your OWN games! WTF is your dev/design team thinking.

    You need to A lower the prices of guns.. WTF would i pay 7 ****** dollars for ONE GUN on ONE char. FML not even LoL Chars cost 7 dollars.... Seriously you NEED to lower the costs of this ****. It is rediculous OR B you can just give everyone the weps and make diff skins for them.. That way you can actually FOCUS on something the community WANTS. DIFF LOOKING GUNS.... let me say that once more DIFFERENT LOOKING GUNS FFS! Seriously I pay 7 dollars to get a gun that looks like the Orion!? Seriously? The ONLY gun i have seen look different is the HV-45. I wouldn't mind having to get certs for C4 ect on the utilities but give US something you are committing highway robbery with your prices right now.

    TL;DR Fix certs, fix skins, give all weps make game fun not pay to win ****.
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  2. TheBloodEagle

    ^ lucked out on the Triple SC sale.

    We all want more variation for sure. They are plain lazy with the weapon designs & the prices are too much if you don't get them on sales or double/triple SC days but there are plenty of other games you can play dude. If it's making you this dramatic, why stick with it?
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  3. InvalidTarget

    The concept is nice there execution is ****. Only reason i play is my friends are here,,,,
  4. Steppa

    Well done. At the very beginning of your rant you managed to show a misunderstanding of capitalism and illustrate why modern society is goin' right down the tubes.

    If you're gaming 4-6 hours a day, I can guarantee that the 50 year-old you will strive for a way to go back in time and beat the **** out of you for wasting his life.
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  5. Apina

    I didnt personally like GW2's shop, I really prefer what Elder Scroll Online is doing.
  6. Skadi

    Good troll thread,
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  7. ent|ty

    I put $20 towards this game, because that's what I figured it was worth.
    Didn't get near the features or weapons I wanted, for each class, vehicle, etc. and I don't intend to.

    Once the fun is gone, that's it. I'm not putting any more money into this payment model.

    I feel stupid for even putting what I did in, but the only reason was not to pay for equipment, but to pay what I thought the experience was worth so far.
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  8. Zazulio

    Yeah, it's basically pay to win (or at least pay to have the most fun), but at least with triple SC sales, you don't have to pay much to win. Buying SC on a triple sale day makes it three times more valuable, so it's basically like a 66% discount to every item in the cash shop. $2.33 is much more reasonable for a weapon unlock than $7.00, don't you agree?

    Anyway, I dropped $45 this sale (which is still less than you pay for an off-the-shelf game) and basically loaded up on every major weapon unlock I need to thoroughly enjoy every class and vehicle, which means that I can basically just use my certs to focus on upgrades and stuff. So now, the grindy nature of the game is properly mitigated. I'm not looking at an eighty hour grind to unlock that MAX weapon, I'm looking at regular gameplay with nice little upgrades every few hours. It's much more pleasant.

    I agree that SOE should focus more on cosmetics in the cash shop, as the grind to unlock the top tier weapons simply makes it unreasonable to do anything but pay for them, and paying for them with SC not received on a triple sale day makes the cash shop items entirely too expensive. You've got a lose-lose situation for the players, there, and that's no good.
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  9. Maximilious

    IF they made cert gain extremely easy to get, rendering SC useless how on earth will they make money off this game? just by using boosters and decorative items? Don't be stupid. The game is Free2play but they need to make money somehow. Of course they are going to make it longer for free players to obtain equipment. But I don't know what you are smoking, today I made 700 certs easily (premium and booster)
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  10. Erik

    Step one. Step back from the computer, take a deep breath, woosah, and walk it off. Nerd rage ranting is not a way to get anyone to take you seriously. A few quick notes.

    -all purchases even the ones you have made will soon be available account wide, faction restrictions still hold of course.
    -all items aside from cosmetics can be purchased with cents and at a quicker rate than you imply.
    -$7 is really not that much to ask considering the game is free and it costs an incredible amount of time to develop, expand, and maintain such a game. Other FTP games charge $5 just for a barrel to a weapon.
    -some weapons such as the LSW (my favorite heavy weapon) cost only $2.50
    -they often have double and triple station cash sales allowing you to purchase weapons at a fraction of the price. $0.83 to $2.33 is little to ask for a weapon in a free to play mmo.
    -there needs to be incentive to buy items. If you could earn any item in few hours of playing then for one you start to loose incentive as you have less to work for, but more importantly the developers won't be making money and the game will flop. Money needs to come in not only to pay for development costs, but also to maintain servers and ensure expansion of the game. If you want balance, more continents, more guns, new gun skins, then a sufficient amount of cash needs to be flowing in. The more financially successful the game is the bigger budget they will have to improve.
    -you could use stock weapons and be perfectly fine in this game. They are amazing. Weapons in the cash shop are either situational or cater to a specific play style. Nine times out of ten the better player wins unless he is running through a field with a shotty or something.
    -did I mention it is free to play and they have double and triple station cash sales?
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  11. kucookachu

    I think you are confusing pay to win with being cheap. I have purchased plenty of weapons, and I only have an advantage over others when I'm in a battle to which my weapon is suited for. You are complaining about their business model. I'm very sorry your parents won't let you borrow the credit card. My suggestion to you is to play more and pay with certs. If you don't want to put in the time then go play game that has everything unlocked from the start.
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  12. SirBurning

    Step#1 Play Combat Arms / Battlefield Play 4 Free / World of Tanks
    Step#2 Come back here
    Step#3 Apologize for ranting while you had NO IDEA what pay 2 win was.
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  13. ent|ty

    Oh my goodness, what a horrible game that would be, right? Surely no one would want to play that! Paying $50 to have access to ALL items in a game, so you can spend more time choosing your own place in the game rather than WoW-grinding for arbitrarly priced digital weapons.
    Amazing. Corporations have won. They have convinced consumers that spending more money is the answer to everything.
    This game model is designed for people to have to spend $100 and up just to be able to play competitively. Ridiculous.
  14. Forumguy2

    3x sc +doublexp+boost+sales=25$ total spent... with about 7k sc to spare, 10k certs gained
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  15. smokemaker

    I do not believ the game is pay to win. Cash will not get you anything that certs cant.
    I believe its pay to not grind.
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  16. StormHawk

    Pay2Win is where you cannot (read: ARE UNABLE TO) acquire anything viable without paying money. Like Combat Arms, where the best possible thing you can do is rent a weapon for a week after 24 hours' worth of grinding.

    Compared to Combat Arms, PS2 is practically dropping weapons in your lap. Though I agree that cert prices are waaaaaay too high.
  17. TopPlayer1999

    Most peoples 1 month memberships have ended and the lack of resources are being felt. Especially at biolab fights. I cant imagine what an advantage 6 month subscribers have. And its not going to get better. The more you cert down vehicle timers and the more stuff you unlock for infantry the less resources you have.

    So how exactly isn't this pay to win. You get 50 percent more grenades, ordnance, tanks and planes. The only way to have the advantage is to pay a monthly fee.
  18. Winter

    It depends on what every individual consider a P2W model. IMO P2W is every game, where you can buy ANY advantage with real money and in PS2 you can. However, I also distinguish aggresivity of the model and PS2 is looking good in that regard. You can buy merely a time advantage, nothing more. Of course, ideal is when you monetize only cosmetic things but its impossible to fund project like this by selling only camo.
  19. bestan

    You'd be surprised to see how much some people are ready to spend to get a ******' *** Sunderer
  20. Flappers

    You know what?
    I played a few hours today, and earned ~100 cert points.
    That's is just in a few hours in one day.

    After say a week, I could easily have 1k cert points and have any weapon of my choice... with no payment neccessary.

    I'm sorry, but that is not pay to win at all.

    You can't expect to have all the best guns, best armour, all certs and all upgrades from the get-go.

    If you actually run around with a group of people you will realize that you can earn points very very quickly.

    Here is some basic P2W info for the OP

    P2W = A game which offers "premium" weapons... that are not available to free players. Weapons that are OP, or just even standard weapons in comparable stats... but only available to paying players.
    That my friend... is Pay to Win.

    What you have in this game, is something called Pay for Convenience.

    Go and play World of Tanks or Perfect World or the Russian version of Warface... then you will understand the meaning of Pay to Win.
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