Good job Connery NC

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by YeOldeSammich, Apr 7, 2013.

  1. YeOldeSammich

    You guys are great <3 So any TR willing to express how mad they are?
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  2. tomahawk72

    Thank you connery TR for giving me nail bitting seconds as a squad lead we just barely won that... Thank you!
  3. Frigidus

    Yeah, as a Connery TR I'm really pissed off that our server is so tiny.
  4. tomahawk72

    A merge would be nice:p But that was one hell of a fight
  5. MuNrOe

    What happened ?
  6. tomahawk72

    Last second fight for the Esamir alert. Nc won it in the last 5 seconds at frostbite harbor!
  7. MuNrOe

    There have been some great fights on these alerts. Entire empires holding out in 1 base/outpost against insane odds. Makes for really good fights. Hopefully the updated "cough lattice" hex system their looking to implement will make every base fight as intense.

    NC won one on Amerish the other day I was a part of Props to TRG and TXR for holding their own on that last TR base.
  8. YeOldeSammich

    You guys have more than us what are you talking about xDD
  9. tomahawk72

    My adrenaline is so up from those last 2 minutes :)
  10. -MarauderShields

  11. YeOldeSammich

    TR's biggest mistake was leaving after gating us NC :p