Good job ruining the flaming skulls

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Atrus2g, Oct 18, 2019.

  1. Atrus2g

    The whole point of the halloween pumpkins was the ability to spend the seeds on what we wanted. Now, in a fairly blatant cashgrab, the most desirable reward for the pumpkin grindfest is paywalled behind DBC, replaced with arbitrary items no one wants.You folks have the stats, showering players with horns for vehicles they rarely pull is a horrendous reward for pumpkin grinding.

    I already have one, and was excited and waiting all year yo grind for the Noir, it was made SUBSTANTIALLY more grindy in 18' vs 17', but still i was stoked. Now i dont care anymore
  2. Synopsis32

    As a new player, I've only experienced 1 Halloween event. Was chuffed last year hunting pumpkins to get the cool flaming skull helmet. I didn't collect enough seeds, so I've been anticipating the event this year to finally *earn* the flaming skull.

    Come October, I was so disappointed that my effort last year had gone to waste :/

    Pumpkin hunting now just isn't the same.
  3. Demigan

    I think you are just unlucky. On Hossin it was very difficult finding pumpkins, but on Indar with everyone hunting I found no less than 3 galacto's and 2 were killed near me, and the chance of better gear goes up. Not only is it impossible to get the same item twice meaning the chance to get skulls go up, but with this speed of large pumpkins in open continents (Esamir must be pumpkin heaven again) it shouldnt be too hard to get most of the stuff. Considering the types of horns I've had so far I would say that in one +/-3 hour session I got 25% of them done, and gotten one flaming skull already (having unlocked at least 2 other types before making the chance on another much lower).
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  4. JobiWan

    I played yesterday on Esamir, found 4 pumpkins, one was a horn, one clown face and one violet flaming skull, all in about 20 minutes. I don't understand the paywall comment.
  5. Demigan

    I think you were lucky. The skulls should have a much lower drop chance. That said, this is probably the easiest year to get what you want and more.

    Just some guesstimates for OP:

    First you got between 3 to 12 seeds per pumpkin (right?). The cheapest stuff was what, 75 seeds and butt-ugly? That means you needed between 7 to 20 pumpkins to get the lousiest stuff.

    For 7 pumpkins now you get 1 thing for each, and eah makes the chance for something nice higher. If you were saving up for the expensive purple skull, then by the time you've reached your old pumpkin score you not only are likely to have that skull but several trails and other cosmetics as well.
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  6. Skraggz

    You get cosmetics easier this year, without receiving duplicates. Its FREE cosmetics in a game that makes almost all its money on cosmetics. OP just wanted something to whine about.
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  7. Liewec123

    Agreeing with Skraggz on this, it's nice getting a ton of free stuff this year,
    I've spent thousands of pounds in this game, but never purchased horns for most vehicles,
    After an hour yesterday I had some awesome horns for every vehicle!
    And a few heads too including clown and cyborg
  8. LtBomber

    Tbh, this event is much better than the last ones. Usefull directives, great rewards, and when the bug with "paint" dublicates is going to be fixed, you just need around 80 pumpkins for the rewards.
    IIrc, there are 6 horns for 10 vehicles, + the stuff like helemts, weapons, trails etc.

    The horns alone are a great deal!

    Sure, you cant be picky with rewards, but how close would one be with the usual "5*80 = 400 Seeds" in comparision to now?
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  9. DarkStarAnubis

    Excuse my ignorance but ... what you get from chasing pumking (so far I got a zillion of horns, a skull and a clown face) will disappear once Halloween is gone or not?
  10. Demigan

    I still have everything from the first year, and the year after etc. Only things like the pumpkin grenade (absent this year?!?) And ectoblaster are useable during the season. Even so I did not have to finish a directive for the ectoblaster as the one from last year was still unlocked the moment the event started.
    All the cosmetics remain. I have the christmas cosmetics equipped most of the year for example. I dont have a problem, I can unequip them any time I want...
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  11. Skraggz

    No you keep them, and as stated this year they were alot more generous with rewards. In this market it is nice to see. Of course if you are looking for one item specifically it could suck. But it's not like that "paywall" is huge unlike most other games. Its 5$ where others hit you for 20$+. So test your luck, and at the end of the event drop the 5 and get what you wanted... or don't entirely up to you. But this was a huge improvement imo.
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  12. then00b

    I've just been getting horns, good to know there are more possibilities, guess I'm just unlucky, or I suppose I already have some of the old unlocks, facepaint and white skull. Hope the black flaming skull is one of the options.
  13. Scroffel5

    They ruined it in more ways than one. I was sniping at a TR sundy, and BOY! That skull is so bright and so hard to miss. I chained 2 headshots on guys with them. Oof.
  14. Demigan

    They always were hard to miss. But as a counter to passive increased XP and a cool look that people will actually see its not that bad.
  15. MonnyMoony

    I have been hunting pumpkins over the past few days. Must have got 75+ so far (mostly on Indar and Esamir), with perhaps 5-10 large pumpkins.

    Mostly horns, a few masks (face paint bundle, frankenstein face mask etc) and I did get a green smoke cosmetic for the ant (which I never drive).

    Haven't seen a flaming skull pop up though - although I did manage to collect enough seeds last year to buy the purple flaming skull after several Halloween events.
  16. DarkStarAnubis

    I got three skulls so far. It seems to me you can get a skull (on average) after 30-40 pumpkins.

    OTOH what's the point of getting seeds? I receive from time to time a message "You got xxx seeds" but what am I supposed to do with those?
  17. JobiWan

    I think seeds are just left over from previous events in error, you can't spend them.
  18. TRspy007

    It's like the implants, sometimes you get good stuff, most of the time, you don't. It depends on the continent, there seem to be more pumpkins on Esamir and Indar than the other 2.

    Also, I have to say, it's still better to get a horn I'll never use than seeds i'll never spend. A flaming skull helmet used to cost almost 2500 seeds. Considering you usually got around 7 seeds a pumpkin, I'll let you do the math.

    Basically it used to me impossible to unlock good stuff with seeds unless you spent your time simply hunting down pumpkins, which isn't really why some of us play a mmo fps in the first place. At least now, you can shoot pumpkins you randomly see and earn something, as little as it is, compared to amassing seeds you'll never have enough to buy something if you participate in fights.

    However, I must point out that the halloween directive is a pain in the rear, I wish some objectives weren't class specific, and the numbers lowered a bit to allow people who have less time to play to still get the camo and banner at least lol.
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  19. MonnyMoony

    I got about a dozen face paint bundles on the trot tonight plus a smattering of other things, must have got about 50-60 pumpkins in all......still no flaming skull.
  20. Stanton

    Complete crap, I saved a few thousand seeds I think, today I notice they're all gone. Was it so difficult Daybreak to wait a time before removing them so I could spend all my saved seeds??? I've had it with this game.

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