Good Gun, Or Polished Turd Ep. 2

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by DrankTHEKoolaid, Dec 29, 2013.

  1. DrankTHEKoolaid

    This episode features low zoom semi auto snipers!

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  2. Tenebrae Aeterna

    Great video!

    I'm definitely going to have to get one of the closer ranged rifles and a suppressor for some stealth oriented sniping. I miss the PSG-1 from DF:LW. :p
  3. Plague Rat

    Good stuff. Always been a big fan of these guns, though now I'm a bit tangled up between my Impetus and my Shadow over which to use more (stopping power vs mobility and all that) but losing the sway is definitely helping get more people into using these. Personally the reload times are my favorite change here. Nearly a half second off the short reload, so awesome.

    Quick pointer on those direct combat situations with these rifles though. It won't help with hip-fire, but so long as you're ADSing, if you're evasively side-stepping try hitting your crouch button. The extra penalty sniper rifles take to their CoFs while moving don't carry over to ADS crouching. All you really want to do is bob down and then back up, which will tighten the CoF up considerably for the next shot or two, and has the slight potential to throw an enemies aim off if you can stand the movement impact by the maneuver.

    It's a bit of a risk vs reward call, but now that holding your breath is a thing of the past it's where my finger hovers now.
  4. AnuErebus

    These are probably the most painful weapons for me to use right now. Not because they're so utterly terrible that I'd never think of using them but because they're so close to being the first truly good semi-auto in this game that it pains me knowing that a few slight changes would make this gun go from relatively bad to what would likely be one of my favorite weapons in game. The thing that holds these guns back is their accuracy for sustained use and in combat situations. This is due to a mix of a relatively harsh movement penalty and a CoF bloom higher than any other weapon in the game. The CoF bloom at least needs to be massively toned down since right now 2-3 shots will have bullets flying past targets 10m away. These are the only weapons (Outside their long-range brothers) which I've seen bullets hit targets at 45 or more degrees away from the center of my crosshair. Fix that issue and you'd instantly have a gun worth using at close-mid range.
  5. Qel

    Hmm may have to try the Impetus now, but I'm really loving the SAS-R since the patch. Next video on the close range bolt actions?
  6. Poorform

    I hate this style of play, you have to run around like you're hopped up on gotta go fast pills and I never get situations where I can score any sort of kills. I'm always found too soon or I get blown away by one of the millions of smg infiltrators that happen across me. I've given up and just started longshot x12 scope sniping.
  7. DrankTHEKoolaid

    I plan on doing that one, but I might be going non Infiltrator weapon next.
  8. Erendil

    Semi-auto Scouts beat them to the punch I'm afraid... :cool:

    No sway, tight ADS and hipfire CoF on the move, 2-headshot kills at any range, faster RoF, larger mag size, lower recoil, faster recoil recovery, lower CoF bloom, dead quiet w/ a suppressor.

    Post-PU02 they're quite yummy.